Prepositions after "adverse"

adverse to, in, about, for or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases adverse to is used

I am not at all adverse to GM foods.

They seem to be adverse to acid jazz or fusion.

The fact is that I'd not adverse to UI changes.

So anything that causes social pressure to blame and justify is adverse to transition.

I'd not entirely adverse to some humour, but we surely don't need the full life story.

We also know now that it is adverse to salt water, cold water and is killed by chlorine.

I don't know how many reps Bolden will be taking as a runner, but I wouldn't be adverse to seeing him return kicks.

Constantine was not adverse to the idea of murdering opponents, something he accomplished with relentless monotony.

Who is Pastor Chris? Firstly, I am not adverse to press interviews or to the media; at least I am talking to you now.

The Celts are adverse to accepting anything novel, particularly something as radical as a new perspective on religion.

In 4% of cases adverse in is used

It was a hinterland secret in its customs, adverse in its intent, into which.

The judgement about you, being rendered in the present, is adverse in the extreme.

Neither one of them is adverse in doing whatever is necessary to get what they want.

And, in the process, becoming too risk adverse in their lending; too demanding in their terms.

The 8th house transit of Saturn from lagna or moon sign is always adverse in all areas of life.

Watch a abomination arena about-face into something far added adverse in Mind's Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten.

This perceptual judgment was most adverse in Uganda where 61% of the respondents believe their government lacks the commitment to confront corruption.

In 2% of cases adverse about is used

A day when white people will no longer be blamed for everything adverse about New Zealand.

A day when my white people will no longer be blamed for everything adverse about New Zealand.

Of course the editor of the Star will never knew anything adverse about AirAsia! They only know how to publish distorted news about it.

He has no idea of the issues and is content to rely on his intense dislike for Collins, Key etc as proof of anything adverse about them.

He was only a teenager and there was something endearing about the way he just refused to hear anything adverse about her, saying that he loved her.

We dream of a day when white people will no longer be publicly blamed for everything adverse about New Zealand, any more than white people are permitted to offend persons of other races.

In 2% of cases adverse for is used

Europe's population is too adverse for that.

Owing to the same transit, the period till 25th March may be slightly adverse for Pakistan.

It's sad that they think laws and regulations in Sri Lanka are all in adverse for investors.

The radio wave propagation was far more adverse for coverage over very large areas than was the case for 900 MHz, where the present operators were located.

Rather than signalling that the government can not issue debt, this policy may have signalled that the NTMA held non-public information which would be adverse for bond prices.

In 2% of cases adverse of is used

The adverse of Rocket steamer is amid at the bend of Laboni point (zia point).

As and then slowly arching as be herself especially a they adverse of move having effects for insulin prove.

One thing that united the entire nation in that hour of grief was the exemplary courage shown by the Indian soldiers in the adverse of conditions.

It encloses a space of 250 acres and the two arms have protected ships in the most adverse of weather conditions except occasionally when northeasterly gales strike.

In 1% of cases adverse on is used

An order is designed to control activities adverse on the environment or public health.

A nobody power Passion play harder than you, annex it is rather adverse on scream appropriate applaud at better self when a certain bad job is fortunate.

In 1% of cases adverse with is used

As such, I found his process to be too risk adverse with his cash flow method to financial independence vs my equity method to financial independence.

That ' s why I could ' t be in a committing connection: it doesn ' t adhere to emigrating (emigrating also suggests dating residents: fairly adverse with having a gf at home).

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