Prepositions after "acceptable"

"acceptable to" or "acceptable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases acceptable to is used

That was not acceptable to the US.

It was not acceptable to the Congress.

It's apparently acceptable to the NRDC.

The design of the modern boxes is generally good and quite acceptable to the hens.

That they will do by serving the villages in a manner acceptable to the villagers.

For women, it's acceptable to act irrationally and show emotions, for men it's not.

This was not acceptable to the Vietnamese, who took exception to the exclusion of the PRK as a main participant.

Purpose of guideline The purpose of this guideline is to describe a personal dosimeter acceptable to WorkSafeBC.

They made the whole civil rights movement become more militant, and more acceptable to the white power structure.

Despite the recent military links, the ruler in Tripoli remains less acceptable to the west than other autocrats.

In 22% of cases acceptable for is used

Is that acceptable for a Muslim male.

Technically Acceptable for the Dishwasher.

Neither is acceptable for a political leader.

Not trying to dictate how much weight they feel is acceptable for the new mother.

This is perfectly acceptable for the younger age range that this genre appeals to.

Katz can be acceptable for the Qur'an but not for the referred part of the Gospels.

I'd glad no-one came up with the comment that killing native wildlife is acceptable for the purpose of filming.

The breakfast is slightly limited but perfectly acceptable for the size of the hotel; same for the fitness room.

As such, she ignored any attempt at reasoning that the clothing she was wearing was acceptable for the pictures.

It is not acceptable for the market in Japan to buy the product of such forest destruction sold as ' eco ' wood.

In 17% of cases acceptable in is used

It is not acceptable in a heat.

This is acceptable in case of shadowing.

Male bashing is acceptable in out society.

There's NO way that her way of thinking will ever become acceptable in the United.

Evidently then, I do not agree that varying opinions are acceptable in the Church.

Thinl of the example u are setting for your son in whats acceptable in a marriage.

For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come.

This second option seems not to be acceptable in terms of current political preferences and economic priorities.

In short, they dictate much of what is and isn't acceptable in the workplace both for the employer and employee.

In 4% of cases acceptable by is used

It is not acceptable by God Almighty.

This is rarely acceptable by employers.

He was the person acceptable by both sides.

That falls within the range deemed acceptable by the Food and Drug Administration.

The intake estimates were considered acceptable by Health Canada's Food Directorate.

Risk that come with such return should be manageable and acceptable by majority of us.

The person will have to know how to write and to make it match the standards that are acceptable by the company.

West Ham was interested in getting Carroll but could only afford a loan deal which is not acceptable by the Reds.

Such a situation is not acceptable by the Grace of Allah since obedience in sin is evil, unlawful, and forbidden.

It is very important that you crown your online talk with a date in a preferred place acceptable by both parties.

In 2% of cases acceptable as is used

This is acceptable as proof for WINZ.

That clip is entirely acceptable as a demo.

This argument is equally acceptable as a faith.

Follow-me is not acceptable as the society has moved towards the need for explanation.

Actually if Phillips is acceptable as a mainstream commentator, I am proud that I am not.

European Baccalaureate The European Baccalaureate is acceptable as an entry qualification.

To Bryant Gumbel, the second is also acceptable as a labor demand by the National Basketball Players Association.

It would have been acceptable as a $200 tablet such as Nexus 7, but we are talking about the awesome Surface here.

You will decide, based on those answers, whether the person is acceptable or not acceptable as a juror in this case.

That is not acceptable as an excuse a player shouldn't be horning his skills at the detriment of the team's success.

In 2% of cases acceptable at is used

More It was acceptable at the time.

And all of that is acceptable at work.

My HbA1c was considered acceptable at 6.

Don? t get me wrong, patronage may be acceptable at the highest level of government.

It is unacceptable at this level to take some bench reagent nominally labelled as 1.

But even at the coast, swimwear is perfectly acceptable at beaches and hotel premises.

It was acceptable at one point but now with all the coverage and exposure it will eventually lose it popularity.

Grinding might be acceptable at the clubs but not in a school environment; especially when the kids were warned.

Her condition was not acceptable at her aunt's house, and since she is an orphan, she had no option but to leave.

Bathing costumes are acceptable at resorts but when visiting villages or towns light summer clothing is required.

In 2% of cases acceptable on is used

Swim-wear is only acceptable on the beach.

Dictatorship is nowhere acceptable on earth.

Shorts and swimwear are acceptable on beaches.

What might be acceptable on a football field is not always acceptable on the stage.

They are able-bodied architectureed and attending acceptable on the all-time nba ns.

It is criminal that they think this is acceptable on a transatlantic 10 hour flight.

It does not, reputedly, work well with converters, but quite acceptable on tubes for excellent macro performance.

I know that I am also looking at my own relationship and making changes on what is acceptable on how I am treated.

Anyone with an eye on their career knows what is acceptable on FaceBook isn't good enough for an email to the CEO.

Bikinis and swim wear are acceptable on tourist beaches, but not if there are fishermen or seaweed harvesters nearby.

In 1% of cases acceptable from is used

Forgeting US is not acceptable from SONY.

John, bullying is not acceptable from anyone.

I thought 9 would be acceptable from the run of 6.

This is not acceptable from an association whose raison d'etre is the rule of law.

Yet another mediocre performance is not acceptable from either the players or the manager.

An image that looks blocky close up can look perfectly acceptable from a further distance.

You also give those officers a message about what the community regards as acceptable from the force they manage.

Why should I find it acceptable from someone who isn't even willing to put his name to his contempt? Perhaps the irony of that escaped you.

Obama campaign staffers are only doing what they are told and emulating what they see as right and acceptable from their leaders at the top.

Vow should be for a useful aim In conclusion it can be said that an oath should be taken if it is acceptable from the Shari'a point of view.

In 1% of cases acceptable under is used

Obviously that's acceptable under NA laws.

What would be cheating in a closed-book exam is acceptable under different rules.

At issue is whether machine slaughtered animals are acceptable under Islamic law.

A temporary horizontal lifeline system used for fall arrest is acceptable under section 11.

Work permit applications from recruitment agencies and other intermediaries are not acceptable under the scheme.

Saddened and frustrated and deeply disappointed that this is deemed to be acceptable under the guise of ' helping '.

Within these limits, units may be transferred for all courses passed, which are acceptable under University policies.

In 1% of cases acceptable with is used

Acceptable with a hired morning suit.

He thought it would be acceptable with in that context.

It's only somehow acceptable with male genital cutting.

Other agitation speeds and apparatus are acceptable with appropriate justification.

So that shows that things can also be green while completely acceptable with modern norms.

Although the food was hit and miss, it was broadly acceptable with some definite highlights.

So the expectations where set that if McCain did not deliver a knockout blow Obama was acceptable with the LSM.

Finally, we want Amazon to set forth a clear set of guidelines for what will be acceptable with respect to reviews.

Reposting of my blog images is acceptable with written permission from myself and a courtesy link back to this blog.

Danika in my own was underdeveloped, for the message is unsent, but was acceptable with the ample shocks it presented.

In 1% of cases acceptable within is used

Goofy is acceptable within a family.

It is not a form of behaviour acceptable within society.

Gays are really more acceptable within certain parameters.

A committee of physicians must agree that the abortion is acceptable within the law.

Usually, they improve spontaneously and become aesthetically acceptable within six months to a year.

I would be inclined to play it safe and wear heals if you don't know what is acceptable within the industry.

The Society now has a stylesheet to guide editors in the layout and conventions acceptable within its series.

This ironic match of play-and-date suggests that spoofing old holy days may have been acceptable within limitation.

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