Prepositions after "affordable"

"affordable for" or "affordable to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases affordable for is used

Very affordable for what you get.

Prices are affordable for the sheets.

The services must be affordable for all.

Because of foreign production, quality microscopes have become affordable for all.

These lifesaving technologies exist but are currently not affordable for the poor.

A tuition waiver is a reduction in tuition to make school more affordable for you.

Looking to move within the next and desire a yr round warm climate near water that is affordable for my family.

This of course makes many products affordable for even the most modest of income levels of people living the US.

Essentially, they will agree to perform a funeral service for a fee that is affordable for the requesting party.

Filter companies are searching for the filter system that will take care of the problem and be affordable for all.

In 26% of cases affordable to is used

Making healthcare affordable to all.

At $25,990 it is affordable to all as well.

That makes them more affordable to more people.

Designer jewelry may be expensive and not affordable to an individual on a budget.

Limit spending and only buy things on your credit card that are affordable to you.

But to make it affordable to the state we need to achieve matching wealth creation.

It is imperative to make a detailed research in order to find training sessions whose cost is affordable to you.

Cost Effectiveness: The application should be cheap and/or affordable to the farmer to encourage them to use it.

The major aim of the health insurance policy is to make health facilities affordable to the poor in the society.

If it could be made affordable to the American consumer, it could have amounted to a revolutionary leap for solar.

In 8% of cases affordable in is used

It is not actually cheap but affordable in that sense.

Something similar is affordable in Scotland, after all.

It's not hard to make houses more affordable in Auckland.

Now, it has become more available and much more affordable in the Los Angeles area.

Despite lower prices, petrol is only marginally more affordable in Spain than Britain.

I know that the price of homes is very affordable in comparison to other major cities.

Cigarettes are becoming less affordable in developed countries and much more affordable in developing countries.

A growing fiscal surplus has clearly made higher levels of government expenditure affordable in the longer term.

Ensure premium remains affordable in your retirement days, and does not kill your hard-earned retirement savings.

The city's housing costs ranked as the second least affordable in the world, after Hong Kong, in a recent survey.

In 6% of cases affordable by is used

Sandalwood is only affordable by the very rich.

And they're getting more affordable by the minute.

By now, the ford was an automobile affordable by all.

Online shopping can also be made more affordable by the appropriate discount coupons.

You can choose drapes that suits best for your apartment and price affordable by you.

Track down many more affordable by having an low-priced option to develop individuals.

PBX systems used to be extremely expensive and only affordable by huge corporations with hundreds of extensions.

Prices are now re-calibrating to those affordable by local prime buyers rather than national holiday home buyers.

The charge of transactions is as below: The above charge is affordable by the rural and poor people of Bangladesh.

It can save you huge numbers of cash, producing your insurance coverage more affordable by studying costs and prices.

In 4% of cases affordable at is used

How much? Affordable at only $9.

And it's affordable at $25 USD pppn.

It was delicious and affordable at 7.

Treasury looked at WFF and pronounced it affordable at the time it was introduced.

The average house price though is still affordable at between R450 000 and R650 000.

However, the Kindle Fire is popular because it is much more affordable at $199 than the iPad.

I can not recollect having come across such a comprehensive material on SAP which is so affordable at the same time.

In the big employers of today like the big box and grocers, those houses are affordable at the prevailing wage rates.

The price is pretty affordable at around S$1- 2 (dependent on your negotiation skills) for quite a distance and back.

In effect, CY Leung has put in place a policy which makes home ownership less affordable at the bottom end of the market.

In 3% of cases affordable with is used

It is luxurious yet affordable with 31 spacious rooms.

NeoLoad was very affordable with its unlimited license.

Prices are extremely affordable with all items under $10.

This way, your purchase will be much more affordable with a shorter payback time.

LG Optimus M+ is also affordable with lots of internal memory and good quality camera.

And rather than becoming more affordable with time, the price tag has continued to climb.

Opa! ' s Aurora location makes their fresh meals even more affordable with daily specials every day of the week.

It can help borrowers keep their loan payments affordable with payment caps based on their income and family size.

I love the simple, yet beautiful packaging and the price is affordable with free p &p; if you order from feelunique.

