Prepositions after "afraid"

afraid of, for, to, about or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 93% of cases afraid of is used

Yes, that's what I'd afraid of.

Afraid of the truth coming out.

I am also afraid of loud noises.

I will seriously freak out! Most people are afraid of something if you dig far enough.

What you really should be afraid of are the ignorant bigots who vote for these people.

She picked up gongs for her roles in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Butterfield 8.

When I listened to this song the first time, I saw myself cowering under the blanket on my bed, afraid of the world.

Afraid of being beaten, Chandrangani did what she was told but did not receive any food since her meagre rotti meal.

I read Hazel's first book Who's Afraid of Mr Wolfe last year and my review of that brilliant book can be found here.

Afraid of the son of the unexpected, Theoretical Framework night in the makeshift place ten meters outside guarding.

In 2% of cases afraid for is used

I was often afraid for my life.

They are afraid for themselves.

I'd afraid for my dear country.

How can teachers teach when they are afraid for their very lives? It ain't happening.

Afraid for my loved ones in Israel, afraid for the tiny Jewish population of the world.

He used to have such a terrible temper that i was afraid for the woman that he married.

Very clearly I heard God speak to me saying? You have been afraid for so long, you don't have to be afraid anymore.

Three weeks ago, Kalulu complained that he had unsolved issues back home, and that he was very afraid for his life.

But for a brief moment, Merlin realized he wasn't even afraid for his own life - but risking Arthur's by doing this.

Barron didn't seem shocked or afraid for his life, and he lifted his hand as if to carry out some deliberate action.

In 2% of cases afraid to is used

Don't be afraid to set a trend.

Thing is im afraid to meet her.

And home are afraid to contact.

For the past few days I have been lurking around here, just reading, too afraid to post.

He has the perfect deep voice for the wizard, and he isn't afraid to ham it up on stage.

We shouldn't be afraid to those who point to alleged conflicts in the Scriptural record.

Letting Go: The conversation that most people are to afraid to admit they have with God at some point in their life.

You shouldn't be afraid to be a co-pilot if you want to have an active role in the direction your relationship takes.

Perceived as a hard-working and down to Earth politician, Mr Xi is also tough-talking and not afraid to air his views.

We need people who will stand up to the Democrats-who will call them out when they lie-who's not afraid to say- ENOUGH.

In 1% of cases afraid about is used

And they're not afraid about doing it.

So that I am very afraid about my admission.

I can always go back to being afraid about it.

He was not afraid about his own life; it was safe, because Adolf Hitler needed him.

I tend to think to much and not say what i think because I'd afraid about being rejected.

Don't be afraid about getting lost! Just think about your body or your room and you're there.

With this in mind I am afraid about getting my self into debt when I already know she quits pretty much everything.

The Christian priest was afraid about his Christianity, and the politician was afraid because I am not a politician.

It was the first time I was afraid about someone I've never met before and made a lot of dua for him and his family.

If you afraid about the growth potential of your topic, you can do keyword research with the free keyword tool from Google.

In 1% of cases afraid in is used

Do nt be afraid in your own home.

I never was less afraid in my life.

And I certainly was afraid in Cyprus.

One possible outcome, as is happening I am afraid in Japan, is falling living standards.

We vibrate and are afraid in our seats wondering what the employer really wants to know.

The expression exceeding fraid has been changed to exceedingly afraid in later editions.

I also am very clever at being afraid in this way, whereas in other ways which are bad I am not clever and not afraid.

I was more impressed with your comments because you were not afraid in quetioning the drawbacks and flaws of our culture.

After endorsing some woo-woo nonsense like this, I'd afraid in my mind he'll be known as Bill Nye the Pseudo-Science Guy.

I have never been that afraid in a quiet bus! Never! One less dramatic funeral I went to was one of my mother's late boss.

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