wreath vs wreathe

wreath wreathe


  • 1) heraldry An appendage to the shield, placed above it, and supporting the crest. It generally represents a twist of two cords of silk, one tinctured like the principal metal, the other like the principal color in the coat of arms.
  • 2) An ornamental circular band made e.g. of plaited flowers and leaves, and used as decoration; a garland; a chaplet, especially one given to a victor.
  • 3) Something twisted, intertwined, or curled.
  • 4) A ring or circlet of flowers, boughs, or leaves worn on the head, placed on a memorial, or hung as a decoration.
  • 5) A representation of this ring or circlet, as in woodwork.
  • 6) A curling or circular form.
  • 7) (Her.) An appendage to the shield, placed above it, and supporting the crest (see Illust. of Crest). It generally represents a twist of two cords of silk, one tinctured like the principal metal, the other like the principal color in the arms.
  • 8) A garland; a chaplet, esp. one given to a victor.
  • 9) flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
  • 10) The tail of a wild boar: mentioned in the blazon only when of a different tincture from the rest of the bearing.
  • 11) A defect in glass, consisting of a wavy appearance, due to want of uniform density. This defect is most common in flint-glass.
  • 12) Something resembling a twisted band; something narrow, long, and circular, of slightly irregular outline.
  • 13) The trochal disk of a rotifer with its fringe of cilia. See cuts under Rotifera and trochal.
  • 14) A garland or diadem for the head.
  • 15) A twisted band; something twisted, as a flowering branch, into a circular form; especially, a sort of crown made of natural or artificial flowers sewed to a stem, or of thin metal-work, filigree, or the like; a garland; a chaplet.
  • 16) To place an entwined circle of flowers upon or around something.
  • 17) To wrap around something in a circle.
  • 18) Seewreathe.


  • 1) transitive To form a wreathlike shape around something
  • 2) obsolete To turn violently aside or around; to wrench.
  • 3) intransitive To curl, writhe or spiral in the form of a wreath
  • 4) transitive To twist, curl or entwine something into a shape similar to a wreath
  • 5) decorate or deck with wreaths
  • 6) form into a wreath
  • 7) move with slow, sinuous movements
  • 8) To crown or decorate with a wreathe.
  • 9) To extend across; cover.
  • 10) To coil or curl.
  • 11) To encircle or surround.
  • 12) To curl, writhe, or spiral.
  • 13) To twist or entwine into a wreath or a wreathlike shape.
  • 14) To be intewoven or entwined; to twine together.
  • 15) obsolete To cause to revolve or writhe; to twist about; to turn.
  • 16) To twist; to convolve; to wind one about another; to entwine.
  • 17) To surround with anything twisted or convolved; to encircle; to infold.
  • 18) To twine or twist about; to surround; to encircle.


  • 1) Yesterday his widow solemnly placed a wreath at the spot where he was attacked.
  • 2) This one was of lilac silk with a wreath of white flowers for a headdress.
  • 3) Crowds of youths also turned up to lay wreaths in honour of their pal.
  • 4) Consider hanging a wreath indoors for a festive focal point.
  • 5) I put a wreath at the war memorial.
  • 6) NO time to make your own wreath?
  • 7) A green pine wreath was hanging on the door.
  • 8) A statue to youth and vitality was garlanded with wreaths in memory of residents who had been cut down by the army.
  • 9) How to make the wreath I like to make my base from hazel or birch cuttings.
  • 10) If you would like to go all the way you could make a circular wreath, wrapped in eucalyptus or moss, to hang over the table.
  • 11) Above the wreath is the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
  • 12) The Pentagon wreath is in a large, glass wall-mounted case in a new hallway in the Pentagon.
  • 13) In conclusion a Christmas wreath is one of the easiest ways to bring the spirit into your home.
  • 14) E and O said ... thank you for introducing me to Mandy Jouan's creations. that monster wreath is the first seasonal decoration I've ever seen that I'd actually hang on my door.
