Difference between pec and pectoral




  1. an adornment worn on the chest or breast
  2. either of two large muscles of the chest


  1. of or relating to the chest or thorax


Pressure difference adhesion and a kinetic pectoral girdle thus allow the clingfish to exploit a food resource unavailable to many other predators.

For perciform fishes, the pectoral fin and tail are known to play important roles in propulsion and there is now a substantial literature on the function of these fins.

Hippocampus severnsi is distinguished from congeners in having a combination of: extremely small size (height 13 mm, standard length 15 mm); 12 trunk rings; 27 tail rings; reduced ossification of inferior and ventral trunk ridges; 14 dorsal fin rays; 10 pectoral fin rays; anal fin small or absent; medium length snout which lacks a bulbous tip; raised, angular coronet; single gill opening on midline directly behind coronet supported by raised cleithral bone; scattered tubercles on trunk and tail; predominant colour dark brown (sometimes slightly marbled) with large, bright red patch covering dorsolateral surfaces of trunk rings 1-4; tiny white dots scattered all over; pale posterior section of tail with dark transverse bands.

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