Difference between spondee and sapphic




  1. a metrical unit with stressed-stressed syllables


‘Written, I presume you mean, in the Anacreontic measure of three feet and a half — spondees and iambics?’ said a gentleman in spectacles, glancing round, and giving emphasis to his inquiry by causing bland glares of a circular shape to proceed from his glasses towards the person interrogated.

Which would make it a spondee and an iamb, I guess.

The fables are written in choliambic, _i. e._ limping or imperfect iambic verse, having a spondee as the last foot, a metre originally appropriated to satire.

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  1. of or relating to or characterized by homosexual relations between woman


Playing a Type A-plus-plus lawyer who's finally learning to acknowledge her sapphic side, she is brilliantly funny and adorably vulnerable.

Japanese macaques are a kind of Scottish monkey now living in Japan where they've developed strong sapphic preferences.

Only a short time ago, such a call would have been greeted with bewildered questions about what exactly anapests, sapphics, trochees, cretics, dactyls, amphibrachs (my favorite), and alcaics were.

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