ravage vs ravish

ravage ravish


  • 1) Depredation or devastation
  • 2) Grievous damage or havoc
  • 3) The act or practice of pillaging or destroying.
  • 4) Destructive or harmful effects.
  • 5) Destruction, damage, or harm.
  • 6) Desolation by violence; violent ruin or destruction; devastation; havoc; waste
  • 7) (usually plural) a destructive action
  • 8) Desolation or destruction wrought by the violent action of men or beasts, or by physical or moral causes; devastation; havoc; waste; ruin: as, the ravage of a lion; the ravages of fire or tempest; the ravages of an invading army; the ravages of passion or grief.
  • 9) Synonyms Pillage, plunder, spoliation, despoilment. These words all apply not to the treatment of people directly, but to the destruction or appropriation of property.
  • 10) transitive To devastate or destroy something
  • 11) transitive To pillage or sack something, to lay waste to something
  • 12) intransitive To wreak destruction
  • 13) make a pillaging or destructive raid on (a place), as in wartimes
  • 14) To wreak destruction.
  • 15) To bring heavy destruction on; devastate.
  • 16) To pillage; sack.
  • 17) To lay waste by force; to desolate by violence; to commit havoc or devastation upon; to spoil; to plunder; to consume.


  • 1) Ravishment; ecstasy; a transport or rapture.
  • 2) To seize and carry away by violence; to snatch by force.
  • 3) transitive, usually passive To transport with joy or delight; to delight to ecstasy.
  • 4) transitive To rape.
  • 5) Archaic To seize and carry away by force.
  • 6) To overwhelm with emotion; enrapture.
  • 7) To force (another) to have sexual intercourse; rape.
  • 8) To have carnal knowledge of (a woman) by force, and against her consent; to rape.
  • 9) To transport with joy or delight; to delight to ecstasy.


