oligopoly vs monopoly

oligopoly monopoly


  • 1) An economic condition in which a small number of sellers exert control over the market of a commodity.
  • 2) A market condition in which sellers are so few that the actions of any one of them will materially affect price and have a measurable impact on competitors.
  • 3) (economics) a market in which control over the supply of a commodity is in the hands of a small number of producers and each one can influence prices and affect competitors


  • 1) A situation, by legal privilege or other agreement, in which solely one party (company, cartel etc.) exclusively provides a particular product or service, dominating that market and generally exerting powerful control over it.
  • 2) An exclusive control over the trade or production of a commodity or service through exclusive possession.
  • 3) The holder (person, company or other) of such market domination in one of the the above manners.
  • 4) The market thus controlled
  • 5) The privilege granting the exclusive right to exert such control
  • 6) A company, group, or individual having exclusive control over a commercial activity.
  • 7) Something that is exclusively possessed or controlled.
  • 8) Exclusive possession or control.
  • 9) A commodity or service so controlled.
  • 10) Exclusive control by one group of the means of producing or selling a commodity or service.
  • 11) The exclusive power, or privilege of selling a commodity; the exclusive power, right, or privilege of dealing in some article, or of trading in some market; sole command of the traffic in anything, however obtained
  • 12) Exclusive possession.
  • 13) colloq. The commodity or other material thing to which the monopoly relates.
  • 14) exclusive control or possession of something
  • 15) a board game in which players try to gain a monopoly on real estate as pieces advance around the board according to the throw of a die
  • 16) (economics) a market in which there are many buyers but only one seller
  • 17) In political economics, and as used in a general sense in law, such an exclusive privilege to carry on a traffic, or deal in or control a given class of articles, as will enable the holder to raise prices materially above what they would be if the traffic or dealing were free to citizens generally.
  • 18) That which is the subject of a monopoly: as, in Bengal opium is a monopoly.
  • 19) The possession or assumption of anything to the exclusion of other possessors: thus, a man is popularly said to have a monopoly of any business of which he has acquired complete control.
  • 20) Specifically, in Eng. constitutional hist., and hence sometimes in American law, such an exclusive privilege when granted by the crown or state to an individual, association, or corporation, for the sake of the pecuniary advantage of its exclusiveness.
  • 21) An exclusive privilege to carry on a traffic.
  • 22) Loosely, a company or corporation which enjoys a monopoly.


  • 1) Google has a mid term oligopoly on search aggregation.
  • 2) Without controlling 100% (or at least very close to it) of the oil market, they have no shot at effectively engaging in oligopoly price setting.
  • 3) The standard Cournot model of an oligopoly is shown not to have a phase transition, as it is equivalent to a continuum version of the Curie-Weiss model.
  • 4) The industry is also a monopoly -- or an oligopoly, which is many firms acting like a monopoly.
  • 5) The music industry is nothing but an oligopoly, which is a group of big companies acting as a monopoly.
  • 6) For the record, oligopsony is the flip side of oligopoly, that is, a small number of buyers, in this case, of labor services.
  • 7) And don't be fooled by the dictionary definition that "oligopoly" does not control the market.
  • 8) Everything they will suggest plays right into the hands of the pockets of the medical oligopoly which is lead by the monopolistic AMA.
  • 9) Think now of placing some kind of oligopoly game into a business oriented version of World of Warcraft "World of Bizcraft."
  • 10) ‘With limited competition, or oligopolies, the various players within a particular industry will most likely have different cost structures.’
  • 11) ‘For the rest of the farming community, the future is precarious, with economic independence destroyed by market oligopolies, and by the decline in flexibility and choice which this entails.’
  • 12) ‘Mr Mosho said that commercial banks might be colluding making the market into an oligopoly with little benefit to the consumers.’
  • 13) ‘Theoretically, Weber's method may hold for the market structures of full competition and monopoly, but in oligopolies, or competition among the few, at least a much more complicated concept of rationality seems to be warranted.’
  • 14) ‘An oligopoly market is dominated by a small number of sellers who provide a large share of the total market output.’
  • 15) ‘The company's five biggest competitors had already signed up, but this firm - the sixth company in the industry oligopoly - was resisting the opportunity.’
  • 16) ‘ManufacturingCo competes in internationalised oligopolies in its core power systems businesses.’
