snuck vs sneaked

snuck sneaked


  • 1) Simple past tense and past participle of sneak.


  • 1) We waited a good fifteen minutes into the movie before I poked Joshua and the two of us snuck out.
  • 2) Nick and Kelly snuck into the kitchen and made themselves a meal.


  • 1) Are you planning another book and can you give us a sneak peek?
  • 2) Soon a stone had sneaked back on.
  • 3) He sat uncomfortably in isolation surrounded by empty seats and had to be sneaked away from the ground.
  • 4) If the users do not trust the watchers they will look for ways to sneak past the guards unseen.
  • 5) Thousands of you have already visited my website to get a sneak peek at the impressive piece of software.
  • 6) She went to look and one sneaked in, taking her key.
  • 7) West tried the sneak attack of a club v 3NT.
  • 8) We have a sneaking suspicion it won't be her last.
  • 9) He clearly felt bad about something, to sneak off like that.
  • 10) Get a sneak preview, with wine and good chat.
  • 11) She sneaked a look at him, a quick one.
  • 12) We'd sneak back for cups of coffee or lunch.
  • 13) Here West tried the sneak attack of a club.
  • 14) And yet there is something sneaking about it that outrages the American sense of fairness.
  • 15) So horrible you have to look away... and yet your eyes keep sneaking back.
  • 16) You'll keep coming back to sneak astonished looks at these pages long after you have finished it.
  • 17) Nonetheless we cannot shake off a sneaking suspicion that great wisdom is being imparted and that it might be prudent discreetly to take notes.
  • 18) I have a sneaking suspicion that there were no real safety problems.
  • 19) This is a sneak attack, a rearguard action by those who still want to see statutory control of the press.
  • 20) I was part of a group given a sneak preview before it opened on Thursday.
  • 21) The other low-ranked senior level skaters with no chance at a national title sneaked furtive glances in my direction.
  • 22) He planned to escape, and one night ten Malaita boys and one boy from San Cristoval sneaked from the barracks and dragged one of the whale boats down to the beach.
  • 23) Penn State's defense then forced an Ohio State punt, and Royster promptly went for 3, 10 and 9 yards on his first three carries before Devlin sneaked for a first down at the Ohio State 24.
  • 24) Eric Perrin sneaked in to poke the puck away, and it skidded right in front of the unguarded net to Pascal Dupuis.
  • 25) After Semin sneaked a shot between Lundqvist's legs to tie it, the Rangers struck back.
  • 26) Five players later, Austin sneaked in from inside the one to put Arizona back on top 14-10 with 2: 01 remaining until halftime
  • 27) At least, my name sneaked into Matt Withers piece on Nick Bourne in today's Wales on Sunday
  • 28) At least, my name sneaked into Matt Withers piece on Nick Bourne in today's Wales on Sunday - even if Matt was trying to stir things between me and Nick by implying that we don't see 'eye to eye' on the 'Rainbow Coalition' stuff I've been banging on about.

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