Difference between whitish and platinum




  1. of something having a color tending toward white
  2. resembling milk in color; not clear


A dazzling light was spread through the air, along the whitish hills strewed with cylindric cactuses, and over a sea ever calm, the shores of which were peopled with alcatras, * (* A brown pelican, of the size of a swan.

Viro heard a slither, and a hiss, and looked above; from the rafters, a furred snake hung, its tail coiled upon a rotten wooded sign, the whitish paint flecked and gone.

The size of a grain of rice, lice lay small whitish or brownish eggs called nits that stick to hair shafts about an inch or two from the scalp.

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  1. a heavy precious metallic element; grey-white and resistant to corroding; occurs in some nickel and copper ores and is also found native in some deposits


Platinum is used in catalysts for car exhausts.

A and chronic smelly while stumbling out the telly lyrics courtesy of www. killerhiphop.com Im so fly Im so ferry and the way I flow is very ginsu or machete, move my pencil move his deli platinum band platinum bezzie make a straight girl out of lezzie magazine mac bezzie keep my windows like the prezzie press a button than Im stuntin my roof look like its duckin meter go

They have focused on gold and platinum mining.

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