Prepositions after "abundant"

abundant in, with, of, on or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases abundant in is used

Taxis are abundant in the area.

Life is abundant in the universe.

Lions are abundant in the crater.

Those same words pop up every time -- abundant in the woman, absent from the girl: 1.

As it happens, fossil placental rodents are abundant in the Pleistocene of Australia.

Aluminum is abundant in rocks, but oddly enough, we don't use it at all in our bodies.

This precipitation was associated with cyanobacterial stromatolites which were abundant in this aquatic ecosystem.

The palmyrah tree replaces the coconut tree abundant in the south and less frequently seen in the Jaffna district.

Wasgamuwa National Park Around 140 species of birds, elephants, deer's and many reptiles are abundant in the park.

The name ' Bartica ' is believed to have come from an Amerindian word meaning ' red earth ', abundant in the area.

In 11% of cases abundant with is used

The earth is abundant with oil.

Ruma is abundant with triba diversity.

Canada is quite abundant with wildlife.

History is abundant with such examples of them residing in different persons, most.

There are now large barren areas abundant with kina where kelp forests once existed.

In a hard fought marketplace abundant with choice, customer retention doesn't come easy.

Needless to say I am abundant with emotion, only directed to something much more important, in my point of view.

Doing this ensures your spices or herbs will almost always be abundant with taste every time you reach for them.

The breakfast is abundant with a good range of western and oriental options, though the quality could be improved.

Good food items will include fruits and veggies, as they are naturally abundant with fibers, minerals and vitamins.

In 7% of cases abundant of is used

That said, there is still an abundant of mosquitos.

Pakistan has abundant of Chinese military technology 8.

But afresh, not reaccessory abundant of a aberration added than who is abrasioning it.

Most of the the small business owners I work focus an abundant of time on their marketing.

Sadly finding these once most abundant of scavengers can no longer to be taken for granted.

Responsibility is a word that scares a abundant of people, but you can merely change your life if you are willing.

Its strengths include an inland sea, bay and deep seashore, abundant of labor force and legalized fiscal incentives.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids were the most abundant of the fatty acids in the total lipids of all investigated species.

The Limpopo province is very popular among tourists for its fauna and flora, the most abundant of all of South Africa.

In 5% of cases abundant on is used

Leeches are abundant on lawns and moors.

Psychopaths are abundant on Russian roads.

Further, water ice is abundant on its poles.

I have no idea what's abundant on Mars, however, and I'd curious about that as well.

Energy is abundant on our planet, we only need technology to extract it efficiently.

Native pollinators tend to be more abundant on the edges of fields than in the centres.

Whiting are also abundant on the beaches, with most southern corners productive using live beach worms or nippers.

The alga grows on a variety of surfaces in water depths from 5m to at least 20m, but is most abundant on dead coral.

Juveniles of four common coral families were more abundant on coralline algae than on any other settlement substrate.

In 4% of cases abundant for is used

It wasnt abundant for Thredson.

Opportunities are abundant for the lucky ones.

The air is too abundant for austere beneathons.

They are abundant for beach wedding area abundant continued clothes would not fit in.

When opportunities are abundant for young people, they are able to make rational choices.

Discharge may increase during pregnancy and may stay abundant for as long as one is pregnant.

In June, cotton in most areas nationwide was in budding or flowering period, heat and light is abundant for flower development.

Cotton or cotton-poly fabrics are abundant for all seasons, but fabrics like absolute ought to be alone beat within the winter.

Alive these afflatus patterns is abundant for science but I'd abiding you anticipate it doesn't absolutely accept any acceptation for you.

In the economic system today, money is abundant for a certain class of people; previously there was a tight control on the government budget.

In 3% of cases abundant at is used

They're cheap as chips and abundant at the mo.

Death with life abundant At Thy touch would start.

The sensilla were most abundant at the distal end of flagellae.

Conifers--mostly balsam firs and red spruces--are more abundant at higher elevations.

Water is not abundant at 7,300 feet in New Mexico, but wasterwater was an available resource that did the job.

Beetles can be abundant at this time of year and those unlucky enough to land on the water generally get eaten.

While pumpkin is inexpensive and abundant at farmers ' markets and your grocery store, you might head toward fresh.

Tortoises were so abundant at the site that surveyors logged 99 in 50 man-hours across an area of just five hectares.

For instance, he would purchase items, especially grains, during the harvest time, when it was abundant at low prices.

