old-fashion vs old-fashioned

old-fashion old-fashioned


  • 1) A whiskey-based cocktail
  • 2) A cocktail made of whiskey, bitters, sugar, and fruit.
  • 3) A cocktail consisting of whiskey, bitters, and sugar, garnished with with fruit slices and often a cherry.
  • 4) a cocktail made of whiskey and bitters and sugar with fruit slices
  • 5) Of a person, preferring the customs of earlier times.
  • 6) Of a thing, outdated or no longer in vogue.
  • 7) Attached to or favoring methods, ideas, or customs of an earlier time.
  • 8) Of a style or method formerly in vogue; outdated.
  • 9) Unfashionably out of date; out of style.
  • 10) Formed according to old or obsolete fashion or pattern; belonging to or characteristic of times past; adhering to old customs, styles, or ideas.
  • 11) Unacceptable or suboptimum because of having been superseded by something more recent; outmoded{2}; out-of-date.


  • 1) It makes its products in an almost old-fashioned way.
  • 2) It is amusing in that old-fashioned way where the characters actually say and do funny things.
  • 3) He typified the old-fashioned values of rugby that we all bemoan are going.
  • 4) The solution is good old-fashioned training.
  • 5) The rooms are grand and sumptuous, in an old-fashioned way.
  • 6) But good old-fashioned signed journalism.
  • 7) It's a big performance in the old-fashioned style.
  • 8) It is soft pink in the old-fashioned style with a very expensive perfume.
  • 9) We also need to get back to good old-fashioned teamwork.
  • 10) Young men can get this new old-fashioned look too.
  • 11) Contestants are being fêted for doing something old-fashioned and useful.
  • 12) Rev is a very old-fashioned sitcom about the shortcomings of good people.
  • 13) What had been dismissed as old-fashioned values are now recognised as arguably the only values in town.
  • 14) Wimbledon is the one top venue where old-fashioned virtues can still hold good.
  • 15) They are going to have to fight it the old-fashioned way.
  • 16) She wrote on the square sheet which we have learned to call old-fashioned.
  • 17) The general public has a more old-fashioned view.
  • 18) His old-fashioned courtesy and style were a lesson to us all.
  • 19) This is a good old-fashioned family saga.
  • 20) But thanks for enabling me to take part in something refreshingly old-fashioned.
  • 21) My clients are over anything modern and want old-fashioned things again.
  • 22) I think it has a rather old-fashioned charm.
  • 23) We love an old-fashioned sitcom.
  • 24) ‘These are only two of the hundreds of examples of secrecy in what is now seen as a very old-fashioned style of government.’
  • 25) ‘The mansion's interior was as beautifully decorated as the outside - a fusion of modern technology and old-fashioned artefacts.’
  • 26) ‘She walks toward her kitchen and grabs an old-fashioned basket with handles, the basket is made from tree bark and it shines beautifully in the day.’
  • 27) ‘She picked the right door on the first try, and went into a large, old-fashioned kitchen, so clean the shine from it almost hurt her eyes.’
  • 28) ‘Some of the latter do their best to look like an old-fashioned range only to fail the knuckle-tap test we use to determine the solidity of the construction.’
  • 29) ‘The walls were hung with utensils for field and kitchen, and the shelves were stocked with old-fashioned hand tools and cooking gimcracks.’
  • 30) ‘The old-fashioned furniture and fixtures have been replaced by modern wooden flooring and decoration in bright primary colours in a three-week programme.’
  • 31) ‘Good old-fashioned police work and some of the most sophisticated modern detection techniques are being combined in the hunt for the criminal.’
  • 32) ‘These are modern, gender-bending versions of old-fashioned wind-up toys, but all made of paper and very funny.’
  • 33) ‘I appreciate that some people may not like modern architecture as opposed to the large ornate old-fashioned buildings.’
  • 34) ‘To a lot of people, it might sound like really old-fashioned music, but to us it's current, it's what we do now.’
  • 35) ‘The decor is impeccable - basically old-fashioned, but with enough modern twists to stop it feeling dated.’
  • 36) ‘On the sound side, the old-fashioned Dolby Digtial Stereo 2.0 is clean, crisp, and clear.’
  • 37) ‘Noyce's film has a conventional, even old-fashioned feel to it.’
  • 38) ‘While there's no cure for the common cold, old-fashioned foods can at least give you some comfort.’
  • 39) ‘Falling business, old-fashioned designs, and conventional showroom decor keep the customers away.’
  • 40) ‘The place became so quiet, you could hear an old-fashioned timer clock ticking in the kitchen.’
  • 41) ‘Designed to mimic old-fashioned eyelet fabric, the metal O's create a modern look with no-sew ease.’
  • 42) ‘Remember those old-fashioned telephones that plugged directly into the wall and had a cord attached to the hand piece?’
  • 43) ‘If such old-fashioned home remedies don't work, there is a new high-tech product in the drugstore.’
  • 44) ‘Many newspaper editors and owners still cling to the old-fashioned idea that they know better than you how you should vote.’
  • 45) ‘Surely the more old-fashioned idea of locally-reared meat being slaughtered at a local abattoir a short distance away makes perfect sense.’
  • 46) ‘It may be an old-fashioned idea, but life is meaningless unless it is shared.’
  • 47) ‘Yet, despite the electronic attachments, there is something old-fashioned and traditional about him.’
  • 48) ‘Call me old-fashioned and traditional, but a comprehensible story is still appreciated.’
  • 49) ‘In my own opinion, I suppose I still see our society as possessing very old-fashioned views about men and women.’
  • 50) ‘Part of this comes from her old-fashioned view that one does not complain about such annoyances.’
  • 51) ‘People may call me conservative, old-fashioned, or whatever they like, but I do not care.’
  • 52) ‘Some might regard such an old-fashioned view as misguided nostalgia.’
  • 53) ‘We both shared old-fashioned views and stuck doggedly to them at all times.’
  • 54) ‘Are people being raised in barns now, or am I too old-fashioned for the current era?’
  • 55) ‘I'm a bit old-fashioned in that I prefer company names that actually reflect what the companies do.’
  • 56) ‘It was by no means a deal-breaker, obviously, but I guess I am a bit old-fashioned.’
  • 57) ‘I am a bit old-fashioned, but there is a little piece of advice I give to the Minister: do it once; do it right.’
  • 58) ‘He's a bit old-fashioned, in some respect, regarding the role of women in society.’
  • 59) ‘So he was probably regarded as a little bit eccentric and odd, and a bit old-fashioned to begin with.’
  • 60) ‘Where we came from the people were pretty old-fashioned.’
  • 61) ‘He was a good man, just old-fashioned, a man from another time.’
  • 62) ‘Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but surely good manners and thoughtfulness should play a part here?’
  • 63) ‘Perhaps the transition has been just that bit too quick for those of us who remembered things the old way or is it that I'm plain old-fashioned?’

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