Difference between lichen and orcein




  1. any of several eruptive skin diseases characterized by hard thick lesions grouped together and resembling lichens growing on rocks
  2. any thallophytic plant of the division Lichenes; occur as crusty patches or bushy growths on tree trunks or rocks or bare ground etc.


The dominant ones were tree rings, and ice cores, but others like varves, pollen, lichens, historic soil temperatures, sea level (eustasy), land levels (isostasy) require similar audits.

Der Oberste oder Generalfeltmesser Surveyor general und der oberst Einzieher Receyvers general welche grad zur selbigen Zeit, wegen ihren Geschäften zu Londen sich befunden, und von dem Königlichen Comite so wohl als von den Lords propr.

Saxicolous species of lichens are able to induce and accelerate weathering of their rock substrates, and effects of lichens on substrates can be attributed to both physical and chemical causes.

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