forty vs fourty

forty fourty


  • 1) forty per cent of those affected said it had altered relationships.
  • 2) forty six per cent of academics ended up becoming victims, a study found.
  • 3) I phoned, held on for forty minutes.
  • 4) I am in my early forties and don't really drink or have a massive appetite.
  • 5) forty per cent said their perfect property had three bedrooms, while 24 per cent favoured four.
  • 6) forty three minutes had passed and that own goal was Wales' first try of the match.
  • 7) They have thirty or forty hairs in their beards.
  • 8) Usually appears before age forty in normal or below normal weight people.
  • 9) forty per cent say that it is a bit of both.
  • 10) You remind him of his forty days in the wilderness.
  • 11) What would we do for the next two hours and forty minutes?
  • 12) He got himself elected to a school board at age forty.
  • 13) Sunday morning audiences lasted until forty minutes past noon.
  • 14) forty per cent of these are single occupancy.
  • 15) He was also keen to do it while he was still in his early forties and physically capable of the challenge.
  • 16) Fifty forty days in the quarry.
  • 17) Mr. Weston must be between forty and fifty.
  • 18) We first met years ago and our paths crossed again now we're in our early forties.
  • 19) He died in Rome at the age of forty.
  • 20) I am in my early forties and an otherwise fit and healthy woman.
  • 21) A man in his forties has been arrested on suspicion of murder.
  • 22) forty or fifty years ago, such a wish would have been destined to remain merely an unfulfilled fantasy for the average person.
  • 23) He uses a wide range of these pastel paints and although I didn't count them there must have been forty or fifty colours.
  • 24) "Mr. Brewer of the Crown inn, Nothingham, undertook for a wager of forty guineas to go with a mare belonging to him in a cart, to Newark and back again, being a distance of _forty miles, in four hours_.
  • 25) Early Park, in the parish of B Bird, had been his residence since he first came to the title forty years ago, and had been the scene of all his labours.
  • 26) Early Park, in the parish of Bird, had been his residence since he first came to the title forty years ago, and had been the scene of all his labours.
  • 27) The "old Earl" was his grandfather, Edward Stanley, who had held the title forty-two years, and died in 1776, at the age of eighty-seven.
  • 28) Nobody disputes the fact that the tax base of the USA in forty years 'time will be large enough to pay for retirement benefits.
  • 29) When the Senate rejected him 55 – 45, it was the first such instance in forty years.
  • 30) This short book is arranged in forty second-person point-of-view chapters, each one a new thought experiment on what the afterlife might be like.
  • 31) Once in forty-seven years someone actually holds the guy to account, and he fails miserably.
  • 32) Last year was The New Complete Works of Josephus, which I'm glad I read, though I don't think anyone else joined us for that one, since reading all of that in forty days is simply impossible for anyone with, you know, a life.
  • 33) ‘They met men confined to prison for thirty, forty, or fifty years, no one knowing why they were there in the first place.’
  • 34) ‘The latter is used as a frame in section four, where forty pros and cons of paper versus electronic products are reviewed.’
  • 35) ‘Mr O'Neill said in the first three years of the operation of the anti-drugs scheme between forty and fifty players had been tested each year.’
  • 36) ‘Somewhere between forty and fifty people attended, and we finished sixteen bottles of champagne over a two hour period.’
  • 37) ‘It was taken for granted that children would accompany their parents to church and sit quietly through a sermon lasting forty to fifty minutes.’
  • 38) ‘Then, with a beating of drums, forty or fifty well-built villagers filed out of the temple and took up their stations along the side of the tank parapet.’
  • 39) ‘It may mean that you are in one of the forty to fifty thousand households with their names on the growing local authority housing waiting lists.’
  • 40) ‘They service 850 customer airlines in forty countries on four continents.’
  • 41) ‘Some were made for one person only, others for forty, fifty or more.’
  • 42) ‘Even then, they sometimes played to off-Broadway numbers of forty or fifty people a night.’
  • 43) ‘I've travelled to over forty different countries in four years.’
  • 44) ‘It adds up to only 100 people around the world, but somehow there are forty to fifty organizations.’
  • 45) ‘Considering he has authored forty to fifty books, that should be quite a project.’
  • 46) ‘A stream bed forty or fifty feet wide is mostly dried mud, with only a pool or two of standing water.’
  • 47) ‘I had no idea what response I might get: forty or fifty signatures would, I thought, be good.’
  • 48) ‘The colonels are hitting the enemy with forty to fifty air strikes a day.’
  • 49) ‘It's a right-wing group with about forty or fifty thousand members around the world.’
  • 50) ‘I thought they would be hitting it forty or fifty yards past me, but that wasn't the case.’
  • 51) ‘Now forty thousand years ago is about as early as modern humans got to Europe.’
  • 52) ‘Over the past forty or fifty years, exposure to indoor air pollutants has increased.’
  • 53) ‘Like most female professionals, women of my age in their forties and fifties dress conservatively.’
  • 54) ‘He was described as being aged in his late forties or fifties, with short, straight, grey hair.’
