Prepositions after "advanced"

"advanced in" or "advanced for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases advanced in is used

Very advanced in comparison to us humans.

I am very advanced in my views and outspoken.

The other one gets the idea that he is more advanced in concentration than his friend.

New Zealand is very advanced in its bird conservation programs, world leaders, in fact.

Upgraded to Advanced in October of 1983 and upgraded to Amateur Extra in April of 1993.

A materialistic person, thinking himself very advanced in intelligence, continually acts for economic development.

The government also plans to amend its industrial licensing law to turn it into one of the most advanced in Europe.

How would you use the money to develop your idea if you win? We are already quite advanced in the development process.

In 21% of cases advanced for is used

He was too advanced for his age.

It was just too advanced for me.

We are way too advanced for all that.

No need to practice topics that you already know, or that are too advanced for you.

Some Internet marketers might say that SEO is too advanced for the regular site owner.

I think this game is too advanced for my 3 years old boy for now! Anyway, his loss hahahah.

By late 50's early 60's Cray had computers for airframe makers to run CAD programs, quite advanced for that time.

Simultaneous HD video and image capturing is very advanced for smartphones and not many units yet are capable of this.

This idea is too advanced for most students at this level but you may find a very bright student who can understand it.

Pascal is adorable! He smiles non stop! He is very advanced for his age and is already sitting up and wanting to stand.

In 16% of cases advanced of is used

The most advanced of these are.

It is one of the most advanced of all techniques.

If you are not competent to be in advanced of TV you may disperse a takeout receiver.

I think many of the advanced of the modern world have come about by the actions of individuals.

The Skill can be augmented by using security spikes and tunnelers, the more advanced of the two.

Earnings for the aeon came in advanced of appraisals, even though acquirements fell abbreviate of apprehendations.

During the 1990s the Czech Republic seemed in many ways the most advanced of the countries applying for membership.

A fantastic one! these programs aren't cheap they also present an advanced of instruction in luxurious surroundings.

File Trace is the most advanced of all the modes and ensures the recovery of all corrupted and damaged files from VHD.

In 4% of cases advanced to is used

The brother of the slain advanced to revenge his death.

The British advanced to Concord and fired upon the militia but then withdrew.

As mentioned, the screen on the HTC One X is the most advanced to date from HTC.

So we will be tactuality by mid next year absolutelyainly and were loobaron advanced to it.

As he advanced toward the Spaniard, on the transom, he heard another footstep, keeping time with his.

And we will see how it goes and we attending advanced to accepting into the meabank allotment of the division.

It's a car that remains advanced to this day, but when launched in 1955 it must have looked like something from outer space.

It's not absolutely free money in actuality prehaps you are spending a fantastic advanced to the funds in the form of desire.

Within weeks the British advanced to the capital of Port Stanley and forced nearly 10,000 Argentine troops to down their arms.

The atmosphere of this workshop is friendly and non-threatening and all levels of skill are welcome from advanced to beginners.

In 4% of cases advanced with is used

Mulg advanced with an eye to control another flag.

I completed the Advanced with Equipment with a 27 lb.

But we remained on the ball, we were quite advanced with him last season.

These posts range from beginner to advanced with a greater emphasis on the more intermediate posts.

Chris advanced with each Warpwolf on each flank with Grayle hiding behind a wall on his side of the board.

Run-off on the Red River is quite advanced with the crest expected in the Fargo and Grand Forks areas this weekend.

There were more painting albums available at that time and the printing techniques were rather advanced with magnified details.

As we all know there are many apps are getting advanced with the new features and more are getting innovated, by this way Android 4.

A lot of people notice that some clinics lack in a comfortable waiting area, while others may be very advanced with flat screen televisions.

Things were done quite a bit differently than they are today but we thought we were very advanced with our time saving gadgets and appliances.

In 3% of cases advanced by is used

See the justification of ' European Committee-ology ' advanced by C.

The theory of ' permanent revolution ' advanced by Comrade Trotsky is but another variety of Menshevism.

Alarmed squawking WISE OLD BIRD: And that was already too advanced by the time we rid ourselves of the robot blight.

That's not to say Maury's script wasn't terrific, it just was far less advanced by the time we really had to make a decision.

Areas of Africa that were most advanced by the 15th century generally maintained their standards, with few exceptions such as Kongo.

