Difference between belief and reputedly




  1. a vague idea in which some confidence is placed
  2. any cognitive content held as true


They are also less likely to get support from strong religious or spiritual beliefs.

The fall in popularity of the death's head and the subsequent prevalence of the cherub was a reflection of the Great Awakening and the belief in the immortality of the soul: "Cherubs reflect a stress on resurrection, while death's heads emphasize the mortality of man.

We must unite beyond the boundaries of race, class, belief systems and age that all too often divide us.

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  1. by repute; according to general belief


But after reputedly making millions from crime he says he's now penniless.

The Romans reputedly forded the river a few miles east of Mr Boanas' history-making attempt, but the river is believed to have been marshland then, and without the deep channels gouged out by modern shipping.

Already Fitch's new headquarters is reputedly worth the £13 million it cost to buy and convert.

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