marital vs martial

marital martial


  • 1) Archaic Of or relating to a husband.
  • 2) archaic Of or pertaining to a husband.
  • 3) Of or pertaining to marriage; matrimonial.


  • 1) Roman poet noted for epigrams (first century BC)
  • 2) A soldier, or military man.
  • 3) Relating to or connected with the armed forces or the profession of arms or military life.
  • 4) comparable Characteristic of or befitting a warrior; having a military bearing; soldierly, soldierlike, warriorlike.
  • 5) Of, relating to, or suggestive of war; warlike.
  • 6) Of, relating to, or suggestive of war.
  • 7) Characteristic of or befitting a warrior.
  • 8) Relating to or connected with the armed forces or the profession of arms.
  • 9) the law administered by the military power of a government when it has superseded the civil authority in time of war, or when the civil authorities are unable to enforce the laws. It is distinguished from military law, the latter being the code of rules for the regulation of the army and navy alone, either in peace or in war.
  • 10) Practiced in, or inclined to, war; warlike; brave.
  • 11) Pertaining to, or resembling, the god, or the planet, Mars.
  • 12) (Old Chem. & Old Med.), Archaic Pertaining to, or containing, iron; chalybeate.
  • 13) Belonging to war, or to an army and navy; -- opposed to civil
  • 14) (Med.), [Obs.] a reddish crystalline salt of iron; the ammonio-chloride of iron.
  • 15) Of, pertaining to, or suited for, war; military
  • 16) of or relating to the armed forces


  • 1) It is not difficult to see this practice being expanded to include advice on marital problems and shyness.
  • 2) The stresses did not just come from marital problems.
  • 3) Relatives told investigators that the couple did not have a history of marital problems.
  • 4) One night he woke up to find the marital bed deserted.
  • 5) Our marital problems began shortly after the death of my father.
  • 6) Mum was upset but they had always had marital problems.
  • 7) Because tangled up in the shame of leaving the marital bed is the shame in snoring itself.
  • 8) marital problems rarely get sorted when you stop sharing the same bed.
  • 9) He also had access to the account where she had deposited the proceeds of the sale of her former marital home.
  • 10) Gender and marital status become significant.
  • 11) My modestly earning nephew is divorcing and cannot buy his spouse's share of the marital home.
  • 12) For some, there was the agony of uncertainty about marital fidelity at home.
  • 13) Because his marital status was unclear, social workers told him that he was ineligible for a subsidised flat.
  • 14) One in 20 changed their marital status to appeal to employers and five per cent falsely claimed to play golf.
  • 15) Getting divorced was bad enough but having to sell the marital home that I loved was the worst.
  • 16) ‘If the wife deferred to the husband because of the marital relationship, that is another thing.’
  • 17) ‘The mother of the children told police she and her husband had been having marital problems for the past six months.’
  • 18) ‘He prefers marital banter with his wife on the phone to talking about measurements and ingredients.’
  • 19) ‘In other words, the remark points to the dynamic of a sibling relationship, not a marital one.’
  • 20) ‘Due to social stigma attached to it even the best marital relationships can come under strain.’
  • 21) ‘Two people, a husband and wife, work out their marital malaise by literally trying to kill one another.’
  • 22) ‘One of the marital indiscretions had landed him in trouble with his wife.’
  • 23) ‘If all they've done is suffer an unhappy marriage, we should leave them to their marital misery.’
  • 24) ‘However, certain key aspects of the marital relationship can be elucidated and do require discussion.’
  • 25) ‘The marital embrace is the culmination of the total self-giving of husbands and wives.’
  • 26) ‘Even within the marital context, they work to limit the husband's authority.’
  • 27) ‘What could have been more appropriate for this marital tragedy than, of all operas, Tristan und Isolde?’
  • 28) ‘Hurtling along at breakneck speed, this smash hit comedy of marital deception guarantees a great night out.’
  • 29) ‘There are marital complexities both on and off stage in the latest production from Bingley Little Theatre.’
  • 30) ‘He plays a troubled psychiatrist who's in the midst of severe marital problems.’
  • 31) ‘Stay with her exclusively and wrestle with resentfulness coupled with marital bliss.’
  • 32) ‘It deals with the issue of marital infidelity as seen across various couples.’
  • 33) ‘They want an amendment that would require sheriffs to pay more attention to the rights of the child in marital disputes.’
  • 34) ‘Sexual indiscretions, marital break-ups and drug habits are glossed over completely.’
  • 35) ‘They are also looking at his marital and custody arrangements for the children.’


