mayoralty vs mayoral

mayoralty mayoral


  • 1) The office (or term of office) of a mayor.
  • 2) The term of office of a mayor.
  • 3) The office of a mayor.
  • 4) The office, or the term of office, of a mayor.
  • 5) the position of mayor
  • 6) The office of a mayor, or the period of his service.


  • 1) The conductor of a mule team; also, a head shepherd.
  • 2) A head shepherd; an overseer; a leader of a pack-train.
  • 3) Relating to the office of the mayor.
  • 4) Of or pertaining to a mayor.
  • 5) of or relating to a mayor or the office of mayor


  • 1) ‘Positions such as mayoralties are not the property of certain parties to be carved up between them; they're the property of the people.’
  • 2) ‘His deeper political reason for calling lay in his design to become a candidate for the mayoralty position in Oakland, California.’
  • 3) ‘If none of the councillors win the mayoralty then three will go.’
  • 4) ‘Throwing him out of the party tore London Labour apart, cost us the mayoralty and on the positive side, showed what the limits were for the left.’
  • 5) ‘They would all willingly forfeit any hope to win the mayoralty rather than make such a class appeal.’
  • 6) ‘While they guarantee all of the top jobs - including the mayoralty - to members of certain political parties, equally they deny others the signal honour of wearing the chain of office.’
  • 7) ‘Under the amendment, the 309 mayoralties of townships and county municipalities would become appointed positions and part of the bureaucracy under county and provincial municipal governments.’
  • 8) ‘The Taipei mayoralty has always been a springboard for higher political office.’
  • 9) ‘This battle between mayoralty and state legislature would rise again as future Irish mayors struggled to affirm their power as Boston's chief executive.’
  • 10) ‘In 1936, Wick mounted an odd campaign for Portland's mayoralty.’
  • 11) ‘He wanted the newly powerful mayoralty that Fitzgerald had.’
  • 12) ‘The current proposal is for a dedicated tax to be added to the already-bloated cost of London's mayoralty.’
  • 13) ‘For one thing, those close to him insist he wants no part of Toronto's mayoralty.’
  • 14) ‘The public input portion of Monday's debate kicked off with criticism from two failed mayoralty candidates who ran for office in November's election.’
  • 15) ‘He purchased entrance to the franchise in 1350, at the beginning of Robert's first mayoralty.’
  • 16) ‘The city added 430,000 new jobs during his mayoralty - Gotham's greatest job growth ever.’


  • 1) The mayor has become a regular on the red carpet since his election.
  • 2) The former mayor was undecided until the very last minute.
  • 3) What did the lord mayor do about it?
  • 4) The two other witnesses interviewed are a former senior council official and a former lord mayor of Leicester.
  • 5) Recent lord mayors have been drawn from the financial services industry and included investment bankers, lawyers and stockbrokers approaching the end of their careers.
  • 6) Under the proposals elected mayors or directly elected executives can be chosen in two ways.
  • 7) The deputy mayor said that he was appalled by the violence.
  • 8) Neither the government nor the mayor agreed.
  • 9) The city now has an elected mayor.
  • 10) He has made enemies in his time as mayor.
  • 11) Or is she hedging her bets in case she fails to become mayor?
  • 12) The poll was called after city officials barred the system of an elected mayor and council manager.
  • 13) He was only then a deputy mayor.
  • 14) Any mayor or government minister can put pressure on the media.
  • 15) The case for elected mayors needs to be remade.
  • 16) At times the mayor interrupted the interview to suck on what looked like a fishing float.
  • 17) The most successful city mayors across Europe are those with a firm grasp of detail.
  • 18) He was knighted in 2004 after his year in office as lord mayor.
  • 19) But the town 's mayor reckons converting the property into flats would help rebrand the area.
  • 20) The former London mayor was ostentatiously not making a genuine historical point about prewar Europe.
  • 21) They cannot become mayor unless they take French nationality, and their main responsibilities are roads and bins.
  • 22) Yet other close friends have been warning the former New York mayor to stay out of the way.
  • 23) At the moment this feeling is like after the lord mayor's parade but the disappointment about the result of the game far outweighs that of any individual.
  • 24) Democratic Sen. Bill Perkins of Manhattan says the committee will be a check on what he called mayoral dictatorship of the schools.
  • 25) But Bossman, who also speaks English, tells international media his victory in mayoral elections shows that Slovenia is now mature enough to elect a nonwhite political representative.
  • 26) Palin didn't start the suburbanization of Wasilla, but she urged it along during her two-term mayoral administration, from 1996 to 2002.
  • 27) That's a stark economic and political departure from the county's last two-term mayoral counterpart,
  • 28) New Bern's mayor race (I hate the word mayoral, so I avoid using it) has a lineup of candidates right out of central casting.
  • 29) "No. It means a lot of things," says the once and future bookseller who's nearing the end of his two-term mayoral stint.
  • 30) He told The New York Times in an interview published Monday he believes the charter allows the City Council to grant Bloomberg permission to break a voter-approved two-term mayoral term limit without a referendum.
  • 31) An interesting bit of backstory to the battle over Tim Burgess’ attempt to expand the definition of aggressive panhandling, which passed the city council 5-4 yesterday but faces a certain mayoral veto.
  • 32) Will Fenty’s loss diminish faith in mayoral control turning around failing schools?
  • 33) ‘Last week, the wheels threatened to come off his mayoral carriage.’
  • 34) ‘Political attacks on the incumbent at this time of crisis could have severe political repercussions on the mayoral hopefuls.’
  • 35) ‘You never hear anything interesting about that mayoral campaign.’
  • 36) ‘He showed me around his neighborhood with a sort of informal mayoral pride.’
  • 37) ‘Questions were asked about the use of the mayoral carriage for his wedding.’
  • 38) ‘The group recently spent significant resources opposing a mayoral proposal to inspect apartments upon turnover.’
  • 39) ‘He eschewed his $195,000 annual mayoral salary, in favor of $1 a year.’
  • 40) ‘A mayoral report published just prior to his arrival took the police department to task over its information infrastructure.’
  • 41) ‘A mayoral spokesman said the ban sends a defeatist message to the rest of the world.’
  • 42) ‘mayoral promotion was the only fast route through the ranks of the jurats, which was basically a society of equals of varying degrees of experience.’

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