Difference between millennium and premillennialism




  1. (New Testament) in Revelations it is foretold that those faithful to Jesus will reign with Jesus over the earth for a thousand years; the meaning of these words have been much debated; some denominations (e.g. Jehovah's Witnesses) expect it to be a thousand years of justice and peace and happiness
  2. a span of 1000 years
  3. the 1000th anniversary (or the celebration of it)


You think Spielberg would only have a rattletrap third-rate spaceship like the Millennium Falcon to ensure his survival?

By the 3rd millennium B.C., they had developed a primitive form of cost accounting, elaborate techniques of budgeting and planning, and calculative techniques for devising labor standards.

In far northern Europe, bicephalous animal motifs seem to be traceable at least as far back as the early 7th millennium B.C.

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