Prepositions after "adept"

adept at, in, with or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases adept at is used

She became adept at living the lie.

Though he is most adept at that lol.

My husband isn't that adept at my camera.

I work in Brand Management and have become quite adept at using PR (for good or bad!!).

Adept at spotting talent and reading the game, she brought out the best in her players.

Miranda, surely you noticed, why you are not adept at the Fifa game is down to practice.

If you can also master shorthand and are an adept at the type-writer, so much the better for your chances of success.

Seeming inertia FM radio presenters have become adept at ' ' reproducing ' ' new stories about our society every day.

Organizations in Kenya are adept at making people queue; they are less skilled at managing and reducing those queues.

This means, there's not much use to become adept at a specific SEO strategy most especially the black hat techniques.

In 10% of cases adept in is used

The system is adept in the use of force.

Dundee was equally adept in each sphere.

He was an adept in high and long jumping.

The mind will immediately be adept in contemplation in whatever direction you point it.

She knew the text and its meaning by heart and was extremely adept in matters of creed.

They will become more adept in decision making and management of workforce performance.

The postdigital does not ignore the efforts of the technologically adept in creating and maintaining important tools.

We are in the beginning stages, so I would not be adept in offering advice for others looking to follow a similar path.

We train and exercise our minds in this way until they're adept in the same way that we memorize our lessons in school.

Do not bother clicking through the lenses until you are adept in its use but use the 0 dioptre lens to view the retina.

In 3% of cases adept with is used

Already not very adept with beer in the tummy.

By the way, I am not very adept with the iron.

They are adept with slings and throwing stones.

Can they stay in the top four? Clarke is already proving adept with the straight bat.

It's just that I don't think group organizations are or can be as adept with this stuff.

He is cheeky, using innuendo to describe how he knows Eddie Lack is adept with both hands.

If you are not as adept with the vectors as you would need to be to make this happen, then you need to see to that.

Obama, showing that he is just as adept with wonky budget terms, fired back during his news conference on Wednesday.

Communications professionals should be very adept with these requirements, however surprisingly things are still missed.

If you would hover your mouse over the requirements, you would see that it must be a Martialhelm of Adept with 2% Sword Amp.

In 1% of cases adept to is used

All the Chinese were adept to this series.

It seems like Jamaicans have become adept to conning and hustling in order to get ahead.

However, this alone won't put a stop to him, as Max seems to be quite adept to vehicle surfing.

If you are adept to writing your own code, you can make a website do some amazing and eye-catching things.

For instance, a retrenched fellow needs pure guidance and counseling on how to adopt and be adept to a new life.

Once you become more adept to recognizing the symptoms, you'll be able to prevent more unnecessary deaths from happening.

This strategic move can help your organization deliver services faster, smarter, flexibly and more adept to handling change.

This also allows the Group to successfully adopt and adept to new and fast-growing opportunities in various business sectors.

Among many privileged, I was one of them, then privileged because our leader is an extremely enthusiastic and adept to major challenges.

Again, these represent archetypal qualities of enlightenment, and one-pointed meditation on these complex images lead the adept to his or her goal.

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