serval vs ocelot

serval ocelot


  • 1) A medium-sized African wild cat. Scientific name: Leptailurus serval or Felis serval.
  • 2) A long-legged African wildcat (Leptailurus serval), having a tawny coat with black spots and very large erect ears without tufts.
  • 3) (Zoöl.) An African wild cat (Felis serval) of moderate size; -- called also serval cat. It has rather long legs and a tail of moderate length. Its color is tawny, with black spots on the body and rings of black on the tail.
  • 4) slender long-legged African wildcat having large untufted ears and tawny black-spotted coat
  • 5) The African tiger-cat, Felis serval.


  • 1) An American feline carnivore (Scientific name: Felis pardalis) covered with blackish ocellated spots and blotches which are variously arranged.
  • 2) A nocturnal wildcat (Leopardus pardalis) of brush and woodland from southwest North America to central South America, having a grayish or yellow coat with black spots.
  • 3) (Zoöl.) An American feline carnivore (Felis pardalis). It ranges from the Southwestern United States to Patagonia. It is covered with blackish ocellated spots and blotches, which are variously arranged. The ground color varies from reddish gray to tawny yellow.
  • 4) nocturnal wildcat of Central America and South America having a dark-spotted buff-brown coat
  • 5) The leopard-cat of America, Felis pardalis, one of several spotted American cats, of the family Felidæ.


  • 1) For those of you who don't know (and I certainly didn't), a serval is a medium sized African wildcat and a coatimundi is part of the raccoon family.
  • 2) The serval is a medium-sized African animal that resembles a cheetah with large ears.
  • 3) The wildcat, called a serval, is a medium-sized African animal that resembles a cheetah with large ears.
  • 4) PARADIGM SHIFT — Mar 5 — In the next serval days POF will be releasing a paid feature.
  • 5) The article in the New York Post serval months ago, which depicted Obama asw a monkey.
  • 6) In the distance, a leopard-spotted serval cat took in the scene from the shade, while a hippo honked and grunted just out of sight.
  • 7) Jacopo was finding an audience for his antics with the serval and was clearly loving the attention.
  • 8) ‘Over the years, we had filmed cheetahs, lions, leopards, African wildcats and servals (for the first ever film of them) but never caracals.’
  • 9) ‘They were quickly followed by three Asian species (bay cat, marbled cat, and Asian golden cat) and three African species (caracal, serval, and African golden cat).’
  • 10) ‘On a night drive near Mwambashi Camp, in the Lower Zambesi National Park, on our final evening we also spotlight a leopard, several smaller cats (servals and civets), zebra and a white-tailed mongoose.’
  • 11) ‘Among prey of servals studied in South Africa's Kamberg Nature Reserve, 80 percent was made up of rodents weighing little more than one ounce.’
  • 12) ‘There are three types of African Sachal, spotted hyena and a myriad of small predators such as the aard-wolf and the beautiful serval cat.’
  • 13) ‘A large spotted cat, possibly a serval, was seen close to railway lines at Ladycross near Brockenhurst.’
  • 14) ‘In East Africa small cats include wild cats, sand and serval cats.’
  • 15) ‘For those who have never seen a serval, you can describe it as looking like a small cheetah.’
  • 16) ‘I seen a serval only once near Satara on the main road to Orpen, on a night drive.’


  • 1) I hate to sound like Charlie Brown getting a rock, but I got a freakin 'ocelot as well!
  • 2) Nine-year-old Carolyn Jess spent her recent birthday party raising money for the research and protection of the ocelot, which is steadily moving toward extinction in Texas.
  • 3) The ocelot is a small cat that lives in the South Texas brush country.
  • 4) The animal was, no doubt, the "ocelot," which is also spotted, or rather marked with the eye-like rosettes which distinguish the skin of the jaguar.
  • 5) “I am not beautiful,” I tell him, “I am an alpha female, also known as an ocelot.
  • 6) Cool hair, a young woman in her "ocelot" outfit, some surprising sisters and watch for the young man who suddenly becomes excited .....
  • 7) Cool hair, a young woman in her "ocelot" outfit, some surprising sisters and watch for the young man who suddenly becomes excited ..... www. * Metallica * Lord T and Eloise * Robert Plant & Alison Krauss * BB King *
  • 8) After Humane Society seeks investigation, Neiman Marcus says boots not trimmed in ocelot fur Neiman Marcus: mistake led to 'ocelot' descriptorDALLAS - Neiman Marcus says an editing mistake led to some women's boots being described on Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman Web sites as trimmed with the fur of an endangered species.
  • 9) ‘He doesn't have big teeth so he wouldn't be able to protect himself against eagles, jaguars, and ocelots in central South America.’
  • 10) ‘Clearly, bobcats could survive hunting pressures better than margays and ocelots.’
  • 11) ‘We were studying ocelots at the time and needed chickens to lure the cats into our traps.’
  • 12) ‘Near a remote salina, a brackish water hole, the tracks of ocelots and lesser anteaters dimpled the shoreline.’
  • 13) ‘We estimate that fewer than 100 ocelots remain in the U.S., all in south Texas.’
  • 14) ‘For a small donation, people receive an information packet and can ‘adopt’ one of the radio-collared ocelots.’
  • 15) ‘His property is ideal because it's next to the wildlife refuge that's home to the 100 ocelots remaining in the region.’
  • 16) ‘This is an ocelot from Central and South America.’
  • 17) ‘Roadkill has knocked an endangered cat, the ocelot, down to about 80 individuals in the U.S.’
  • 18) ‘In fact, he had a lion, an ocelot, and a boa constrictor during his playing days.’
  • 19) ‘They say it's like the link between the small ocelot and the large cats like the lion and tiger.’
  • 20) ‘This spring, enjoy the sound of success - the low purr of a rare ocelot kitten.’
  • 21) ‘He paces the bow, cramped as it is, like the caged ocelot or the little peccary leashed to a cleat.’
  • 22) ‘And the black girl had been watching her with the unblinking intensity of an ocelot ever since taking her position.’
  • 23) ‘She walked over to Seria, a large ocelot, who began purring as she came near.’
  • 24) ‘As Erian had said, just as the ocelot ran off into the forest the poachers came at him, four of them.’
  • 25) ‘I had an amazing few weeks in the rainforest with him, being shown the forest through an ocelot's eyes.’
  • 26) ‘Durst, who once nourished his profile by toting an ocelot, would sell his clubs as soon as they got popular.’
  • 27) ‘An ocelot has eyes on its skin, but that is purely coincidental; the word comes from the Nahuatl word ocelotl, a jaguar.’
  • 28) ‘After about ten minutes, the little ocelot returns with two plates full of steaming meat and vegetables.’

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