  • 1) Plus his martial arts skills are surprisingly effective.
  • 2) It is used in certain martial arts to reduce consciousness.
  • 3) Both men were martial arts enthusiasts.
  • 4) Despite its global popularity, mixed martial arts still hovers on the fringes of sport here.
  • 5) THE blind Jedi warrior monk fights against the evil Empire using his staff and martial arts skills.
  • 6) New love is an expert in martial arts.
  • 7) It has not yet been decided if he will face a court martial.
  • 8) Cage fighting is merely people competing against each other at mixed martial arts.
  • 9) An unofficial "martial law " had been imposed.
  • 10) Genuine martial arts experts will be exempt from the new law.
  • 11) Are you an expert in martial arts?
  • 12) Staff at the gym said he hid his past by pretending to be a former boxer and mixed martial arts specialist.
  • 13) If proven, he could face a court martial and military prison.
  • 14) The Army yesterday confirmed three soldiers face a court martial.
  • 15) He has been charged with desertion and will face a court martial in July.
  • 16) Edinburgh was placed under martial law, and the city streets again became clear.
  • 17) I took up martial arts to keep fit and kept up the diet.
  • 18) From sumptuous love music to thrilling martial outbursts, he makes you want to sit through all five hours again.
  • 19) These appealed to the bright but intellectually lazy prince, who grew to hold military and martial values above all others.
  • 20) Atlantic City provides the setting for the story of two brothers who enter the biggest mixed martial arts contest in history.
  • 21) There are local, regional and national championships and mastery is measured in dans, just like a martial art.
  • 22) Not the deepest of dramas, it contains much strong martial music, while the contrived love interest gives rise to touching numbers.
  • 23) A woman came up to me, locked my wrists in a grip of steel and danced me round to the sound of martial music.
  • 24) What you do with him is ask what his favorites in martial arts film are.
  • 25) Its primary use in courts martial is for forcible sodomy or childabuse.
  • 26) MABERRY: Joe's reactions are based partly on my own views and teachings in martial arts, and on the kinds of reactions and reflexes I've seen in men I've met who work in SWAT and Special Ops. Immediate reaction without hesitation is a prized skill, and very often it's the dividing line between those who can hack it in Special Ops and those who can't.
  • 27) An accused at a court-martial is guaranteed the right to a speedy trial under the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution, which is triggered when charges are preferred.
  • 28) Bruce Lee was a great action movie hero and a professional in martial arts.
  • 29) One of the acitivities at the camp was to bring expert in martial arts to teach the girls little but effective self defense they can use to get themselves out of any danger.
  • 30) Nothing less than a court martial is what each 1 should face,
  • 31) I been in martial arts for a long time, and I have met quite a few women who could mop the floor with any man they met (it is technique not strength, that wins the fight).
  • 32) ‘The martial, or fighting arts are among humankind's oldest avocations.’
  • 33) ‘In the opening part there are fight scenes woven around him to introduce us to his martial skills.’
  • 34) ‘Some may be obscure to people who haven't read much about martial culture or military history.’
  • 35) ‘Male viewers would have seen him as an exemplar of heroic and martial prowess.’
  • 36) ‘Too often, the country seems to be engrossed in a mythic, heroic narrative of patriotic, martial prowess.’
  • 37) ‘There are few stunts and only rudimentary fight sequences, dependent upon fire power rather than martial artistry.’
  • 38) ‘This injury left him unfit for military service but did not seem to affect his martial ability.’
  • 39) ‘This fusion of martial and performing arts is sure to kindle the curiosity of the young, who adapt easily to innovations.’
  • 40) ‘Both genres are based on stories of different kinds of martial quest.’
  • 41) ‘Their martial glory reflects a greater glory that they both serve and exemplify at its highest.’
  • 42) ‘In fact, as the historians are beginning to reveal, there is nothing new about the warrior's dream of martial perfection.’
  • 43) ‘The production is more than a simple demonstration of martial qualities.’
  • 44) ‘Once, Englishmen took Henry V's exhortations to martial self-sacrifice as inspiring.’
  • 45) ‘Dreams of martial glory are hardly uncommon in 19-year-olds all over the world.’
  • 46) ‘The British, impressed by the martial spirit of the Gurkhas, began recruiting them into the Indian army.’
  • 47) ‘He has done a great service in bringing more attention to the western martial tradition and history.’
  • 48) ‘He was unarmed, and carried no military gear or other indicators of martial status.’
  • 49) ‘Sparta was a martial society, which did away with any sickly child at birth.’
  • 50) ‘His skill with the staff was incredible, as was to be expected of the prince's martial education.’
  • 51) ‘When not walking, Kevin would practice his martial skills in his practice room, focussing on them and nothing else for hours at a time.’

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