  • 15) The wreath is sometimes called a “Christmas wreath.”
  • 16) The great thing about a Christmas wreath is that you can place it inside or outside, and you can also choose to hang them on a door, a window, or even a wall.
  • 17) The mafia hung a funeral wreath on the front door of City Hall with the police chief's name on it and saying "this wreath is for you if you don't resign."
  • 18) ‘Orders are now being taken in time for Christmas for Christmas cakes, puddings, mince pies, flower arrangements, holly wreaths and crafts.’
  • 19) ‘Mourners placed flowers and wreaths at the graves, including one where two sisters Alina, 12 and Ira, 13, were laid to rest together.’
  • 20) ‘Rabbits have been in abundance in the area this year and have been upsetting some grieving relatives by eating flowers and wreaths from the graves.’
  • 21) ‘The Catholic church was gorgeous with flower arrangements and wreaths.’
  • 22) ‘The bathroom is easily scented by placing oil-scented cotton balls in inconspicuous places, or sprinkle oils directly onto silk or dried flower arrangements or wreaths.’
  • 23) ‘Following the ceremony, the families made their way through the memorial park, which houses the remains of 2,300 troops from 11 UN nations, to lay wreaths at the graves of their loved ones.’
  • 24) ‘A group of about 30 people paid their respects in a memorial garden near the station by laying wreaths and flowers.’
  • 25) ‘The grandnephew of Patrick Phelan, Thomas Lawlor, laid a wreath on the grave in honour of fallen patriots.’
  • 26) ‘Flags were flown at half-mast, with a wreath of flowers laid at the base of the flag poles.’
  • 27) ‘Sometimes the faces are framed in fierce coronas of sunlight; sometimes, in a wreath of leaves, berries and flowers; always, in a blaze of warmth.’
  • 28) ‘Football clubs are expected to assemble at Matero Boys High School from where a march past would be undertaken to the burial site outside the Independence stadium where speeches would later be read and wreaths laid on the graves.’
  • 29) ‘Melody arranged a wreath of flowers over the fireplace.’
  • 30) ‘It began during the Civil War when organized women's groups in several towns throughout the South decorated the graves of the Confederate war dead with flowers, wreaths and flags.’
  • 31) ‘The committee are providing a trailer this Wednesdays adjacent to the church and they appeal to grave owners to dump old wreaths and flowers and other waste in it.’
  • 32) ‘All used wreaths and flowers must be taken away by grave owners.’
  • 33) ‘The dead policeman's mother, Cindy Eaton, wept as she placed her bouquet alongside 100 wreaths and bunches of flowers left on the corner of Dibb Lane in honour of her son.’
  • 34) ‘Nuala Leonard has started her own flower business, catering for church arrangements, funeral wreaths, weddings and other occasions.’
  • 35) ‘This Christmas we are placing wreaths on the graves of our heroes.’
  • 36) ‘Public designations must be well placed and located even when displaying flower wreaths at the mortuary.’
  • 37) ‘In the courtyard, there were six mourning altars for the dead villagers lined with flower wreaths.’
  • 38) ‘This space was ornamented with low relief sculpture of winged sun disks and wreaths located on the pedimented impost blocks between the arches.’
  • 39) ‘You will be amazed at the beauty and crispness of this hand carved wood floral rose wreath.’
  • 40) ‘Amazing wood decorations depicting cherubs, crowns and wreaths of flowers surround marble fireplaces.’
  • 41) ‘Tsaneva was responsible for the speedy restoration of the gold wreath and ring, which are the first of the treasures from the latest discovery to be put on display.’
  • 42) ‘It was a time when the Italian world bedecked itself with rare golden trinkets, wreaths for women's hair, girdles, brooches, and the like, and the finest skill was needed to satisfy the taste.’
  • 43) ‘In the Middle Ages young women wore wreaths of gold and eventually gave way to chaplets.’
