less vs more




  1. (usually preceded by `no') lower in quality
  2. (comparative of `little' usually used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning not as great in amount or degree
  3. (nonstandard in some uses but often idiomatic with measure phrases) fewer


  1. comparative of little
  2. used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs


Laura Wade's Posh, timed to open as the Tories edged into power in May 2010, reminded us just what we were in for: overprivileged hooligans in drinking-society blazers who trash a pub as thoughtlessly as they will trash the country.

The bombardment of the GPO had fascinated MacMurrough: the annunciatory puffs of smoke and the flames that roared to greet them; then the crashing gun’s report, the shell’s eruption—an illogical sequence, effect before cause, an object lesson in the madness of war.

Unless the radar signal is normal to some surface (extremely low probability) the radar receives no return.

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  1. English statesman who opposed Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon and was imprisoned and beheaded; recalled for his concept of Utopia, the ideal state


She has certainly branched out into more interesting work in recent years.

Moreover, she is being asked to do this while remaining scrupulously impartial and keeping the viewer entertained with talk of trade deals, tariffs and employment figures.

They will also force schools to put more emphasis on teaching basic subjects.

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