Prepositions after "afloat"

afloat in, for, by, with or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases afloat in is used

BHASAN: Literally, setting afloat in water.

It was the organism, afloat in the stream of organic life.

Sharks use the oil in their livers to stay afloat in water.

Needless to say, this is best arranged well before the rush to get afloat in the spring.

It's definitely hard to stay afloat in the sea of self-doubt, but I think it can be done.

Terry Sturch says: Mining may be the only industry that keeps Tassie afloat in the future.

His commitment to baseball keeps a lifeline from the sport to his career barely keeping him afloat in single-A ball.

Only the kind patronage of those who recognized, but did not understand his talents kept him afloat in his early years.

Wenger has done an excellent job in keeping the ship afloat in the past, but 2012/13 might just prove a season too far.

This is to ensure that you are able to stay afloat in the initial months when you are just starting out and getting sales.

In 11% of cases afloat for is used

Realms managed to stay afloat for 52 issues.

Containers can remain afloat for weeks at a time.

Getty ' Lewis battled to keep them afloat for half an hour.

He will then focus on structures that will keep the club afloat for the next few years.

For now, EK simply needs to show that they can stay afloat for the next couple of years.

Hopefully it's enough success to see Nokia break even and stay afloat for the next device.

Cocaine, in addition to kidnapping and extortion, has kept the organization financially afloat for several decades.

However, AW was pulling rabbits out of the hat every season and making sure we stayed afloat for the past many years.

The cookbook was conceived as a way to underwrite the House's operation costs -- and sales kept it afloat for nine years.

The period from release to settlement lasts only a few days, but some planulae can survive afloat for several weeks (7, 14).

In 10% of cases afloat by is used

Stradbally stayed afloat by the skin of their teeth.

New Labour as a project was kept afloat by a tide of cash.

The stay afloat by annual dues by vendors / suppliers and building owners.

Together, let us keep our economy afloat by patronizing our local resources and talents.

And I agree that a lot of it is driven/held afloat by wealthy foreign investors recently.

In the fall of 1979, Chrysler implored the government for aid, and was kept afloat by $1.

For a long time this season, we were kept afloat by having the best men at the back (Szczesny) and at the front (RVP).

He, in common with many smaller growers, is staying afloat by offering other home-grown produce alongside their apples.

Know this: The average American lifestyle is kept afloat by about 2,000 gallons of H2O a day -- twice the global average.

Retired, Josiah is now a full time beekeeper trying to stay financially afloat by selling honey at the local Farmers Market.

In 9% of cases afloat with is used

The decision kept them afloat with Obama having the last word.

And forget about keeping these charities afloat with our cash.

Sesame Street's merchandising would keep PBS afloat with ease.

The Luangwa River is afloat with numerous waterfowl and large families of crocodile.

The bulkheads were designed to keep the ship afloat with any two compartments flooded.

Help justify the time put into Bourne's Blog by keeping it afloat with the occasional pittance.

Although countless small businesses were able to stay afloat with the financial assistance, many were not so lucky.

But, it is nice that you can try to hold the sinking Greek ship afloat with all those standard guage Germany widgets.

Small as some of Cook's women may be, none of them seem to be afloat with lightness of physical being or spiritual state.

It seemed extraordinarily unlikely that anybody could keep my rapidly sinking ship afloat with such weak and ineffective pumps.

In 7% of cases afloat on is used

Like any religion, it is afloat on a flimsy raft of absurdities.

He had been afloat on the cream of English society for fifty-five years.

For the mullahs now know that they are afloat on an ocean of illegitimacy.

Candles are lit and placed into lanterns which are then set afloat on rivers and seas.

Imagine a car with two pontoons sticking out of its doors, keeping it afloat on a lake.

At the end of the journey, near a village called Sei Gohong, I saw what looked like strange fields afloat on the river.

Together with Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, he had kept Wall Street afloat on a trillion-dollar tide of taxpayer money.

Anurudha and Usha, from their place in the heavens, watch on as the bodies of the dead sons are set afloat on the mighty Padma 1.

During the first weekend in October, the weather started to settle down and fortunately, we managed to get afloat on a regular basis.

In 4% of cases afloat at is used

It is probably single handedly holding Ch Ten afloat at the moment.

The ship he commanded was the largest afloat at the time of her maiden voyage.

And it was a TV special that helped keep the label afloat at a difficult time.

I have seen sales teams bring in business that kept the company afloat at the last minute.

He kept the team afloat at a time when we had no defence worth speaking about -- and an attack to match.

In Britain, there are 37 boats afloat at 27 locations and another 21 being built including 12 new locations.