  • 17) ‘Market concentration is economic power based on the level of monopoly or oligopoly that Chaebol affiliates hold in the markets of their respective areas of business.’
  • 18) ‘Anyone who knows anything about neoclassical microeconomics knows that consumers are at the mercy of privately-owned monopolies and oligopolies due to the lack of competition.’
  • 19) ‘That has made it easy for monopolies and oligopolies.’
  • 20) ‘But without the proper rules, healthy capitalist markets turn into sluggish oligopolies, and that is what's happening in media today.’
  • 21) ‘By selling them, the government will be establishing essentially unregulated privately owned monopolies and oligopolies; and there are few things worse, economically speaking, than such beasts.’
  • 22) ‘Google currently has the luxury of being inefficient because of its enviable position as the most powerful member of an oligopoly controlling an exploding market.’
  • 23) ‘The oligopoly concentrated on marketing and increasing engine power in the postwar decades, choking off European innovations like front-wheel drive, radial tires, and disk brakes.’
  • 24) ‘The most profound change to occur in the television industry in the 1980s and 1990s was the rise of competition to the network oligopoly from cable programmers.’
  • 25) ‘In both nations, the backbone service market is an oligopoly with dominant incumbents, so we rate them even.’
  • 26) ‘Meanwhile, liberalization raised competitive intensity across the globe by eliminating existing barriers to the movement of goods and money across borders that protected the market power of national oligopolies.’
  • 27) ‘What drives our economy to switch from a period of innovation to oligopolies and lock ins?’
  • 28) ‘This would be a direct challenge to the market power of established oligopolies.’
  • 29) ‘Industry consolidation and a trend toward market oligopoly have also marked the evolutionary paths of numerous other industries.’


  • 1) Before this it was the visitors who had a virtual monopoly of the early opportunities.
  • 2) Guy Shone said more companies with near monopolies will try to cash in.
  • 3) This adulation may weaken, but with his virtual monopoly of the media it is unlikely to do so quickly.
  • 4) It also effectively gave certified doctors monopoly control over medical practice.
  • 5) This intellectual monopoly has ended up not just crushing the competition but also destroying itself from within.
  • 6) Public monopoly services by contrast often exist primarily to serve the interests of their staff.
  • 7) In mitigation they did have a virtual monopoly on opportunities.
  • 8) It is quite wrong to think that superstars have an exclusive monopoly on great sport.
  • 9) Protected media monopolies can become arms of government.
  • 10) We also invest in telecoms and post offices and we like companies that have a monopoly in their area.
  • 11) The monopoly on the use of force that should rest with the police now rests with the criminals and this has to change.
  • 12) The former government-owned monopoly has been fending off the separation of its phone and internet arms for years.
  • 13) If it does, more small companies are likely to take on the regional monopolies enjoyed by the big companies.
  • 14) Europe's gas and power monopolies.
  • 15) Policing is a monopoly service.
  • 16) It remained divided into the senior and other branches, with the senior branch enjoying a virtual monopoly of political and diplomatic work.
  • 17) In a monopoly industry I do not think that is how we should continue to see pricing done.
  • 18) But in 2002 China ended his monopoly and invited in the global players.
  • 19) The merchants were adopting the only practical approach when they insisted that abolition of the Company 's monopoly must precede any further discovery voyages.
  • 20) Any assignment which does not convey to the assignee the entire and unqualified monopoly which the patentee holds in the territory specified, or an undivided interest in the entire _monopoly, _ is a mere license.
  • 21) There are two evils of our present railway system, however, which are not chargeable to monopoly, but to the _attempt to defeat monopoly_, and which are important to our discussion.
  • 22) When consumers hear the term monopoly, the first thing that comes to mind is often price-fixing and other illegal business practices.
  • 23) I know that, but the term monopoly is used much more loosely outside of economic textbooks.
  • 24) In The Economic Way of Thinking, for example, the ambiguity associated with the term monopoly is explored --- if you define the relevant market broadly enough no monopoly is evident, but if your definition is narrow then every good will exhibit monopolistic characteristics.
  • 25) Profile of SAIC -- former internet domain monopoly is the invisible spook WalMart
  • 26) Nasionale Pers chief executive Hennie van Deventer said the term monopoly had always been loosely used.
