continual vs continuous

continual continuous


  • 1) proscribed Forming a continuous series.
  • 2) Recurring in steady, rapid succession.
  • 3) proscribed Seemingly continuous; appearing to have no end or interruption.
  • 4) Not interrupted; steady.
  • 5) Recurring regularly or frequently.
  • 6) (Math.) quantities in continued proportion.
  • 7) Proceeding without interruption or cesstaion; continuous; unceasing; lasting; abiding.
  • 8) Occuring in steady and rapid succession; very frequent; often repeated.
  • 9) occurring without interruption; chiefly restricted to what recurs regularly or frequently in a prolonged and closely spaced series
  • 10) `continual' (meaning seemingly uninterrupted) is often used interchangeably with `continuous' (meaning without interruption)
  • 11) Of frequent recurrence; often repeated; very frequent: as, the charitable man has continual applications for alms.
  • 12) Proceeding without interruption or cessation; not intermitting; unceasing; continuous.


  • 1) mathematics, more generally, of a function Such that each open set in the range has an open preimage.
  • 2) botany Not deviating or varying from uniformity; not interrupted; not joined or articulated.
  • 3) Without break, cessation, or interruption; without intervening time.
  • 4) Without intervening space; continued; protracted; extended.
  • 5) grammar Expressing an ongoing action or state.
  • 6) analysis, of a function Such that, for every in the domain, for each small open interval about , there's an interval containing whose image is in .
  • 7) Of or relating to a function between two topological spaces such that the preimage of any open set in the range is an open set in the domain.
  • 8) Attached together in repeated units.
  • 9) Of or relating to a line or curve that extends without a break or irregularity.
  • 10) Uninterrupted in time, sequence, substance, or extent. synonym: continual.
  • 11) (Railroad) a brake which is attached to each car a train, and can be caused to operate in all the cars simultaneously from a point on any car or on the engine.
  • 12) Without break, cessation, or interruption; without intervening space or time; uninterrupted; unbroken; continual; unceasing; constant; continued; protracted; extended.
  • 13) (Bot.) Not deviating or varying from uninformity; not interrupted; not joined or articulated.
  • 14) See Impost.
  • 15) of a function or curve; extending without break or irregularity
  • 16) Characterized by continuity; not affected by disconnection of parts or interruption of sequence; having uninterrupted extent, substance, or existence; unbroken.
  • 17) Unintermitted, or constantly renewed; continual.
  • 18) In botany, not deviating from uniformity: the reverse of interrupted. Thus, a stem which has no joints is said to be continuous.


  • 1) Over the past weeks, against a backdrop of almost continual attacks, we have been getting on with the business of the inquiry.
  • 2) Part of the continual struggle against boredom and insignificance.
  • 3) The expectation this season is for continual improvement.
  • 4) The aim was a continual improvement in quality on the assembly line.
  • 5) Competition led to continual improvement of the machines and kept prices within the reach of most farmers.
  • 6) They ask questions about our supply chain and through this kind of process you do get continual improvement.
  • 7) We all need to reflect on the huge amount of wasted potential as disabled people struggle against continual discrimination and barriers.
  • 8) And many more feel both these perspectives at the same time and are in a continual struggle to reconcile the two.
  • 9) We are seeking continual improvement, with no specific target.
  • 10) The continual improvement of productivity is one of management's most important jobs.
  • 11) From there on in, it was an almost continual diet of porridge.
  • 12) It was bad enough on the pitch for England players trying to stem the almost continual tide of Papua attacks.
  • 13) ‘The continual missile attacks, which are now coming closer, have opened larger fissures in the glass.’
  • 14) ‘The Commonwealth forces, exhausted from continual air attack, pulled back.’
  • 15) ‘One of his recurring themes is the continual questioning of reality: has the world gone mad, or have I?’
  • 16) ‘Due to frequent upgrades, continual price cuts are necessary to shift electronic products.’
  • 17) ‘He was a continual link between defence and attack and his covering tackling was top drawer.’
  • 18) ‘But despite continual warnings, the girls ignored the bans and regularly returned to cause havoc.’
  • 19) ‘Many more consumers repeatedly tried the line only to be met with a continual engaged signal.’
  • 20) ‘The animals are a continual nuisance on beaches and at other spots frequented by tourists.’
  • 21) ‘This is a continual problem, and ought to form part of a regular maintenance programme.’
  • 22) ‘Neither intelligence nor courage offer a shield from the effects of the continual threat of violence.’
  • 23) ‘The protected birds were once widespread in England but continual persecution led to their virtual extinction.’
  • 24) ‘Then melady and I constructed a thing to avoid the need for continual communication with upcoming wedding guests.’
  • 25) ‘Freud's answer is that we live in a continual state of temptation.’
  • 26) ‘With continual rain during the week the lack of time available to prepare the pitches ruled out any chance of play.’
  • 27) ‘Also they continual body weight loss into the breeding season will adversely affect fertility.’
  • 28) ‘I live just across the road and can see from my window a continual stream of people walking towards the toilets only to find them closed.’
  • 29) ‘Hence its 80 years of more or less continual crisis, in which the current palaver is a relatively minor squall.’
  • 30) ‘The continual dramatic evolution of the university sector is undoubtedly going to continue.’
  • 31) ‘Something I would like to do on a continual basis here is point to other blogs that I read.’
  • 32) ‘I am aware that culture is created and evolving and the struggle for control and hegemony is continual.’
  • 33) ‘They want us to put a large force on the ground and do continual, sustained operations.’
  • 34) ‘Not recognizing this, they undergo endless and continual suffering.’
  • 35) ‘Rather, the process of accommodation will be ongoing, demanding continual attention and work.’
  • 36) ‘This training process is ongoing and requires continual coaching and application.’
  • 37) ‘This is an area where continual vigilance needs to be maintained.’


