Difference between paltry and paltriness




  1. contemptibly small in amount
  2. not worth considering


Ye same did rede a portion of his "Venus and Adonis," to their prodigious admiration, whereas I, being sleepy and fatigued withal, did deme it but paltry stuff, and was the more discomforted in that ye blody bucanier had got his wind again, and did turn his mind to farting with such villain zeal that presently I was like to choke once more.

It is a paltry return compared to the 34 he notched up in total last year.

At least the State of California limits its total liability to a paltry $5K in exchange for a prohibitively expensive premium, that even if a person chose to insure herself against would not pay the bulldozers pushing the debris to one side or the other, as no amount of money makes these liabilities "insurable" to even the most profligage premium payer.

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  1. worthlessness due to insignificance


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