  • 27) It is to be noted that in this seventh law we have used in apposition with the term monopoly, the term "inequality of competition" instead of
  • 28) ‘With cities from Shanghai to Beijing to Shenzhen vying for a piece of the action, Hong Kong is losing its monopoly on China trade.’
  • 29) ‘From its harbours, Albuquerque's fleet brutally enforced the Portuguese monopoly of the spice trade.’
  • 30) ‘Decriminalisation has all the disadvantages of increased use while allowing gangs to retain their virtual monopoly on production and supply.’
  • 31) ‘He did at one stage manage to employ one quarter of that number, but even with the monopoly on army supplies he never broke even.’
  • 32) ‘The firm has an effective monopoly on the supermarket trolley advertising business in Ireland.’
  • 33) ‘Personal medical services break the monopoly of the independently contracted general practitioner.’
  • 34) ‘The Company lost its monopoly on Indian trade in 1813, and its charter for Chinese trade was removed in 1833, after which it ceased to be a trading concern.’
  • 35) ‘If this competition were to be removed then the private companies would have a monopoly on the collection service and would therefore be free to charge as they pleased.’
  • 36) ‘Indeed, ‘Samuel was thought to enjoy a virtual monopoly on all Moroccan trade with the Netherlands’.’
  • 37) ‘As a general rule, these companies were given a monopoly on trade in a region.’
  • 38) ‘The Post Office has a monopoly on these services and customers do not have the luxury of choosing another supplier in the immediate area.’
  • 39) ‘The only way to break their hold is to remove their monopoly on supply.’
  • 40) ‘The heroine lives in a remote village in Olea - the corporation/state that has a global monopoly on olive oil production.’
  • 41) ‘Sovereignty resides in the people and no branch may claim to possess a monopoly of the sovereign powers.’
  • 42) ‘Conservative governments commercialised a public service, broke its monopoly on stamp sales and closed many hundreds of sub post offices.’
  • 43) ‘In Pattaya, by contrast, the baht bus enjoys a de facto monopoly on the taxi service.’
  • 44) ‘Deregulation has the effect of causing many state-owned insurers to lose their monopoly on the local markets.’
  • 45) ‘It used to have a ‘wow factor’ and a monopoly on upmarket shops, but these retailers have been opening up in other parts of London and in towns all over the country.’
  • 46) ‘That's the legal term used to describe a company that leverages a monopoly in one market into an adjacent area.’
  • 47) ‘The planned expansion is expected to put the company in a competitive position if Gasprom's monopoly over natural gas transportation is waived.’
  • 48) ‘One manifestation of this obsession has been the dismantling of what were once state-owned monopolies such as electricity suppliers and public transport networks into smaller, competing units.’
  • 49) ‘State-owned monopolies continued to control electricity and water supply, railways and harbours, broadcasting, air transport, and much steel production.’
  • 50) ‘Unfortunately, many of the businesses mooted for privatization are either virtual monopolies or operate in oligopolistic environments.’
  • 51) ‘In its attempt to raise more revenue from the sale of these enterprises, the government alienated citizens by replacing public monopolies with protected private monopolies.’
  • 52) ‘I am opposed to turning public monopolies into private monopolies.’
  • 53) ‘It will remain a state-owned monopoly, providing healthcare free at the point of need.’
  • 54) ‘Production was traditionally concentrated in the hands of large state-owned monopolies largely in the extractive, defence, and machine tool industries.’
  • 55) ‘State-owned monopolies provided bad service at high prices.’
  • 56) ‘State monopolies or privileged private companies secure strategic resources and keep open the conduits that provide money to the metropole.’
  • 57) ‘Tycoons operate monopolies through the blessing of governments, central and regional, and with support from corrupt courts and bureaucrats.’
  • 58) ‘Working for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Mr Lay became a keen advocate of the liberalisation of gas and electricity monopolies.’
  • 59) ‘The Essential Services Act would also apply to water, gas and other key public services now controlled by private monopolies.’
  • 60) ‘Do we really want to return to the bad old days of state-owned monopolies in the utilities sector?’
  • 61) ‘The market is slowing, mainly due to the inflated prices that are caused by real estate agency monopolies and high commissions.’
  • 62) ‘He just resented giving it to the shareholders of privatised monopolies.’
  • 63) ‘He says five years after the state owned electricity monopolies were broken up and competition introduced, the electricity market is fast losing ground.’
