Difference between radioactively and radioactive




  1. in a radioactive manner


Specimens of fish and amphibians taken from radioactively contaminated or otherwise polluted areas also show some apparent fluctuations in DNA content.

Plus, Brearley is a psychoanalyst these days, and I don't think any of us could overstate the potential benefits of such a figure being admitted to the radioactively dysfunctional England setup.

Concern over radioactively contaminated marine products casts a further pall over Japan's struggling fishing industry.

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  1. exhibiting or caused by radioactivity


The pills—containing inexpensive potassium iodide, which is the substance used to iodize common table salt—can prevent thyroid cancer by saturating the thyroid gland with a harmless type of iodine, keeping it from absorbing radioactive iodine that might be inhaled or ingested after a radiation release.

The development of innovative new technologies and highly specific, nonradioactive labels has changed all of that.

Radioactive waste is simply spent fuel.

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