past time vs pastime

past time pastime


  • 1) That which amuses, and serves to make time pass agreeably; sport; amusement; diversion; games
  • 2) An activity that occupies one's spare time pleasantly.
  • 3) That which amuses, and serves to make time pass agreeably; sport; amusement; diversion.
  • 4) Sport; amusement; diversion; that which amuses and serves to make time pass agreeably.
  • 5) Synonyms Pastime, Amusement, Recreation, Diversion, Entertainment, play. The italicized words keep near to their meaning by derivation. The central idea of a pastime is that it is so positively agreeable that it lets time slip by unnoticed: as, to turn work into pastime. Amusement has the double meaning of being kept from ennui and of finding occasion of mirth (see amuse). Recreation is that sort of play or agreeable occupation which refreshes the tired person, making him as good as new. Diversion is a stronger word than recreation, representing that which turns one aside from ordinary serious work or thought, and amuses him greatly. Entertainment has come to have great breadth, ranging from amusement in its narrower sense to diversion and to the idea of a set exercise, as a concert, or to the articles of food furnished to guests; generally, however, entertainment stands for that which is social and refined.
  • 6) intransitive, obsolete To sport; to amuse oneself.
  • 7) rare To sport; to amuse one's self.


  • 1) Or maybe she wants an excuse to indulge in her favourite pastime - making curtains.
  • 2) That was their favourite pastime in rehearsals.
  • 3) It is not the easiest of pastimes to enjoy.
  • 4) What was a pleasant national pastime has suddenly been divided down intensely party political lines.
  • 5) She cites hiking as her favourite pastime.
  • 6) What better base for tweets than a country where the national pastime is chatter?
  • 7) Maybe we should officially recognise pain as the national pastime.
  • 8) It is not a new national pastime.
  • 9) Just as rewarding is the chance to turn something you see as a favourite pastime into a career.
  • 10) And yet we all lose as our culture transitions from religion as a national pastime to sports and entertainment.
  • 11) Golf has a certain amount of power because so many people in important positions enjoy the pastime and its curious atmosphere.
  • 12) Eating out is a national pastime and it is not considered unusual to eat out more frequently than cooking at home.
  • 13) Watching sport is a national pastime.
  • 14) He is far from alone in voicing unease at the nation's most popular pastime.
  • 15) Nights out at one of the bars in Stanley are another favourite pastime.
  • 16) But my favourite pastime was sitting in the family kitchen, watching my mother cook simple but delicious pasta dishes.
  • 17) What is her favourite pastime?
  • 18) This can take the form of going away for the weekend, seeing some friends or pursuing a pastime or new activity.
  • 19) I enjoy life, and one of my favourite pastimes is eating and drinking with friends.
  • 20) Twenty million of us now own a bike, and it's an increasingly popular pastime.
  • 21) The popular playground pastime of the Eighties is making a comeback - this time with a difference.
  • 22) Cycling, riding, motor sports and hunting were all far more popular pastimes.
  • 23) Another pastime is the Saturday night dance, attended ... by couples attired all the way from slacks and boots to the latest Hollywood fashion.
  • 24) Homer Simpson's description of America's favorite pastime is more true than ever after all these years, and to kick off its 22nd season premiere, "The Simpsons" continues to celebrate the medium.
  • 25) As a person who spends her time immersed in the Middle Ages, I would ordinarily be the first to point out how irrelevant this pastime is to modern society.
  • 26) ‘Gone is the person who would engage in a sport or activity as a pastime rather than a profession.’
  • 27) ‘You are likely to indulge in happy pastimes and pleasurable activity.’
  • 28) ‘Swimming is a national pastime, and the pools in every city are packed with swimmers.’
  • 29) ‘So what is happening to the game of baseball, one of America's favorite pastimes?’
  • 30) ‘Aesthetic pursuits, sporty activity and creative pastimes are rejuvenating.’
  • 31) ‘Take a break and relax by indulging in happy pastimes and sporty activity.’
  • 32) ‘Solo football and individual cricket never took off as national pastimes either.’
  • 33) ‘You could make new friends and discover an interesting pastime for the Winter.’
  • 34) ‘He single-handedly took sailing from a gentle pastime into an athletic sport.’
  • 35) ‘Football, cricket and tennis were pastimes; the contest with the quarry was a way of life.’
  • 36) ‘Elk hunting is a national pastime in the country, and there is around one elk for every 30 people.’
  • 37) ‘The game is so simple that many pubs stage it simply as an informal pastime rather than as a competitive game.’
  • 38) ‘Sport to me is a pastime or activity where all of the people or animals enjoy the activity.’
  • 39) ‘One of his favourite pastimes was a spot of fishing on the River Suck near his home.’
  • 40) ‘Target shooting is one of my favourite pastimes - as long as the target is not a living thing.’
  • 41) ‘Baseball has been the national pastime in America for a hundred years or more.’
  • 42) ‘Start with common hobbies or pastimes and delve just a bit deeper by asking about values and goals.’
  • 43) ‘Adults enjoyed many games and pastimes as we know from pictorial, literary and archaeological sources.’
  • 44) ‘What differentiates literature from other human activities or pastimes?’
  • 45) ‘One of her favourite pastimes was walking and she came into contact with many residents in the Hillview area who came to know her well.’

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