  • 64) ‘Whilst privatisation proceeds apace and monopolies are being dismantled, there is clearly a long way to go before a market economy will truly exist here.’
  • 65) ‘It has been taken over by large monopolies - money-grubbing companies.’
  • 66) ‘And companies with unique products or monopolies also can raise prices almost at will.’
  • 67) ‘It is a well-known phrase that if there is one thing worse than a public monopoly, it is a private monopoly.’
  • 68) ‘Further it said as a natural monopoly the rail network presents a rather different problem.’
  • 69) ‘Communications networks have long been considered natural monopolies vital to national commercial and security interests.’
  • 70) ‘The highway system is a natural monopoly if the way to get goods and services to various destinations is the automobile.’
  • 71) ‘But in situations not involving either land or natural monopolies, his clear preference was for private enterprise and private ownership.’
  • 72) ‘As we've discussed, fiber is an area where it might make sense for a single network that everyone has access to, since it's a natural monopoly.’
  • 73) ‘But Railtrack is a natural monopoly and if it is to work in the interest of the people, rather than shareholders, then it must be owned by the people.’
  • 74) ‘It is a natural monopoly and best owned by the state, he thought.’
  • 75) ‘The electricity grid in a local neighborhood is a good example of a natural monopoly.’
  • 76) ‘Most roads are natural monopolies with few substitutes.’
  • 77) ‘Keep in mind that electric power is a natural monopoly.’
  • 78) ‘After all, health care is not a public good or natural monopoly so one can't argue that government must provide it.’
  • 79) ‘The root cause of public sector inefficiency is the fact that public services are government monopolies which are immune from competitive pressures.’
  • 80) ‘But don't think for a second that the Fed has some kind of monopoly on a situation where rapacity pervades honest reason.’
  • 81) ‘I felt that, as a person with the disease, I'd have a sort of monopoly on jokes about it.’
  • 82) ‘My piece on the breakup of the Left's monopoly on opinion and information generated enormous feedback - most of it favorable.’
  • 83) ‘We don't need a Walt Disney monopoly on creativity.’
  • 84) ‘The militias pose a long-term problem for security, since they violate the state's monopoly on the use of force.’
  • 85) ‘By the beginning of the '60s, television was loosening newspapers' monopoly on the news.’
  • 86) ‘Of course, this country has no monopoly on ridiculous elections.’
  • 87) ‘America has no monopoly on nation-building or reconstruction experience.’
  • 88) ‘No continent has a monopoly on violence and conquest.’
  • 89) ‘Small island states often make mistakes, but they have no monopoly on error.’
  • 90) ‘Architects have no unique insights into these questions and have no monopoly on the answers but, as citizens, they have as much to offer as anyone else.’
  • 91) ‘The party's monopoly on power remains unchanged.’
  • 92) ‘Today, however, the show is generally acknowledged as a landmark event that cracked the West's monopoly on contemporary art.’
  • 93) ‘Most representative, as well as most worrisome, is the fact that the state's monopoly on weapons is being seriously challenged.’
  • 94) ‘But America's monopoly on the weapon until 1949 saved Western Europe from Stalinism.’
  • 95) ‘The concept of peace is open, like freedom and justice, with no culture having any monopoly on its definition.’
  • 96) ‘Taipei has no monopoly on interpreting Taiwan's culture.’
  • 97) ‘It may even be that critical intellectuals have some special obligations, though they have no monopoly on thinking or wisdom.’
  • 98) ‘Chew's success demonstrates that professional historians have no monopoly on environmental history.’
  • 99) ‘Clinical trials have no special monopoly on the high intellectual road and certainly not on the truth about suffering people.’
  • 100) ‘He has spent thousands of pounds on the collection which includes a Batman and Robin version of monopoly, a monopoly fruit machine and a specially-made wooden board worth £700.’
  • 101) ‘Hmmm… I know they often say ‘hailstones the size of golf balls,’ but this seemed to be more like a hailstone the size of a monopoly hotel.’
  • 102) ‘Sales were helped by a monopoly game promotion.’
  • 103) ‘Just an empty lot, about the size of a monopoly board.’
  • 104) ‘To your left, dotted all around, are the byres which characterise the region, their uniformity and neat, pitched roofs reminiscent of houses on a monopoly board.’

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