  • 44) ‘Place the wire into the body of the garland or wreath and twist together several times to hold the fruit in place.’
  • 45) ‘Tessa and Sophia skipped in with daisy wreaths and bracelets draped all over them.’
  • 46) ‘The gold wreath symbolizes the unit's goal of continued excellence and achievement.’
  • 47) ‘The cemetery of over 6,000 war dead contains a tomb where a giant wreath of gold and silver leaves rests.’
  • 48) ‘The King had commissioned a gold wreath that he wished to consecrate to the gods.’
  • 49) ‘Beaver County native Lauryn Williams is in the running for that, along with an olive wreath and a gold medal, when she begins competing today.’
  • 50) ‘Curve the ends around to make an oval loop, a circle wreath, or even bend it a bit to make a heart shape.’
  • 51) ‘At each side of the stadium, Dawson's giant steel-mesh rings hover like wreaths above the entry gates.’
  • 52) ‘A delicately crafted link bracelet was soon joined by a bracelet forged to look like a wreath of lilies and one of several strands of gold with emeralds woven into it.’
  • 53) ‘The young king's head began to ache, and he took of his crown, a delicate woven wreath of gold.’
  • 54) ‘Among the first people to embrace wreaths were ancient Persians, who wore diadems made of fabric and jewels - the wreath standing in for wealth and power.’
  • 55) ‘In other festivals women most often appeared in white dresses crowned with oak wreaths.’
  • 56) ‘‘American National Red Cross Nurse’ was printed in gold letters on a cobalt blue background surrounded by a beautiful gold wreath.’
  • 57) ‘Since 1996 Greece has sought the return of a gold Macedonian funerary wreath, purchased from a Swiss dealer who acted as an intermediary.’
  • 58) ‘The Eritrean flag is green, red, and blue with a gold olive wreath.’
  • 59) ‘Tattooed on his hand was a braided vine, shaped in a circle, like a wreath.’
  • 60) ‘Twenty-nine golden petals are attached to a leather strip, representing a wreath.’
  • 61) ‘The fire hissed as it went out, and around them the cave went dark again as pale wreaths of grey smoke curled through the air.’
  • 62) ‘She sat behind her desk, a blue wreath of cigarette smoke encircling her head, while I leaned against the doorframe.’
  • 63) ‘The mountain itself is just behind the town, looming so high it creates its own weather and often wears a wreath of clouds (check the weather before planning a hike).’
  • 64) ‘The tall buildings stretched high into the night sky, the top spires of the churches and court houses surrounded in a wreath of smoke from the fires that burned in pot bellied stoves far below.’
  • 65) ‘Olof just grinned but JB, from behind a wreath of cigarette smoke, turned round with an encouraging glance.’
  • 66) ‘She gives you a story line or a message from great granny or a question to ponder, grins around her wreath of pipe smoke and wanders on over the hill.’
  • 67) ‘The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth and the smoke encircled his head like a wreath.’
  • 68) ‘Guga blew a stream of smoke out of his nostrils, forming a wreath around his head.’
  • 69) ‘Their breath encircled the chateau like a wreath, wrapping its way around the substantial estate as if wanting to squeeze out every last drop of life, which existed inside.’
  • 70) ‘Join a Ranger for a walk around the upper part of Coire Cas, getting closer to the snow wreath and listening for singing snow buntings.’
  • 71) ‘However be aware of cornices and unstable snow wreaths that linger long into summer.’
  • 72) ‘A great snow wreath still wrapped itself across the upper confines of the crags, a feature that often remains until well into the summer and is recognisable from as far as Kingussie.’


  • 1) The whole family was wreathed in smiles.
  • 2) And the set was always wreathed in tobacco smoke.
  • 3) Everyone crowded around him, wreathed in smiles.
  • 4) Universal shallowness wonders and applauds; and Aristarchus the Little, fired to dare fresh achievements, is certain of new weeds to wreathe with his deciduous bays.
  • 5) He would have his audience there, where the setting sun might wreathe him in an aura of brilliance.