It is usually quite advanced by the time diagnosis is made About 3 out of 4 women with ovarian cancer survive 1 year after diagnosis.

Unfortunately, a major impetus for examining this particular issue facing philosophy comes from the maddening gibberish advanced by Derrida and his adherents.

Most of his thoughts, his political ammunition, as it were, were carefully manufactured for him in advanced by the Council on Foreign Relations-One World Money group.

If you have a tumour, you can get a biopsy to see if it is cancer or not, but the cancer has to be pretty advanced by that stage, for the person to realise they have a tumour.

It may have to, not least because the counterfactual advanced by Qantas and Emirates in their submission to the ACCC paints an unusually bleak picture of the consequences of rejection.

In 3% of cases advanced on is used

Dutko regained his feet and advanced on the 88mm.

Through withering fire, he advanced on the position.

Google Chrome is very advanced on this plot and is fascinating.

In particular, the 3D effects of the system will be among the most advanced on the market.

Within seconds, the Marine advanced on you and slammed you into the outer railing of the booth.

Freed as the Vietnamese advanced on Phnom Penh, Sihanouk found exile in Beijing and North Korea.

US index were little changed whilst the Asian stocks too advanced on the same news for a second day, and as News Corp.

After mopping up the mortar positions, he again advanced on a machinegun, his progress effectively covered by his squad.

Between 1 July and 6 November it had been the leading division for 49 of the 56 miles advanced on IV Corps ' front as part of the Third Army.

By cultivating such knowledge one gradually becomes advanced on the path of liberation, and thereafter he is freed, and his attraction becomes fixed.

In 2% of cases advanced at is used

If they got sick then I wouldn't fancy trying to do anything too advanced at 3000m.

Nokia 6600 Considered very advanced at the time of its introduction due to its Symbian OS-based Nokia Series 60 platform.

On top of that, simplicity and predictability had to be displayed because firstly technology was not very advanced at the time.

It is important to remember that the Iraqi programs were far more advanced at the time than what the Syrians had, and were developing.

No idea, but I know in system settings under device in advanced at the bottom there is baseband selection and you can choose what carrier there.

This was in cases where the tumours were very advanced at the time of treatment, raising the hope that earlier treatment may be more successful.

The most advanced at this time in Surabaya, where an MOU has been signed between Airlangga and other universities, the City of Surabaya and the Governor of East Java.

Imagine the benefit! Getting your company Mba program on the internet is what's more useful an advanced at work dad, then again would like to continue to your network marketing business education.

In 1% of cases advanced among is used

Small wonder that these sciences are the most advanced among the Islamic sciences.

On the one hand, the country was the most advanced among the large capitalist countries in the conduct of the above transformations.

The Philippine Statistical System (PSS) is recognized internationally as one of the most advanced among the developing countries in the area of gender statistics.

I haven't since a very long time and the only one thing I care about is my country being among the most advanced among other nations, in terms of Per Capita Income specifically.

In 1% of cases advanced as is used

Chart 1 shows economic growth in major advanced as well as key Asian economies.

Tools that mastered well in advanced as well as beginner and intermediate learners are substantial course.

Many and varied trials have been conducted on the prevention of MTCT in countries with advanced as well as rudimentary health care systems.

We recommend keeping the same weight when first moving up to advanced as the increased frequency and emphasis on explosive workouts can be a lot to handle.

The big event of Android programs is very advanced as well as the success is dependent around the implementation from the programs searching around the development approach.

I am pleased to welcome participants to this unique event that brings international standard-setting bodies together with advanced as well as emerging and developing countries.

Transparency and Financial Markets Financial markets have played an increasingly important role in the ability of the advanced as well as developing economies to finance their budget deficits.

In 1% of cases advanced beyond is used

Nicodemus Odore in 1992 was the last time a Kenyan advanced beyond the 1st round at the Olympics.

From the beginning women had predominated as telephone operators but few advanced beyond the lowest supervisory positions.

So it may be that there are, relatively speaking, many technologically advanced species in the galaxy - stuck at a level of technology not very advanced beyond our own.

In 1% of cases advanced from is used

They are quite advanced from the beginner puja.

Things are also generally very advanced from the setting of the story.

From beginner to advanced from hip hop to ballet, our Wisconsin dance studio offers something for everyone.

Today's technology is too advanced from the days of the Roe decision to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

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