role call vs roll call

role call roll call


  • 1) the time of day fixed for such an event
  • 2) such an event in a legislative body in order to determine if a quorum exists
  • 3) the reading aloud of a list of names, and subsequent responses, in order to determine who is present or absent
  • 4) The time fixed for such a reading.
  • 5) The reading aloud of a list of names of people, as in a classroom or military post, to determine who is present or absent.
  • 6) calling out an official list of names
  • 7) The act of calling over a list of names, as of a school or society, or of men who compose a military or legislative body.
  • 8) The military signal given by the drum, trumpet, or other musical instrument for soldiers to attend the calling of the roll.


  • 1) That sounds like the roll call from a bad night in Homs.
  • 2) Only 68 appeared at roll call the next morning.
  • 3) He joins a roll call of the great and good who have been drafted into public service to help the government fight the financial crisis.
  • 4) The list of the French dead read like a roll call of the military and political leaders of the past generation.
  • 5) The guests stars on this show read like a roll call of Britain's finest actors.
  • 6) Given the roll call of great chablis vintages recently, there is no excuse for shoddy wines but in they roll from producers who should know better.
  • 7) Once Hollywood stars and household names began taking part, the roll call of famous people getting wet took off.
  • 8) Check the roll call.
  • 9) Now he is a celebrity in France, a country that takes immense pride in its spectacular roll call of great mathematicians.

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