  • 55) ‘Five men, all aged in their thirties or forties, were arrested at the scene.’
  • 56) ‘It probably finishes abruptly at the very awkward age of the early forties.’
  • 57) ‘Fortunately for the couple, who are aged in their late forties, it was not enough to lead to any arrests.’
  • 58) ‘The couples who sit together on the benches are older, in their late twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, and so forth.’
  • 59) ‘And wages vary by age - peak decades for earning are our thirties and forties.’
  • 60) ‘Instead, it is middle earners in the private sector in their thirties and forties who are likely to get the brunt of the trouble.’
  • 61) ‘I think he'll really come into his own during his forties and fifties.’
  • 62) ‘The age of the grandparents ranged from the early forties to mid fifties.’
  • 63) ‘But he discovered that the connecting white matter actually grew until his subjects reached their late forties.’
  • 64) ‘She is a small woman in her early forties with short red hair.’
  • 65) ‘All of the participants were female, and their ages ranged from the early forties to the early sixties.’
  • 66) ‘All are in their mid forties and are among the top earners in the US.’
  • 67) ‘He looked as lively and sprightly as ever despite now being in his mid forties.’
  • 68) ‘Like most people past their mid forties, he uses spectacles to read and write.’
  • 69) ‘Atherosclerosis poses the largest threat when people reach their forties or fifties.’
  • 70) ‘For that matter, the trail doesn't even have to begin until a player reaches his forties.’
  • 71) ‘The man was in his mid forties with a long brown hair and a beard.’
  • 72) ‘He was in his forties with curly salt-and-pepper hair and was wearing a surfer shirt.’
  • 73) ‘Both feature works created since 2000 by artists who are predominantly under forty years of age.’
  • 74) ‘What happens with friendships undertaken at the age of forty?’
  • 75) ‘At the age of forty, calculations of long-term self-interest have largely prevailed over hormones.’
  • 76) ‘This was Damien's first ever race over fences at the age of forty, an age when most jockeys are thinking about hanging up their boots.’
  • 77) ‘Hamilton retired from the Treasury at the age of forty and returned to New York to practice law.’
  • 78) ‘Subconsciously imitating this legend, at the ripe age of forty, I have found myself a tutor as well.’
  • 79) ‘In terms of crime control, prison cells spent on people past the age of forty are mostly wasted.’
  • 80) ‘Trying anything for the first time past the age of forty is bound to be exciting.’
  • 81) ‘Ms. Douglas was a stringy woman who was nearing the age of forty.’
  • 82) ‘The sage was at least forty years in age, and very frail looking.’
  • 83) ‘I've always joked that I became a writer when I saw the age of forty coming at me.’
  • 84) ‘He must have been young at that time, since he only appeared barely over forty years of age, despite a weathered face and body.’
  • 85) ‘Just because you're nearing forty doesn't mean you have to start having anxiety attacks.’
  • 86) ‘Doctor Jones was nearing forty, and had gotten his doctorate through the help of the military.’
  • 87) ‘Close to the door sits an overweight man nearing forty.’
  • 88) ‘Look, dude, you're pushing forty.’
  • 89) ‘She's past forty, and she had her last child eight years ago.’
  • 90) ‘Not for me was there a crisis at thirty, forty, fifty, or even sixty.’
  • 91) ‘Eight are women, nine are under thirty years old, and four are above forty.’
  • 92) ‘Now the people who went to graduate school when that started are forty, forty-five, fifty years old.’
  • 93) ‘Mac nodded, turning on the Jeep and pulling out of the driveway at forty miles per hour.’
  • 94) ‘Something catches the driver's eye at forty miles per hour through the congested street.’
  • 95) ‘None of us had a radar gun today, but I'm guessing Jimmy was topping out at forty miles per hour.’
  • 96) ‘The other driver, who was fixing her makeup in the rear view mirror while driving on my side of the road at forty miles per hour, hit me quiet forcefully.’
  • 97) ‘We chug towards home at a steady forty miles per hour.’
  • 98) ‘I was dozing happily this morning when I became conscious of four little paws pounding up the stairs at what sounded like forty miles per hour.’
  • 99) ‘They all went whizzing by us as we tootled along at forty miles per hour.’
  • 100) ‘He then started at a sprint, perhaps moving thirty five to forty miles per hour in his inhuman speed and his horrible fear.’
  • 101) ‘I found myself cruising down the dirt road at a pleasant forty miles an hour.’
  • 102) ‘He backed out and before I knew it we were driving around forty miles an hour in Timberville.’
  • 103) ‘It was probably going forty miles an hour when it started to break.’
  • 104) ‘It was four blocks before he caught up with her, and he saw with numb amazement that she was running at nearly forty miles an hour.’
  • 105) ‘I never see it coming, but it feels like a ten-ton truck at forty miles an hour.’
  • 106) ‘To me, it appears that the light beam is outpacing you by forty miles an hour.’
  • 107) ‘Even if they are five miles an hour adrift, the defendant was still doing forty miles an hour.’
  • 108) ‘I hit the rear nearside quarter of the car at just over forty miles an hour.’
  • 109) ‘All I saw was a car coming straight at me, at about thirty to forty miles per hour!’
  • 110) ‘Another problem is the location of forty and indeed thirty-mile speed limits miles from the town or city centre.’
  • 111) he turned forty last year

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