Prepositions after "ablaze"

"ablaze with" or "ablaze in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases ablaze with is used

Mature landscaped gardens ablaze with flowers.

The deep window-sills were ablaze with flowers.

The house was ablaze with light as he burst inside.

Twitter was all ablaze with rumours that the deal was 100% done a couple of days ago.

But when he glanced out his window, he saw the windows of the church ablaze with light.

The NNA is defending the indefensible while setting Nigeria ablaze with abject poverty.

In the fall, the canyon is ablaze with different colored leaves, and wildflowers blossom in the spring and summer.

He desires mightily and strives by all means possible to set the whole world ablaze with the fire of (God 's) love.

While in France, Tandy boasted that he could set Ireland ablaze with revolution with only a handful of French troops.

When the sun shines late into the evening, and the sunsets put the mountains ablaze with red, pink, and orange light.

In 19% of cases ablaze in is used

The middle east is ablaze in death.

Our Embassy was set ablaze in Brazil.

It then set ablaze in an orange flame.

On the contrary it doubled his zeal and set the fire of vengeance ablaze in his heart.

At this rate Rumbold's would be ablaze in five minutes! Things were going all too fast for Mr.

A bonfire was ablaze in one area and a crowd was gathered around some fire-show performers in another.

The call comes after a Tibetan farmer set himself ablaze in front of a market in remote north-west China on Tuesday.

She passed slowly beneath us, heading northward, her hull, wet with the dews of the night, all ablaze in the sunshine.

In the news we've seen the wildfire season ablaze in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and California.

As a token of protest, on December 17, 2010, he poured petrol on himself and set himself ablaze in front of a government office.

In 12% of cases ablaze by is used

Their compound was set ablaze by a group.

A police vehicle was set ablaze by the protestors.

At least four vehicles were also set ablaze by the miscreants.

During the Malay-Portugal wars in 1617, Singapore was set ablaze by Portuguese troops.

US missions, schools and businesses were set ablaze by angry mobs offended by the film.

The Mall was ablaze by the colorful uniforms of the rickshaw pullers and their rickshaws.

He apparently died of asphyxiation in the smoke-filled diplomatic compound after it was set ablaze by the attackers.

For those of you whose creative sparks may have been set ablaze by proceedings, fear not -- perhaps it is just the beginning.

The police on Sunday morning stormed Aluu in Ikwerre Local Government Area, where the students were beaten to death and set ablaze by a mob.

He was killed instantly and set ablaze by the irate villagers who were horrified by the manner of homicide that was conducted in their village.

In 6% of cases ablaze on is used

Emotions ablaze on wedding days.

Tyres were ablaze on Beirut's main roads.

In Kigoma, on the western border, two church buildings were set ablaze on Sunday (Oct.

The lume on the dukes is at atomic alert as ablaze as the brands about Seiko ablaze on the dukes.

Paul Thomas Anderson was testing the pyrotechnics of an oil derrick set ablaze on the set of his film.

Over in South America Argentina's La Nacion and Ultimas Noticias in Venezuela both had pictures of cars ablaze on page one.

And Stranded, from 1973, is an album that might have been released last week, and had it been, would be ablaze on the charts.

The messenger's grace Jamaica's hit-per-hit sensation, Luciano, left Reggae Sumfest ablaze on Friday's Roots Rock Jam Night on August 8, 1997.

Maybe, just maybe if Bouazizi did not set himself ablaze on that fateful day, an internet search for the phrase? Arab Spring? would return no result.

In 2% of cases ablaze after is used

A female worker set (the factory) ablaze after entering (it).

A week ago, a mob besieged Lahore's Farooqi Girls ' School and set the classrooms ablaze after a young female teacher was accused of blasphemy.

The gory video which was published on various websites, late Saturday night, showed how the crowd lynched the four naked men who were eventually set ablaze after three of them went unconscious.

In 2% of cases ablaze at is used

It wasn't well ablaze at that time.

Tamdrin Tso set herself ablaze at about 6:00 p.

They even tried to set her ablaze at some times, the complainant alleged.

Mario Balotelli's house was set ablaze at the weekend by someone playing with fireworks.