  • 1) This time the continuous oily stream covers the body and is followed by a massage.
  • 2) Great sports teams are built upon a culture of continuous improvement.
  • 3) The survivor can hear continuous loud noises from the north.
  • 4) What part of the process requires continuous control?
  • 5) What is really needed are the operational management skills to implement effective continuous improvement programmes.
  • 6) The hero grows from childhood to old age in a continuous present.
  • 7) Exposure to continuous high volume noise can stop the hair cells working properly.
  • 8) It is thus necessary to train a continuous stream of new men.
  • 9) They saw the screenplay as a continuous process.
  • 10) People should look at it from season to season and we want to see continuous improvement.
  • 11) The dubious magic of the present continuous is no substitute for a close attention to the past.
  • 12) Are you exposed to very loud and continuous noise at your home or work?
  • 13) Follow his feed and you find a continuous stream of absurdities.
  • 14) But it is a continuous education process.
  • 15) Leaders in service excellence train their people to drive continuous improvement.
  • 16) There are parallels in local government where in the past half century there has been almost continuous revolution.
  • 17) The continuous improvement in productive efficiency which it promotes leads to growing technological unemployment as existing jobs become redundant.
  • 18) It shows part of the rescue against a backdrop of almost continuous gunfire and flames rising from parts of the prison.
  • 19) They exist in a continuous present.
  • 20) You will also be unable to claim if you were not in continuous employment for at least six months before being made redundant.
  • 21) They used a loudspeaker to play a continuous noise at a similar frequency to the clicks and found the plants grew towards it.
  • 22) If one stayed at home after dinner, there was a continuous stream of visitors.
  • 23) Line managers control their own information needs, so performance management is now a continuous process.
  • 24) For example, you gain the right not to be unfairly dismissed after being in continuous employment for two years.
  • 25) As it is we have jointly clocked up more than 100 years of continuous employment in a highly competitive industry.
  • 26) Ms. Stone uses the phrase "continuous partial attention" to describe complex multitasking.
  • 27) The term continuous tone used to describe the style of singing desired is meant literally.
  • 28) The social critic Linda Stone has coined the term continuous partial attention to describe the fractured way we now focus.
  • 29) In fact, radio and audio in general work really well with our increasingly multitasked lives…what someone termed continuous partial attention.
  • 30) A bump overnight, a seismic shift in the earth caused by the mountain kind of settling over the mine, shifted some earth, and it damaged what they call a continuous miner.
  • 31) Thursday what he described as the continuous harassment and intimidation of CUF supporters as they tried to register for the polls and then take their campaign into the countryside.
  • 32) ‘But the airport is no longer inactive during the afternoons, as there is continuous movement of flights.’
  • 33) ‘There will also be environmental monitoring around the works including additional continuous air monitoring.’
  • 34) ‘At the time of tooth bud formation, each tooth begins a continuous movement outward in relation to the bone.’
  • 35) ‘Several traffic signals have been removed and there is continuous, easy movement.’
  • 36) ‘This position goes against all appearances, which constrain our senses to believe that the sun is in continuous movement around the earth.’
  • 37) ‘People with Huntington's disease need to have a high calorie diet because they burn more calories with their continuous movement.’
  • 38) ‘He pulled his wand out of his robes and began to concentrate and wave it around with a continuous wrist movement.’
  • 39) ‘But perhaps it still admits of a solution which does not require us to deny the possibility of continuous movement.’
