Difference between sluttishness and sluttish




  1. in the manner of a slattern


Ultimately, however, the poet objects far less to her supposedly natural feminine sluttishness than to her apparently unnatural intellectual pursuits: ‘Women grown intellectual grow dull, / And lose the mother wit of natural trull’.

chapelle," seek for admission at the establishment of mother S---, who, after employing them for a time in various menial offices, and making them pluck off their eyebrows hair by hair, generally dismisses them on the plea of sluttishness; whereupon they return to their papas to eat the bread of the country, with the comfortable prospect of eating it still in the shape of a pension after their sires are dead.

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  1. characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern; used especially of women
  2. casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior


They lived sluttishly in poor houses, where they eat a great deal of beef and mutton, and drank good ale in a brown mazard; and their very kings were but a sort of farmers.

This will put the last nail in the coffin of marriage as an institution and result in a semi-permanent Brave New World scenario of enforced, female, sluttish promiscuity, a climate of coupling with anyone and separating the act from the notion of love

Sir William Brereton, a Cheshire gentleman and Puritan visiting in 1636, called the common people sluttish, nasty and slothful.

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