  • 1) But tens of thousands of other claimants came from countries that are not ravaged by war.
  • 2) We watch as her brilliant mind is betrayed by a body ravaged by disease and aggressive treatment.
  • 3) They will reduce our country to the status of the ravaged countries they have fled.
  • 4) To protect against the ravages of time.
  • 5) Only the ravages of injury can have altered that.
  • 6) Then we suffered the ravages of war and the credit crisis.
  • 7) Then all the ravages of time appear.
  • 8) She finally began to recover from the ravages of the war.
  • 9) Paintings too are vulnerable to the ravages of time.
  • 10) Her tiny body was ravaged by a stomach bug and her heart failed.
  • 11) Or will the ravages of time be the biggest winner now?
  • 12) But her body has been ravaged and is now succumbing completely.
  • 13) Is it standing up to the ravages of time?
  • 14) Some are refugees from the ethnic violence that ravaged the country after disputed elections at the end of last year.
  • 15) In the next two years, competing warlords ravaged the country.
  • 16) England must fancy their chances of clinching the series as India are ravaged by injury and lousy form.
  • 17) A collapse in global oil prices and a consequent slump in local production have ravaged the Alaskan economy.
  • 18) Civil war has ravaged the region since independence in 2011 and left 1.2 million homeless.
  • 19) As the tide of the war turned, the German people increasingly suffered the ravages of war.
  • 20) Dire positions often brought the best out of him, before injury ravaged the closing years of his Test career.
  • 21) The destruction raised the spectre of a return to the civil war which ravaged the north African country in the 1990s.
  • 22) Poor posture, arthritis, spinal damage and the ravages of time are commonly blamed for the initial onset of the problem.
  • 23) "Genocide was the most sobering reality of all," the department said in the 2006 "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices," noting that mass killings continued to "ravage" Darfur nearly 60 years after the world vowed "Never again!" following the Holocaust.
  • 24) Interacting with the wolves is purely voluntary, as they do not initiate the encounter that will (to use the developer's own term) 'ravage' the girl and leave her back on the path, where she can continue the last few steps towards the house.
  • 25) I could not ride any distance in the conventional mode, and was just going to give up this splendid "ravage," when the man said, "Ride your own fashion; here, at
  • 26) In rural Statesboro, Georgia during the early 1900s William James started schools for rural Blacks during a time of ravage racial discrimination.
  • 27) He knew he would have to face Darius at some point as the Great King could not allow him to ravage his empire unpunished.
  • 28) On the one hand, the Bank Panic of 2008, started in and by America, will continue to ravage the recessional economy.
  • 29) This carbon loophole has allowed pollution giants like Exxon Mobil, Koch Industries, Peabody Coal, and Massey Energy to ravage the planet, sicken our children, and rake in obscene profits for decades.
  • 30) Seeing how cancer can ravage the vitality from a person, it was a damned humbling sight.
  • 31) As cholera continues to ravage parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America -- reportedly reaching Puerto Rico and Hong Kong this week -- public health researchers are looking to the skies in hopes of anticipating future outbreaks.
  • 32) ‘Two kings lost their thrones and the country was periodically ravaged by civil war.’
  • 33) ‘Once regarded as the economic miracle of West Africa, his country is ravaged by civil war.’
  • 34) ‘In those days, Europe was periodically ravaged by plagues.’
  • 35) ‘The trees will be planted in small natural openings and areas ravaged by fires or logging.’
  • 36) ‘After the British evacuated, patriots returned to ruined properties and a city ravaged by fires.’
  • 37) ‘The Guru's tender body was ravaged by the disease.’
  • 38) ‘Bush was expected to arrive in Florida today to tour areas ravaged by hurricane Ivan.’
  • 39) ‘In 1390 a great plague ravaged the country.’
  • 40) ‘But not even Ricky Williams could prosper behind this line, ravaged by injuries and inconsistent play.’
  • 41) ‘His squad were ravaged by injury, although he didn't seek to use this as an excuse.’
  • 42) ‘But in an economy ravaged by two decades of war, jobs are scarce.’
  • 43) ‘During these years, both sides ravaged the countryside in an attempt to starve the enemy.’
  • 44) ‘Britain tried to implement various formulas to bring independence to a land ravaged by violence.’
  • 45) ‘Thus Demons found their way into the world, and great magic ravaged the lands.’
  • 46) ‘Darkness unleashed, it ravaged the land, destroying everything in its path.’
  • 47) ‘Hurricane Ivan is also widely expected to hit the already ravaged State of Florida.’
  • 48) ‘Rabies so ravaged the population that there were very few raccoons left.’
  • 49) ‘Nothing actually stopped this Viking invasion until 892, when pestilence so ravaged the army that they finally dispersed.’
  • 50) ‘She has just begun chemotherapy and her immune system is so ravaged that the most innocuous virus could kill her.’
  • 51) ‘No more than a shell, it sits almost apologetically, ruined by the ravages of time.’
  • 52) ‘Did it all just fall apart, ruined by the ravages of time and neglect?’
  • 53) ‘It's even less fair to airbrush a 60-year-old celebrity and present her as someone who's managed to avoid the ravages of time.’
  • 54) ‘And one more thing, how come that Scotland and Wales escape the worst ravages of Global warming?’
  • 55) ‘Has the Ark, or some of it, survived the ravages of time in some form?’
  • 56) ‘The granite base is intact, and has withstood the constant ravages of time.’
  • 57) ‘The only way to escape the ravages of the plague is to find a place the zombies can't reach.’
  • 58) ‘Hinduism has survived the ravages of thousands of years in spite of its own inherent weaknesses.’
  • 59) ‘How about a storage system that can withstand the ravages of constant change?’
  • 60) ‘Even the English king Edward I failed to escape the ravages of foot-and-mouth.’
  • 61) ‘When Pensacola suffered the ravages of a fire, the French again sent relief.’
  • 62) ‘Who, amongst us, is invulnerable to the ravages of disease?’
  • 63) ‘Every living creature, including plants, must contend with the ravages of diseases and parasites.’
  • 64) ‘Younger women are also not immune to the ravages of this disease.’
  • 65) ‘Almost miraculously, these structures were spared the ravages of the 1906 earthquake.’
  • 66) ‘I prayed that they might be spared the ravages of Ebola epidemics.’
  • 67) ‘No business is spared the ravages of these elements.’
  • 68) ‘Back in 1992, my brother was hospitalized, his body wracked by the ravages of AIDS.’
  • 69) ‘Unfortunately for him, icons are not supposed to succumb to the ravages of age.’
  • 70) ‘He had endured the ravages of cancer bravely and patiently till the end.’
  • 71) ‘Countless multitudes suffer the ravages of war in Somalia.’
  • 72) ‘While Sitka spruce can withstand the ravages inflicted by deer, other species are not so hardy.’
  • 73) ‘Few expected the ravages of war, and none expected the deprivation of imprisonment.’
  • 74) ‘One simple problem is that there is nothing funny about the ravages of war.’
  • 75) ‘Nature repairs her ravages - repairs them with her sunshine and with human labour.’
  • 76) ‘Eventually, though, nature's sudden ravages are repaired, a little bit at a time.’


  • 1) ‘One night a wolf comes and kills many chickens and ravishes a lamb.’
  • 2) ‘Is that what you said to the daughter of Merewala when you killed her father and ravished her?’
  • 3) ‘They are coming to kill every single man and woman with guns and knives, and to ravish our daughters and wives.’
  • 4) ‘She would be too ashamed to confide in the abbess about how she was ravished by a stranger.’
  • 5) ‘Minutes later, the men were ravishing Cliona - separately at first, then together.’
  • 6) ‘He was supposed to have kept her awake, not ravish her, not rut her like some animal.’
  • 7) ‘Nineteenth-century travellers were ravished by the romantic spectacle of them, as they were delighted by the orientalism of the city itself, with its mysterious and lascivious suggestions of the east.’

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