To prove to her that he meant the threat, he set her ablaze at the popular Ikotun round about and fled.

LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) -- It's been more than three years since Michael Brewer was set ablaze at the Lime Tree Apartments.

Starting the Fire Light the fire a few minutes before the scheduled time, so the dung will be fully ablaze at Agnihotra time.

Also on Saturday night, he will be busy setting things ablaze at Western Consciousness followed by the annual Labour Day concert at the Emancipation Park later this weekend.

Hasina cited the Sunday night incident in which the police captured a woman trying to set a factory ablaze at Ashulia to state Tazreen Fashions was set on fire in the same way on Saturday evening.

In 2% of cases ablaze for is used

But the forums were ablaze for 8 hours all morning with crazy talk.

The mindset of Americans was not in setting the country ablaze for Romney's loss.

I have watched a video in Brazil where a man was stoned to death and then set ablaze for stealing a phone.

A professionally-written resume will yield the candidates acquaintance and put it in the best ablaze for the blazon of job getting activated for.

This is shown in a creepy flashback where Willie is actually ablaze for an extended period of time and then threatens the lives of the children before he dies.

In 1% of cases ablaze as is used

The skies in Stratford are ablaze as a remarkable display begins.

It is ablaze as a ftakeher to wfruit and a lot of waugury movet it is daytimen tactuality, wactualityas humoristh the instance-in of spreadings, you crapper ever giftl them.

Canada Goose Parka Men The jewellery is frequently authentic ablaze as the Chiffon Corporation has shaped an amazing admixture of ablaze that is complete able and connected lasting.

In 1% of cases ablaze before is used

The men then set the house ablaze before making their escape in the area.

The mob, as seen in this picture, were already pouring petrol on them to set them ablaze before the police arrived.

For example, on December 23, 2011, suicide bombers set the intelligence archives ablaze before blowing themselves up in a car.

Thank you for bringing the challenge of Anglicans Ablaze before the Synod of Bishops and for making sure that I made it here today.

In 1% of cases ablaze during is used

Another plant of great beauty and renowned for its ornamental value is the Bonfire Tree which comes ablaze during the months of June and July.

Up in flames: The US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was set ablaze during a protest by an armed group protesting a film being produced in the United States.

In 1% of cases ablaze from is used

It is one of the biggest festivals with about 20,000 fireworks set ablaze from two different locations.

Even if the North London derby took place on Saturday, the flames set ablaze from that fixture hasn't been doused yet.

Typically only 8-15 per cent of students vote in AMS elections, while my Facebook feed is still ablaze from the recent U.

Here in Heber they spill over those mountains ablaze from fall, hiding the tops, and then settle like a skirt at the base.

For more than three hours the opposing armed craft fought each other at point blank range until both ships had lost more than half their crews and were ablaze from stem to stern.

In 1% of cases ablaze of is used

The Chavez rallies are ablaze of red.

I am thousands of acres of desolated estate, a purgatory ablaze of fire that burns flameless.

Michael Adams and Mark Broussenko (Meds ' 16) in coordinated black suits, Remembrance Poppies ablaze of red on their lapels.

This includes the brutal murder and setting ablaze of four young university students in a place called Aluu, near Port Harcourt.

President Respasts **31;4190;TOOLONG I jumpinge in ablaze of the Freeh reanchorage, he s re-thcare these inactingepochte, perceiveful chats.

The current protest comes barely about three months after Zambian drivers had protested and closed the border in July this year following the setting ablaze of their counterpart in DRC.

On May 15, 2001, anti-Muslim riots broke out in Taungoo, Bago division, resulting in the deaths of about 200 Muslims, in the destruction of 11 mosques, and setting ablaze of over 400 houses.

In 1% of cases ablaze over is used

Interestingly, none of the goalies mentioned are among the handful who have set the league ablaze over the first couple weeks of the season: Jonathan Quick sports a 0.

In 1% of cases ablaze to is used

In a bush ablaze to my wondering gaze God makes His glory known.

We aswell acclimated anniversary ablaze to naviaboideau a aphotic abjectment.

The mob also set ablaze to two four-wheelers at Kalikaman and one at Asra Hospital.

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