  • 6) But if I find myself in company with other people, words at once make smoke rings — see how phrases at once begin to wreathe off my lips.
  • 7) And I love the “new weeds to wreathe with his deciduous bays.”
  • 8) Someday they, too, may return to wreathe the fleshless grin
 of this country, the nexus of their souls.
  • 9) Mannanan, for example, is a "real" myth, and he did does? have the power to wreathe the island in mists to hide it from invaders.
  • 10) ‘Madeira's is a mountainous interior, mysteriously wreathed by a cover of clouds.’
  • 11) ‘Holmes was sitting wreathed in tobacco smoke and looked up.’
  • 12) ‘Instead, Jones was wreathed in smiles which gave way to a brief cry as she stopped in front of her mother, also Marion, and other members of the family who had travelled to Sydney.’
  • 13) ‘His tanned face was wreathed in smiles and he hugged his two small children and gave his wife a kiss.’
  • 14) ‘I can't imagine anyone not being wreathed in smiles after such an episode.’
  • 15) ‘He agreed, a huge smile wreathing his face as he walked the few paces over to the other side of his room.’
  • 16) ‘The other man's jowly face was wreathed in smiles.’
  • 17) ‘He could feel a little air rushing past him, and as the final countdown commenced, his face was wreathed in an angelic smile.’
  • 18) ‘Everyone was wreathed in smiles and freedom hung about the air like fresh morning mist.’
  • 19) ‘The bungalow inside is wreathed in smoke, great huge clouds of it, seemingly static around it.’
  • 20) ‘Today, however, fog wreathed the tiny islet, and covered the sand and pebbles at his feet with beadlets of moisture.’
  • 21) ‘She had a gentle smile on her face and was wreathed with light from behind, giving her an earth-real glow.’
  • 22) ‘The scenery around Loch Linnhe is normally magnificent at this time of year, but last week the gold and russet-brown colours of the Lochaber hills were hidden by the low clouds which wreathed Fort William in grey.’
  • 23) ‘The eruption produced a cloud of steam and ash that wreathed the 3,000 ft Stromboli mountain and a tidal wave that rocked ships in ports more than 100 miles away.’
  • 24) ‘Earlier in the day, Southampton Water was wreathed in smoky fog, forcing the crew to rely on years of hard-won experience to get their passengers safely across.’
  • 25) ‘A sharp knock in the morning and steaming hot tea would wake us up to another glorious day - the sun emerging from behind mist wreathed hills.’
  • 26) ‘Hampden, meanwhile, was eerily wreathed in freezing fog but neither the elements nor the task ahead of him seemed to cow Smith's spirits.’
  • 27) ‘Rock Pigeons swirled around occasionally, and a rainbow wreathed the feet of the magnificent bronze atop a fountain.’
  • 28) ‘The blue haze of burning incense wreathed the dragon-created roofs of the Cheng Doon Teng temple.’
  • 29) ‘Ben sat at the keyboard composing furiously, his face wreathed with an angelic smile.’
  • 30) ‘One plant had wreathed itself round a statue of Vertumnus, which was thus quite veiled and shrouded in a drapery of hanging foliage, so happily arranged that it might have served a sculptor for a study.’
  • 31) ‘Dried flowers wreathed around a small silver-hilted dagger carved into the shape of a dragon, and several tarot cards showed their faces next to it.’
  • 32) ‘She climbed upon its back, wreathing flowers around its horns.’
  • 33) ‘When she looked at the fire, it was blurred, and the smoke wreathed lazily; she stared intently at that smoke, pretending she could see each and every particle, that she was as small as they were.’
  • 34) ‘Her voice chilled him farther than her hands did, hissing like dried ice and dying smoke as it wreathed over his head and sucked into his mouth and clung damp to his lungs.’
  • 35) ‘We headed back along Lake Cuber as cloud came wreathing among the mountain tops, bringing with it fierce rain.’

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