Stewart's charge has essentially boiled down to keeping the near-shadow organization afloat at the lowest possible cost.

The ship was designed to be the last word in comfort and luxury and was the largest ship afloat at the time of her maiden voyage.

Interesting you mention foreclosures today, it might be one of the things keeping the economy afloat at this point! Mark Zandi below No, not crazy.

What kind of world is it that keeps banks afloat at the price of 22% unemployment? The last time banks trumped people in that way was in the 1930s.

In 4% of cases afloat during is used

Promotions do a lot to help keep a company afloat during the fledgling year.

They arranged 27 billion dollar loan which kept them afloat during the downturn.

Well, here are some tips that might help keep you afloat during difficult financial periods.

Communities foster customer loyalty and help keep a small business afloat during tough times.

Last year, the Fed's tests showed a majority of the nation's largest banks would stay afloat during a deep recession.

The revenue sent back by family members working abroad has kept the Lebanese economy afloat during the recent, difficult war years.

So KY, you want an end to all the farm subsidies that keep your state afloat during droughts and other times? No more tax dollars to KY.

I spent 3 months working 7 days per week in order to stay afloat during mine, and we can't be expected to work full time without minimum wage.

On the one hand, households did use the loans to start up new businesses, to keep existing ones afloat during the 2008-09 crisis, or to expand them.

Sometimes it is the little changes that can make the big difference between a company - or a particular sales outlet or department - sinking or staying afloat during difficult times.

In 2% of cases afloat without is used

Anglers who go afloat without the aid of a boatman should.

If the companies operating them can not stay afloat without being propped up by the ratepayers it's time they shut up shop.

Even at the nominal level the speakers allowed me, the music felt like a salty lake that would keep you afloat without you doing a thing.

They are most inspired by the swimming, because they do it at school, and are amazed that anyone can even stay afloat without the use of all four limbs.

For Gavin Grant, keeping Small Beer Press afloat without slashing already-modest author royalties means making cuts in advertising and marketing budgets.

In fact, they will become a necessity because otherwise we won't be able to stay afloat without a yearly loan from our owner to pay for our running costs.

The third, however, is the only solution that will give the USPS the opportunity to stay afloat without saddling taxpayers with billions in debt they can not afford to pay.

In 2% of cases afloat as is used

There were, of course, logistic problems afloat as well as ashore.

Kashmir badly lacks the means and resources to stay afloat as a sovereign country.

Contrast this to newspapers or some literary magazines, kept afloat as a loss-leader by rich patrons or media groups.

The Club Owner TUE Eddie struggles to keep his business afloat as the club TUE comes under attack from all directions.

Also, the little town of Vrede was struggling hard (and probably in vain) to stay afloat as a thriving commercial center.

The result of the survey will be disappointing to businesses and retailers, who are struggling to stay afloat as a result of consumers ' reduced spending power.

Those men worked some miles from Skibbereen, at a place called Caheragh, and before their arrival, the wildest rumours were afloat as to their coming and intentions.

It clearly does not consider keeping entire banking sectors (entire countries) afloat as part of its mandate, but it has done it, since there has been little alternative.

They have to be taken down before we can even have an honest discussion about what we need to do to stay afloat as a country, not to mention actually accomplishing anything.

In 2% of cases afloat despite is used

Many of them are trying desperately to keep businesses afloat despite Mr Osborne's government.

He recalls how the company managed to stay afloat despite the economic meltdowns in 1997 and 2008.

It has in fact helped them keep their economy afloat despite the global recession brought about mainly by the US.

What we have instead is a solid defense that has kept the team afloat despite an unbalanced, lead-footed offense.

The surge in new voter registrations may be helping Obama stay afloat despite dismal unemployment numbers -- the jobless rate stands at 9.

But Mrs al-Qaraya dissolves into tears again as she indicates that the family solidarity which has kept Gazans afloat despite all the odds may be breaking down.

In the case of Argos Mr Duddy may be seen as succeeding because by implementing cost management he has managed to keep the business afloat despite critical customer loss.

Out of love and determination, activism is alive in its most positive sense- as individuals try and band together to keep traditional methods afloat despite myriad setbacks.

King said he sympathised with the people he met on his visits around the UK who were suffering as they tried to keep their businesses going and to stay afloat despite the squeeze on incomes.

China's State Grid Corporation and Japan Post Holdings rank among the top ten largest companies in the world and can rely on public financing to keep them afloat despite massive inefficiencies.

In 2% of cases afloat through is used

I just want a loan to help me stay afloat through this mess.

Oh, and since i'd really really light, it's not difficult to stay afloat through the air.

