somebody vs someone

somebody someone


  • 1) A recognised person, a celebrity.
  • 2) A person of consideration or importance.
  • 3) A person unknown or uncertain; a person indeterminate; some person.
  • 4) Pl. somebodies (-iz). A person of consideration, consequence, or importance.
  • 5) Some one; a person unknown, unascertained, or unnamed.
  • 6) Some unspecified person.
  • 7) An unspecified or unknown person; someone.


  • 1) A partially specified but unnamed person.
  • 2) A person of importance.
  • 3) a human being
  • 4) Some person.
  • 5) An unspecified or unknown person.


  • 1) You may find somebody who wants the same sort of relationship that you do.
  • 2) What if somebody else wants to buy it?
  • 3) Or do you want to go for somebody who is at best an unknown quantity?
  • 4) You are both in it until somebody better comes along.
  • 5) They want to offload and tell somebody about it.
  • 6) Why the big rush to find somebody?
  • 7) Their jibes will soon die down when they find somebody else to talk about.
  • 8) And you feel like you have gone with somebody on a journey.
  • 9) somebody is telling lies because it is not possible.
  • 10) They were in a position where they had to find somebody quickly.
  • 11) He must be doing these things with somebody else.
  • 12) It would allow him to find somebody who really does love him.
  • 13) They use the violence to scare somebody and that person tells his story to the people who are then scared as well.
  • 14) When somebody says it, nobody thinks of me.
  • 15) No one would take a likeness of a person with somebody else's cat.
  • 16) Maybe he's afraid somebody is going to ask him for his.
  • 17) But it would be nice, if that was the calculation for the past decade, for somebody to finally say so.
  • 18) I'm not saying that somebody of the calibre of player we are talking about couldn't do it.
  • 19) It looks to me as if somebody -- _somebody_, I mention no names -- may have had a hint of what was coming and began to lay plans according ....
  • 20) He knows all about it, however -- somebody has told him -- _somebody_ tells everybody everything in our village.
  • 21) If I didn't have you to tell -- have somebody -- "She considered, with brows slightly knitted --" if I didn't have _somebody_ to talk to, it wouldn't be very good for me.
  • 22) He valued himself on being something, and somebody, independently of his fortune -- he had worked hard to become so -- he had the consciousness about him of tried integrity, resolution, and virtue; and was it to be implied that he was _somebody_, only in consequence of his having chanced to become heir to so many thousands a year?
  • 23) View It » thanks for this interesting article. my only hope is that if somebody committed massive fraud by salting gold with tungsten, then when dealing with that much money, _somebody_ hopefully would have audited the gold. i mean, who would be so foolish to transfer massive quantities of gold without an audit? tungsten weighs close to gold, but would show up on a scale. once the bars are melted down, then the tungsten is visibly seen immediately as it does not bind to gold, so it cannot be circulating in bullion, except from fraudulent singaporian sources that willingly partake in the theft.
  • 24) Even the name Sackers is just a label somebody pinned on them.
  • 25) ‘Claire decided that she must have fallen asleep at the party, and somebody had taken her home.’
  • 26) ‘There are so many characters that you're bound to end up identifying with somebody.’
  • 27) ‘You are at a party, and you have been chatting to somebody who seems very nice.’
  • 28) ‘It is impossible to write an honest letter to somebody who may send it on to a third party.’
  • 29) ‘Well, somebody has decided to do something similar, if not exactly what I had in mind.’
  • 30) ‘It is only a matter of time before somebody is killed in one of these cowardly attacks.’
  • 31) ‘When is somebody going to take responsibility for these costly failures and mistakes?’
  • 32) ‘Though I'm a big fan of Nick, it's good to see somebody else occupying the space as well.’
  • 33) ‘If ever there was somebody who looked like an all-action-hero pilot, it was this guy.’
  • 34) ‘The best thing to do, if you can, is to pass your expenses on for somebody else to bear.’
  • 35) ‘Could somebody older please tell me what they know now, so that I can make use of it when I am an adult?’
  • 36) ‘We are not interested in somebody who makes nominal moves on school improvement.’
  • 37) ‘More dangerously, there is the advice to get somebody who has a nosebleed to tip their head back.’
  • 38) ‘Now they are hoping somebody will help them start their project all over again.’
  • 39) ‘Within the churchyard, somebody has taken the time and trouble to make a memorial stone.’
  • 40) ‘If this happens to somebody else not as strong, it could be a lot more serious.’
  • 41) ‘It's terrific to be working with somebody who has the whole thing in perspective.’
  • 42) ‘There is no easier interview subject than somebody who asks questions of themselves.’
  • 43) ‘From the very first time we met he came out to me as being somebody who would take the type of approach we needed at the club.’
  • 44) ‘If you catch a big rainbow trout in a loch or river then make no mistake - somebody reared it and fed it.’
  • 45) ‘We're talking about La-la-land, people, where nearly everyone's a star, if only in their own minds, and those who happen not to be somebodies always made a point of never being awed by star power.’
  • 46) ‘These people are political no-bodies who fancy themselves to be somebodies.’
  • 47) ‘In the tradition of two of America's greatest social commentators, Alexis de Tocqueville and Thorstein Veblen, Fuller points out that we are all somebodies and nobodies, that dignity is non-negotiable.’


