waved vs woven

waved woven


  • 1) (Her.) Having undulations like waves; -- said of one of the lines in heraldry which serve as outlines to the ordinaries, etc.
  • 2) Exhibiting a wavelike form or outline; undulating; intended; wavy.
  • 3) Having a wavelike appearance; marked with wavelike lines of color.
  • 4) Simple past tense and past participle of wave.
  • 5) Inbotany,undate.


  • 1) A cloth formed by weaving. It only stretches in the bias directions (between the warp and weft directions), unless the threads are elastic.
  • 2) Material or a fabric made by weaving.
  • 3) Past participle of weave.
  • 4) Interlaced
  • 5) Fabricated by weaving.
  • 6) Made by weaving.
  • 7) made or constructed by interlacing threads or strips of material or other elements into a whole
  • 8) Past participle of weave
  • 9) p.p.ofweave.


  • 1) They suggested if she was having difficulties she would be waving her arms about more.
  • 2) But that is the sort of offence which should have been waved away.
  • 3) Wave a hand and it might display your messages.
  • 4) The rapid waves of cold air are pushed upwards by the mountains into the stratosphere.
  • 5) He declined to hold his mother's hand and looked awkward while waving to the crowds.
  • 6) I feel a sudden wave of anxiety.
  • 7) Rather than detecting reflected light waves to see objects, bats send out ultrasound waves and use the reflected sound to work out where things are.
  • 8) Photographs and video footage from the scene showed charred lorries, their frames buckled by blast waves and intense heat, and punctured by shrapnel.
  • 9) Then he waved the tablet again and said it was free that day.
  • 10) Why are there no good panel shows on medium wave radio?
  • 11) She waved and the crowd waved back.
  • 12) Wave energy is another promising source of power.
  • 13) Here comes the opening double bill of yet another wave of space monsters.
  • 14) The limit on light waves is much higher.
  • 15) Then some people ran around waving big flags.
  • 16) No heat wave before or since has come anywhere near this.
  • 17) She stopped me with a wave of her hand.
  • 18) They flaunted painted lips and waved hair and worked as hard as the men.
  • 19) Your brain and brain waves are also affected.
  • 20) This is a region where both kinds of earthquake waves are slowed down.
  • 21) Imperial should be able to capitalise on its sudden wave of interest to command a decent price.
  • 22) England stayed on the field to wave to the fans but most had already left.
  • 23) This produces sound waves in the air that the ear perceives as bass frequencies.
  • 24) They were unable to slither and waved from side to side without going anywhere.
  • 25) With the help of the wind and the waves the riches of the sea are brought ashore.
  • 26) The man waved the bag again and stepped to the right.
  • 27) Now she is about to make waves in the world of consumer credit.
  • 28) Overseas services of some other countries can be picked up on medium or short wave.
  • 29) Neither did his farewell waves to the crowd.
  • 30) He wants more offshore wind farms and wave energy schemes.
  • 31) He feels safer here, less likely to be taken away by a wave.
  • 32) Back then, when light was thought to be a kind of wave in space, this was a deeply disturbing and radical idea.
  • 33) As long as the train was still in sight we both waved our handkerchiefs to her and she _waved back!
  • 34) Now look there Sir, let me back it up for you, Lufkin waved a hand at the screen and the image reversed.
  • 35) Jennifer Lopez, in a strapless dress and an upswept hairstyle, waved from a balcony to admirers on the floor of Union Station at the Latino Inaugural Gala on Sunday night.
  • 36) Lufkin waved his hand at the screen again and the scenes of intense close combat blurred into a single image.
  • 37) Clinton-turned-Obama staffer Patti Solis Doyle waved from the floor when she was introduced.


  • 1) The floor was carpeted a deep maroon, small vases woven into the pattern, each vase with a bouquet of curling flowers.
  • 2) But he told her, too, that John's mistakes were threads woven into a larger pattern.
  • 3) Cochise was dressed in his war garments, according to some, painted for war, and wrapped in a blanket with his name woven into it, the gift of an army colonel.
  • 4) I have no idea if this is shooped -- on the one hand, it is the kind of thing a loony dictator might revel in; on the other hand, why wouldn't he get his name woven in Arabic script?
  • 5) One has a fabric of considered views that are woven from the threads of inherited traditions.
  • 6) A broad panorama of the triumphs and follies of humanity, an exploration of the quirks of the mind, of the nobility but more often the meanness and sheer malevolence of human nature, the collection was knit together by a web of self-consistent thinking, a skein of ideas woven from a lifetime of close reasoning on life, art, and literature.
  • 7) The women make wide strips and bands of different designs and colors: purses, figures of stars and portraits, in woven wool.
  • 8) He is another George Bush, a fabric woven from the Karl Rove spin machine.
  • 9) The Swedish Interactive Institute has also been developing products around this idea with their Design for Increased Energy Awareness collection, which includes the widely blogged Re: Form Energy Curtain, a drapery that stores and emits solar power in woven photovoltaic textiles.

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