They avoided ruin by temporarily accepting Keynes and letting the government keep the economy afloat through huge budget deficits.

They stayed afloat through the advertisers that worked with the company, hoping to profit somehow off of all of the traffic that Yahoo drew and consolidated.

Where once there was a primary bread winner or possibly two, now there is a single person with the responsibility of keeping the family afloat through the crisis.

He scarcely falls into the ' rich ' category, but he keeps himself financially afloat through money sent from his family in Iraq and a job working for a relative's media company in Amman.

She kept her family financially afloat through her earning power as a novelist, and in early life had been to the forefront in establishing the first women's college in Oxford, Somerville College.

The surviving quintet were ordered to rearrange their financial liabilities, slashing their player salary budgets and operating costs in order to keep themselves and the league afloat through 1969.

In 1% of cases afloat from is used

Learn a thing or two about keeping your marriage afloat from the Marriage Ref.

Plus there's some sides that seem to keep afloat from discovering, nurturing and selling talent.

We are a non profit driven organization and work on seriously tight margins, we just about keep things afloat from month to month.

In 1% of cases afloat upon is used

And as the earth was the sekru -bark of Osiris in Amenta, it was the ark afloat upon the waters of the Nnu 145.

On account of this change, Taht comes as the messenger of Ra in the soli-lunar mythos to make fast that which was afloat upon the Urnas (Gr.

After Herod refused permission to have St James ' body buried, the saint's disciples, Theodore and Athanasius, pirated the body and cast it afloat upon an unmanned boat.

In 1% of cases afloat until is used

Steel asked for less than he might, but the government stayed afloat until 1978.

However, after finding a legal loophole, members of the ' Bulldogs Connection ' were able to give the Club 21 days to raise enough money to keep the team afloat until January 1990.

The current savings plan was the absolute final chance to avoid bankruptcy and SAS would hardly be able to stay afloat until the end of the year if an agreement had failed to be reached.

In 1% of cases afloat to is used

The fanooshes are set afloat to the rhythm of the sadhu voices of Buddhist bhikkhus (monks) who chant mantras.

We shall see them as they convert Armed Guard duty from the most hazardous duty afloat to the best duty in the Navy.

At the end of season five, Tony is assigned as Special Agent Afloat to the USS Ronald Reagan and later to the USS Seahawk.

In 1% of cases afloat over is used

The US believes it has kept the world economy afloat over the last couple of decades.

A string of top-ups from donations and sponsors has kept the organisation afloat over the last five stormy years.

Suzanna Owiyo and Eric Wainaina have worked hard to keep their names afloat over the years and deserve all the credit.

It's the development of intellectual capital that will keep countries like Australia afloat over the coming centuries.

I recently penned an article showing the $30 trillion, and counting, that has been thrown at the economy, and financial system, to keep it afloat over the last 4 years.

We have personally put thousands of dollars of our own money into this organization just to keep things afloat over the past several years and we just are financially unable to continue to do so.

In 1% of cases afloat of is used

The best way to stay afloat of matters sexuality is to be your own person.

In 1% of cases afloat after is used

Trying to stay afloat after this predicament they attempted to make a Windows version.

In just the same way that all dinghies should be fitted with buoyancy to keep them afloat after a capsize.

That shows he's a smart guy and knows what to do to keep himself &; his family afloat after his hockey career ended.

There are certain other things you can do to keep afloat after a Penguin smack: Keep checking your link profile regularly.

JIM MIDDLETON: At the recent NATO summit in Chicago, there were significant pledges of financial assistance to help keep the Afghan armed forces afloat after 2014.

Related Photos The CEO of NuScale Power spent most of 2011 fighting to keep his company afloat after its chief investor was charged with securities fraud and prosecuted in federal court.

In 1% of cases afloat due is used

Many companies in the States are currently being held afloat due to the unexpectedly high demand from the Chinese.

For example, the marine ecosystem has communities of plankton -- vast numbers of floating organisms that are kept perpetually afloat due to the density of seawater.

The scheme has opened its doors in the heart of Inverness's Old Town, an area that in recent years has seen traders struggle to stay afloat due to high rates and the rise of out of town shopping.

In 1% of cases afloat amid is used

In relation to this, Ahmad stressed that cost cutting measures should be sought to enable Malaysia Airlines to stay afloat amid the challenging outlook in the aviation industry.

It lives in the abandoned tourist sites and four-star hotels, where managers with only 20% occupancy rates struggle to stay afloat amid numerous worker strikes and an uncertain economic climate.

In 1% of cases afloat against is used

Also the way these forces set rumours afloat against innocent people of Northeast working in different parts of India was very scary.

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