flew vs flu

flew flu


  • 1) A layer or fold of cloth as it comes from the loom.
  • 2) Simple past of fly.
  • 3) imp.offly.
  • 4) imp. of fly.
  • 5) Seeflue.
  • 6) See flue.
  • 7) Preteritoffly.
  • 8) Preterit of fly.


  • 1) informal Common cold.


  • 1) Her hands flew from wheel to seat to crossbar, inverting, twisting, unscrewing.
  • 2) They took a cab all the way to the airport and flew back to London.
  • 3) Once we even flew down to L. A. for a movie premiere the firm's entertainment lawyers had been involved with.
  • 4) Pale yellow tinged faintly with green, a sulfur butterfly flew a lurching figure eight overhead.
  • 5) Then he can tell his grandchildren how he flew, really _flew_, "just like a bird."
  • 6) The label flew the artist to New York for a star-studded 1978 Carnegie Hall concert—after which Cuban-born bandleader Mongo Santamaria took Mr. Sandoval to the Village Vanguard, where he sat in with the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis big-band.
  • 7) Those first three weeks at Redmond had seemed long; but the rest of the term flew by on wings of wind.
  • 8) So saying, the Robin flew from the thorn-tree to another part of the grounds, where he could amuse himself without interruption; and the Tortoise began to hustle under the leaves and rubbish again, with a view to taking his nap.
  • 9) When Captain North received Jason’s resignation letter, the word flew up the chain of command like electricity to a light bulb.
  • 10) A tear gas canister flew from the crowd and landed near the president.
  • 11) After her Tea Party Convention speech this weekend, Sarah Palin flew to Houston to continue campaigning for herself.
  • 12) The construction was lath and plaster, and chips of wood and chunks of plaster flew from the wall and lay strewn about the floor, the white dust settling in the cracks of the floorboards and the creases of his forehead.
  • 13) Pieces of plastiglass and metal flew from the vehicles, showering the sidewalk.


  • 1) When is the best time to get my flu jab?
  • 2) The launch of the pandemic flu information service was also under his leadership.
  • 3) Other reactions are rare and flu jabs are very safe.
  • 4) You should not have the vaccine if you have had an allergic reaction to a flu vaccine or one of its ingredients.
  • 5) In fact, exercising with a cold or the flu will prolong illness.
  • 6) The result is cold and flu infections, which cause more stress.
  • 7) Can the jab cause flu?
  • 8) THE year you were born can affect your chances of surviving a future bird flu pandemic, researchers say.
  • 9) Yes, vitamin C has officially become as common a cold and flu fighter as the cold itself is common.
  • 10) This is usually the result of food poisoning or gastric "flu".
  • 11) The discovery could explain a suspected link between flu and the illness.
  • 12) The potential bird flu pandemic is a worry.
  • 13) Doctors put her weakness down to a bad case of flu.
  • 14) What if you could stop people with asthma reacting so badly to cold and flu viruses?
  • 15) flu usually comes on with a bang.
  • 16) Their cat has just had a flu jab too.
  • 17) Experts have been predicting for years that the world is due for a flu pandemic.
  • 18) But its symptoms are often confused with flu or chest infection.
  • 19) At the beginning they thought it was a bad flu.
  • 20) Cold and flu viruses are also easily transmitted through touch.
  • 21) But the real excitement at the moment is clearly in flu treatments and vaccines.
  • 22) The flu jab is still worth having.
  • 23) Other situations where vitamin supplements could be beneficial include exposure to infectious illness such as colds and "flu.
  • 24) I came down with gastric flu and lost half a stone in two days as a result.
  • 25) Think man flu is bad?
  • 26) There is now increasing evidence that vitamin D plays a large part in helping to fight off infections such as flu.
  • 27) I don't know about projected deaths of swine flu, but * regular flu* kills about 36,000 people yearly just in the US. 6000 people killed by swine flu so far * world wide* ...
  • 28) Q: What to Michaelangelo and Kurt Cobain have in common? man the flu is now linking to the vaccine n its invisible so we CAN'T let the needle in your arms and yet the swindle flu is from mexico.
  • 29) This could be due to a misguided belief that the swine flu jab will protect against winter flu**.
  • 30) Yes, ... but it should make anybody who knows the depths that big money will take to preserve their deep pockets take notice, and realize we are approaching the fight of our lives ... tamiflu for children order tamiflu 75mg capsules tamiflu and swine flu is tamiflu effective for the swine flu buy tamiflu online swin flu daner pig flu prevention, treatment & tamiflu
  • 31) Wondering what the state of the flu is there, ie, restaurants, stores open/closed?, people out on the streets, beaches, life as usual, etc.
  • 32) Modern medicine has made such huge strides against infectious diseases, yesterday's great killers, that, at least for those of us living today in the developed world, death from typhus, smallpox, infantile diarrhea, or a bad bout of the flu is a fairly remote probability, far removed from the radar screens of our daily concerns.
  • 33) But the fourth week, she was always sick with what she called the flu.
  • 34) ‘Bear in mind that the viruses causing flu change annually and no two flu epidemics are identical.’
  • 35) ‘Treatment of colds, flu, sore throats, hay fever and other allergies may also help.’
  • 36) ‘In the early stages symptoms can be similar to many other winter illnesses like flu.’
  • 37) ‘One cause for concern about Fujian flu is that this year's flu vaccine is based on a different strain.’
  • 38) ‘In the early stages, signs and symptoms can be similar to many other more common illnesses like flu.’
  • 39) ‘There is an increased risk of injury from falls and people are more prone to seasonal illnesses like flu.’
  • 40) ‘My body was telling me I needed a rest because I had flu after flu after flu through the summer.’
  • 41) ‘Tyson pulled out of the contest on Monday saying he was suffering from flu and a stomach illness.’
  • 42) ‘You may think that illness from colds or flu should only happen in colder countries but it is not so.’
  • 43) ‘It had found another boy whose meningitis had been misdiagnosed as flu and who was now brain damaged.’
  • 44) ‘A cold or flu may also spread to the lower respiratory tract to cause a cough.’
  • 45) ‘With avian flu, we are still debating what is the most humane manner to get rid of millions of chickens.’
  • 46) ‘By the time he had examined me, I was perfectly prepared to accept his diagnosis of flu.’
  • 47) ‘The last major flu pandemic in 1918 killed tens of millions of people in Europe alone.’
  • 48) ‘Many forms of flu and common colds originate in Asia and, in particular, in China.’
  • 49) ‘The last flu pandemic in 1968 caused one million deaths and the next is long overdue.’
  • 50) ‘There is an increase in respiratory ailments, flu and accidents due to the bad weather.’
  • 51) ‘The future of millions of people threatened by an outbreak of pandemic flu is in safe hands.’
  • 52) ‘Symptoms of bird flu are similar to human flu and it cannot be detected without lab tests.’
  • 53) ‘He also has chronic flu most likely caused by a feline herpes infection when he was young.’

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