followup vs follow up

followup follow up


  • 1) To take further actions remaining after an event; to continue, revisit, or persist; especially, to maintain communication.


  • 1) Meanwhile, I'll follow up all the leads I can think of here.
  • 2) If it'd been Jane or Mary or something there would probably have been too many leads to follow up.
  • 3) She could follow up her invitation to the daughter at the same time.
  • 4) `Well, as I said, unless they got something, a phone call and a follow-up letter'll do it.
  • 5) He must have rushed right back to the paper to develop his pictures and hand the story on to the news desk for the follow-up.
  • 6) There was no follow-up of panicky wings or scurrying small mammals: it was too far away for that.
  • 7) `It was just a follow-up call from the guys who hauled me downtown, to see how I was recovering.

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