whiny vs whiney

whiny whiney


  • 1) whining; tending to whine or complain.
  • 2) habitually complaining


  • 1) The cunning, knowing smile abruptly vanished, turned into a sneer; the warm, vibrant voice turned whiny, in cruel imitation.
  • 2) But Allison was amenable and he didn't hear any of that whiny hurt in her voice.
  • 3) His mother always had a squeaky voice, pleading and whiny.
  • 4) And if you'll excuse the expression whiny ass titty babies on our side are ready to jump ship 6 months after we finally got some say so in the matter because we didn't kick their ass on the first Iraq war vote?
  • 5) Much of the time she seems very angry and whiny, which is to be expected from someone harboring as much resentment as she does, but it does get annoying at times.
  • 6) "whiny" - which is something, as regular listeners can tell you, she has never been able to tolerate.
  • 7) SIPA students are the biggest group of entitled whiny cunts at Columbia, maybe even more-so than the MBAs.
  • 8) This kind of whiny crap from these blogs that I used to visit regularly is what is polarizing us and going to lead to a huge GOP takeover and a huge shift of Independant support away from the Democratic Party.
  • 9) This kind of whiny crap … is what is polarizing us and going to lead to a huge GOP takeover and a huge shift of Independant support away from the Democratic Party.
  • 10) ‘The problem might be the whiny, nasally voice.’
  • 11) ‘The first clue that this isn't your average Disney film comes courtesy of the score, which features more dancing lutes than whiny violins.’
  • 12) ‘She imitates his voice as a whiny, indecisive drawl.’
  • 13) ‘His whiny whimper and open-mouthed silent scream are priceless.’
  • 14) ‘Each time a whiny pop tune unceremoniously and semi-incongruously intrudes upon the soundtrack, we passively accept the meretriciously commercial reasons for the tune's existence.’
  • 15) ‘Do you believe that parents should do what they think best and ignore whiny complaints from adolescent girls?’
  • 16) ‘If you're looking for a record from whiny white kids lamenting the complete hopelessness of ever finding another significant other, please look elsewhere.’
  • 17) ‘For kids who grew up in the '90s, metal music means whiny frat boys half-rapping over oafish power chord dross.’
  • 18) ‘On their debut, he sounded whiny as often as he sounded heroic.’
  • 19) ‘There are too many tracks which feel tired and whiny, while not enough goes on to suggest that the band is not on auto-pilot.’

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