Difference between restoration and recondition




  1. the reign of Charles II in England; 1660-1685
  2. the re-establishment of the British monarchy in 1660


The other key aspect of the restoration involved repointing the exterior masonry, in the facades of limestone, sandstone, and granite.

Were they spiritualized, minimized, or did they fail to find fulfillment only because of the failure of the restoration to materialize?

The palace is closed for restoration .

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  1. bring into an improved condition


We the Muslims unequivocally condemn abuse of the phrase Allahu Akbar and call on the imams and the scholars to recondition appropriate use of the phrase.

Reconditioned radiator or cooling system refilling ( possibly under filled or air trapped in system ).

A belief in it is not only not naïve; it is the essential precondition for civilized society, and our best defense against the arbitrary use of power.

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