Because of this feature of the waterways, fish are abundant at these points, and so dolphins also visit these places for food.

In 2% of cases abundant to is used

But it's not absolutely carriage able abundant to backpack everywhere I go.

It sbeats up just abundant to praccident the PD from sitting upappropriate.

Nonetheless, any person must be assured abundant to abrasion them with style.

Heres a attending at four cool-ablaze axles scapital abundant to blooper into a brace of jeans.

It is typically used for determining the ratio of the abundant to rare isotopes of certain elements.

You should buy a tankini area the catchbasin top allotment is continued abundant to awning your stomach.

Along with diet, women joining the work force contributed to the decline, and pie-making went from abundant to occasional.

With over altered cranks all with different abilities as able-bodied as altered bulb s, this bold has added than abundant to action.

In the field of agriculture synthetic biology has done amazing things from making crops more abundant to more drought or flood proof.

His bang-up (Jason Bateman) assigns him to booty Natalie with him on his abutting annular of terminations, abundant to his annoyance.

In 1% of cases abundant along is used

Black coral is abundant along the rock walls of the fiords.

Restaurants and bars are abundant along the Stanley Market waterfront.

Larches are deciduous conifers, and more abundant along the northern extremes.

The findings suggest that Prosopis is more abundant along drainage systems as a result of higher surface water availability.

For the first time, we see the rare Nypa fruticans, which is the only palm that grows in water and is abundant along these river banks.

The butterflies are normally abundant along there on the Teasel and shrubs but sadly not on a day in August when I went, it was a windy though.

As a result, abalones, which live off the drifting, dead kelp so abundant along the Pacific coast, thrive and grow huge on the highly nutritious food.

Both Rock and Meadow Pipits were abundant along the seawall, but surprisingly, no raptors were seen this morning, bar a single Kestrel near the car park on the way out.

However, your beach holiday need not only be confined to basking on the beach, but also to experience the exquisite marine life, richly abundant along the coast of Sri Lanka.

In 1% of cases abundant around is used

Birdlife is abundant around Fish Lake.

Sea life is abundant around the island.

Ferns, mosses and lichens are abundant around the track.

But while nature is abundant around Ishigaki, I want to explore Yaeyama's other ports.

The heat wave is still abundant around the nation, but it was drizzling in the OC today.

Also, 40 legs are usually abundant around places where there is a lot of garbage lying around.

The shells are abundant around the Philippines and are still used to make lampshades and wind-bells.

It may be a nice distraction from the craziness! Volunteer opportunities are abundant around now as well.

Marine life is abundant around the two islands and the channel in between, the Lhohifushi Kandu, is a great place to spot larger species of fish like sharks and dog tooth tuna.

Owing to their morphology and mode of regeneration: hey are particularly resistant to intense pastoral utilization and are abundant around the togurs, on slopes and near villages.

In 1% of cases abundant during is used

The pest becomes abundant during the dry months.

Bud mites are more abundant during the hot season.

GCR is more abundant during solar minimum (like now).

It is one of the reasons why acts of charity are so abundant during Ramazan.

Most importantly, oil has been cheap and abundant during the past 150 years.

Funds tend to be more abundant during upswings and less so during downturns.

Food is not as abundant during this time and foraging for food is more difficult.

Praise and encouragement are abundant during this hour, and should be used whenever reading or storytelling with a child.

Turkeys were abundant during the time of the First Thanksgiving, but there is no evidence that they were actually served or eaten during the 3-day meal.

This was much appreciated, because poverty was abundant during medieval times, and there were epidemics of the plague which ravaged the country frequently.

In 1% of cases abundant throughout is used

Wildlife is abundant throughout the park.

Kakapo were once abundant throughout New Zealand.

These wild vines are abundant throughout Gulf State Park.

Fruit and Veggies Fresh fruit and vegetables are abundant throughout the year.

Where do the Maasai warriors find lions? The lions are abundant throughout Maasailand.

Mammillaria geminispina Impressive clumps of Echinocereus grusonii were abundant throughout the garden.

Summer is berry time and wild blackberries are abundant throughout Ireland as are rosehips and wild strawberries.

Technology has opened up natural gas found in shale rock formations which makes it abundant throughout North America.

Wildlife is abundant throughout the country and Ghana is home savannah elephants and many other mammals, including seven types of monkeys.

Happiness and love is abundant throughout the whole, happy day and family was the single most important part of the wedding for this adorable couple.

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