For the maths to work, house prices need to fall by more than 10% for them to become affordable with today's mortgage offers.

In 2% of cases affordable as is used

They all are affordable as well as high quality.

Health Insurance used to be more affordable as a whole.

Here you can get both affordable as well as premium properties.

But the price may not be very affordable as opposed to more traditional techniques.

The pajamas that you will get at Spencer's will be affordable as well as easy to maintain.

By converting it to LPG, you make it very affordable as a daily, especially on long commutes.

The duration of the course is 15 months and the cost fee is considered affordable as compare to other baking school.

We were taken into different bars during our pub crawl - all of them affordable as for price, and with some serious fun going on.

These wheels have proven Dura Ace technologies with slightly less exotic materials used in order to make them affordable as well as fast.

In 2% of cases affordable on is used

I) Roofed over and affordable on a grant.

Interestingly, they are easily affordable on Amazon.

Houses are bigger and more affordable on the outskirts.

Much more affordable on a weekday, where the lunch sets are available (note to self).

Before today, Birmingham had more than 37,000 homes with rents affordable on welfare.

Our oxygen Jordan shoes are all affordable on top of that to superb benefits and styles.

The 8400 has a much longer service interval compared to its rivals making the cost of ownership affordable on the long run.

There is no way they can make these houses more affordable on comparing apples with apples basis without heavy subsidization.

What's more, there doesn't seem to be anything affordable on the horizon that'll make things go faster, not for a while at least.

Two things to be sure of before you consolidate: first be sure to know that the monthly payment is AFFORDABLE on your current income.

In 1% of cases affordable of is used

The Safe Cig was also the most affordable of the choices.

The most affordable of the crop is a standard lens which is around 350.

The perfect in design and quality may be had at most affordable of costs.

Better yet, Jamaica is one of the most affordable of all of the Caribbean Islands.

Biogas is established The smashing Affordable of Almost all Waste debris from the landfill.

The most affordable of all BB Creams, it's available through supermarkets and department stores.

They are available below wholesale as manufacturing is completed at regions through additional affordable of crews.

It captures the very best, safest and most affordable of Jamaica, plus I also have a nice launch discount going now.

They are about to hit the stores over the next few weeks and the most affordable of them is said to cost less than a hundred euros.

In 1% of cases affordable through is used

Certificate prices are lower than EV, but still very affordable through CheapSSLs.

Communicating with your friends, relatives and colleagues is now much more affordable through the Sun Todo IDD Tawag.

They are engineered artefacts and rely on things like tolerances to function and to be affordable through mass production.

Each features a different price tag from the other programs, from all those affordable through SMEs to the priciest services.

The idea is to bring jobs back to the UK which can be made to be affordable through a mixture of human and virtual workforce.

He is concerned with keeping ESF school fees affordable through increasing the subvention level and ensuring that administration costs are under control.

But my evidence shows that we are unlikely to make housing affordable through supply in the next decade, meaning continued pressure on house prices and rents.

This anticipated growth will be boosted further by the government's investment in making data connectivity more affordable through inland and undersea fiber optic cable initiatives.

In 1% of cases affordable within is used

We wanted something affordable within a reasonable distance of Ottawa.

Most importantly, your OMC will have to consider what is affordable within your current service charge budget.

The changes being implemented between 2011 and 2016 are affordable within the current CPP contribution rate of 9.

Of the 1,585 homes for rent in Hackney, only 143 were affordable within housing benefit limits, and just 14 had landlords willing to rent to people on benefits.

The authority is asking your thoughts on the introduction of a localised council tax support scheme for the 22,000 claimants in the area, which is affordable within the remaining grant.

In 1% of cases affordable without is used

I always ask for this tambah knowing that it is still affordable without worrying -- all for less than RM4.

We wanted to create a product that is ecological, comfortable and affordable without losing touch with the fashion aspect.

This is yet another half-baked scheme which will make housing even less affordable without delivering any measurable benefit.

Still, there are ways to help decrease your overall costs so you can make sure your education is affordable without paying the bill for the rest of your life.

Our aim is to give customers access to the right IT solutions that are affordable without compromising on essential functions like security and data protection.

Among other things, I share the company's philosophy that books have to be extremely affordable without sacrificing international quality, after all, without quality there is no market.

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