  • 40) ‘People often lose weight because they have difficulty eating and burn more calories due to the continuous movement.’
  • 41) ‘The department of local disaster relief blamed the damaging natural catastrophe on continuous rain in the area in recent days.’
  • 42) ‘The residents in the area were faced with continuous flooding on many occasions over a long number of years.’
  • 43) ‘This area had been in continuous occupation for over 1,000 years.’
  • 44) ‘For the purposes of this book, an urban area is defined as a single continuous and contiguous area of urban development.’
  • 45) ‘Neither should life be frittered away because of endless procrastination and continuous introspection.’
  • 46) ‘And there is no proper mechanism in place to monitor the fire safety measures in buildings on a continuous basis.’
  • 47) ‘During that offensive, there were nine days of continuous bombing over a 60 square mile area.’
  • 48) ‘The continuous monitoring of the lake ecology reveals far-reaching changes in its environment.’
  • 49) ‘A narrow band of waterside willows is continuous and is bordered on our side by a flat area 20 yards wide, then the floodbank.’
  • 50) ‘A comprehensive assessment and continuous monitoring of the effects should be undertaken.’
  • 51) ‘Cotton is a crop that requires continuous monitoring for its nutrient requirement.’
  • 52) ‘Accounts of technological development are retrospective stories about continuous advance.’
  • 53) ‘A point on the block serves as guide for the repeat impression, so that the design is continuous.’
  • 54) ‘The one area of reproduction which can create difficulties in accurate dating is the continuous production of a design over many years.’
  • 55) ‘Hang gliders have evolved by continuous improvements on previous designs.’
  • 56) ‘The slab is designed as a continuous plate supported by the floor beams and edge girders.’
  • 57) ‘Competition is not a good in itself: it is only a good if it achieves continuous improvement in areas that benefit society as a whole.’
  • 58) ‘Since then, the area has suffered continuous economic decline.’
  • 59) ‘The report and its findings will be used as an agenda for sustained and continuous improvement to enable all our students to develop and prosper.’
  • 60) ‘Without continuous and increasing demand, any pure fiat system is dead on arrival.’
  • 61) ‘It was called to protest continuous increases in oil and fuel prices.’
  • 62) ‘As a rule, in order to sustain a general up-trend in stock prices there must be a continuous increase in money supply.’
  • 63) ‘We have now entered an era of continuous rate increases that has no chance of turning back anytime soon.’
  • 64) ‘The quay was in many respects a local project, born out of local needs, given the continuous increase in trade and shipping in the port of Izmir.’
  • 65) ‘A continuous increase in import prices would mean a fall in real income and a slowdown in personal consumption.’
  • 66) ‘The consequences would be a rapid, continuous, and sizable escalation of oil prices in the short and long term.’
  • 67) ‘With the continuous increase in the number of graduates, the job situation is getting tougher and tougher.’
  • 68) ‘With the continuous increase in the size of herds and flocks pastoralists moved away from the settled areas around Adelaide.’
  • 69) ‘The decision to relocate and upgrade the branch was necessitated by the continuous growth of the branch.’
  • 70) ‘The company, says Jeter, believes that continuous improvement is vital to its business.’
  • 71) ‘In 1873 he gave a continuous function with divergent Fourier series at any point solving a major problem.’
  • 72) ‘This means that we can ignore a lot of jumps in functions and integrate them as if they were nice, smooth, continuous functions.’
  • 73) ‘He proved strong results on continuous functions containing Sierpinski's curve and wrote several papers on functional spaces.’
  • 74) ‘A similar algorithm was later developed which allowed rational approximation of continuous functions defined on an interval.’
  • 75) ‘He also studied projective geometry, algebraic curves and continuous groups in lectures given by Gustav Kohn.’

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