  • 1) She was around thirty-five I'd say and quite good-looking -- I wondered how she'd ended up with someone like Christian.
  • 2) The other day someone anonymously sent us a newspaper clipping, dated a few years back.
  • 3) What I'd found jarring at the time was this emotional reaction to the death of someone she'd never even met.
  • 4) I could be spotted by someone on the street who'd seen my picture in the paper.
  • 5) And for a moment like that, to have the gift of sharing a piece of my soul with someone I may never see again ~someone I will never forget, well, I wouldn't trade a moment like that for anything in the world.
  • 6) The problem with this new Twitter update is if you follow the White House on Twitter and the White House replies to someone directly, e.g. @someone blah blah blah, you won't see it unless you are also following @someone.
  • 7) I mean *someone* posted the photos, so they either took it, or got it from someone else right?
  • 8) This is the kind of book that I would hint mightily to someone that I wanted for a birthday/holiday present, perhaps by saying, suggestively, that if I knew how to SEW, *someone* might get a handmade whatsis.
  • 9) Eventually you could get someone to confess to *suicide* using sleep deprivation, and really any technique that you can use to get a false confession out of someone within reason, since obviously you can get a false confession out of *someone* using any technique, you know what I mean I think is, to me, torture.
  • 10) And someone told someone… and the chain of gossip began.
  • 11) I want someone in my life and that ­someone is Alex.
  • 12) I have a feeling that someone has all the email from both accounts, and they are right now in some sort of shady deal to sell the data to $someone (or perhaps to Palin herself).
  • 13) ‘I think the first time I heard of it was when someone knocked on the door of my room at tea time.’
  • 14) ‘Some watches and cigars were also missing after someone forced a back door to get in.’
  • 15) ‘We were all cold and my hands were feeling as if someone had slammed a door on them.’
  • 16) ‘Do they really want someone at the shop door smiling and saying hello as they walk in?’
  • 17) ‘If someone comes to the door, do they know not to answer it or answer with the chain on?’
  • 18) ‘Maria, you are young and therefore not as good a judge of character as someone of my age.’
  • 19) ‘What advice would you give to someone new to London getting on a night bus for the first time?’
  • 20) ‘They want government to provide a benefit and they want someone else to pick up the bill.’
  • 21) ‘Almost every hour of every day someone in France sets off on a car journey never to return.’
  • 22) ‘The bulk of the world had yet to discover the joys of pretending to be someone you're not.’
  • 23) ‘So, if you have one, or know someone who does, do you know where to get bags and filters?’
  • 24) ‘David is someone who so clearly loves his work, and it was a real pleasure to hear him speak.’
  • 25) ‘The opposite scenario would be if one were taking a picture of someone in a spotlight.’
  • 26) ‘Would you rather pick up the phone and call someone or write them an e-mail or a letter?’
  • 27) ‘How would he like it if someone rang him and put on a creepy voice which you couldn't talk back to?’
  • 28) ‘That way, if you that someone liked a film, you could look up and see what else they liked.’
  • 29) ‘I also had someone telling me that you cannot be friends if you never meet each other.’
  • 30) ‘It looked like someone had taken a very sharp pair of scissors and cut the disc up.’
  • 31) ‘Not long ago someone told me that it's letting go of any hope that the past can be different.’
  • 32) ‘You know what happens if you tell someone a loved one has been admitted to hospital?’
  • 33) ‘This man is a nobody and you shouldn't try to pretend he's a someone.’

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