Difference between couplet and pararhyme




  1. two items of the same kind
  2. a stanza consisting of two successive lines of verse; usually rhymed


At every halting place the natives capered before them and tabored a welcome, while at Kama, where Gelele was staying, they not only played, but burst out with an extemporaneous couplet in Burton's honour:

According to this interpretation, the phrase “the nature of the divine and the good” refers simply to a characteristic that is attributed to Pyrrho, and labeled by poetic hyperbole as ˜divine™, in another fragment of Timon, namely his extraordinary tranquillity; the couplet as a whole, then, is saying that tranquillity is the source of an even-tempered life.

Then Nur al-Din bowed his head, and made these couplets,

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