dreamt vs dreamed

dreamt dreamed


  • 1) Simple past tense and past participle of dream.
  • 2) Preterit and past participle of dream.


  • 1) conceived of or imagined or hoped for


  • 1) He dreamt of being able to study and work as a journalist.
  • 2) Dinners have been dreamt up to keep your taste buds happy while taking care of your waistline.
  • 3) It was dreamt up in London by people in offices and big houses.
  • 4) He's got the career he dreamt of and a daughter he sees all the time.
  • 5) We enthused about music, complained about our parents and dreamt of getting out of Luton.
  • 6) Something I only dreamt about.
  • 7) I come from a small country and I have always dreamt big.
  • 8) Yet another spurious and mischievous label dreamt up by the Vatican speech writers - have they nothing more important to do?
  • 9) "Promiscuity" is a term dreamt up and used by those who largely let their lives be dominated by the limiting prescriptions of religions.
  • 10) The public sector borrowing figures, released just three hours before George Osborne took to his feet in the House of Commons, underlined why that idea would have been almost as clumsy as the expression dreamt up to describe it.
  • 11) Benny Morris decided all by himself that the word 'transfer' was a codeword dreamt up by the Zionists to describe their (alleged) plans of ethnic cleansing.
  • 12) CDOs, and more, but before I look at the latest hot label dreamt up, I look at the cash to find out what is really going on. "
  • 13) The absurd description is one of a raft of euphemistic job titles dreamt up by modern managers desperate to attract a higher calibre of candidates, but which give little insight into the position on offer.
  • 14) Well we should all realize that the "war on drugs" is simply a snappy marketing phrase dreamt up by the public relations apparatus in much the same way as the "war on terror".


  • 1) We are dreaming about progressing in that cup.
  • 2) Friendships help ambition and dreams you share turn into positive action.
  • 3) America's theme park capital is the place to make all of your holiday dreams come true.
  • 4) I like it when you see something and you dream about what is beyond.
  • 5) Do you have bad dreams?
  • 6) When a video game villain gets fed up with being a baddie, he decides to fulfil his dream of being good.
  • 7) ALMOST three quarters of homeowners still longing for their dream house fear they will need two more moves to get it.
  • 8) I finally have my dream move to Tottenham.
  • 9) By the 1950s the town was furnishing the American dream.
  • 10) It was not the exciting experience she had dreamt about.
  • 11) She had dreamt about it long enough.
  • 12) The skill is to release the good dreams.
  • 13) They dream about spending an hour between the sheets with their fantasy man.
  • 14) When they saw these adjoining homes for sale they thought it was their dream house.
  • 15) There are bits of me that would love to treat it like a bad dream.
  • 16) They say that over time you learn how to dream of different things.
  • 17) Luck brings a dream holiday much closer.
  • 18) You can be truly in love yet keep your own ambitions and dreams going.
  • 19) What happens in my dream life affects me during the day.
  • 20) Winning luck links your family with a dream holiday prize.
  • 21) So he basically made my dream come true.
  • 22) Think what that dream represented and try to make it come true for yourself.
  • 23) Sharing your hopes and dreams will deepen love.
  • 24) My mother told me about a dream she had before the sleeping stopped.
  • 25) Army people are particularly good at dreaming up new ways of expressing themselves.
  • 26) The fantasy and dream scenes are effective.
  • 27) Our dream is finally coming true.
  • 28) Follow these simple pointers and the web will offer a musical experience beyond the dreams of high street record stores of old.
  • 29) They had a weekend which non-league players around the country can only dream about.
  • 30) What could possibly be wrong with this freewheeling new take on the American dream?
  • 31) And that's something with which anyone who has had to abandon their youthful dreams or ideals can empathise.
  • 32) Since both mighty institutions were based in Washington, the free-market prescription became known as the “Washington Consensus”—a phrase dreamed up by John Williamson, an economist at the Institute for International Economics.7 Across Latin America, government pursued the new consensus policies: cutting tariffs and taxes, making life easier for foreign investors, allowing markets to set interest and exchange rates, cutting regulation, privatizing.
  • 33) I am speaking here under the rubric "Technique and Interpretation in the Performing Arts," and if there were ever a title dreamed up to strike me dumb, this one verges on inspiration.
  • 34) The pleasure I get from seeing them as adults who have turned out better than I could ever have dreamed, is payment enough.
  • 35) Both Hitler and Stalin dreamed of a new European order, one in the name of a master race, the other of a master class.
  • 36) This is the "Single European Sky" concept, the name dreamed up by the Commission in pursuit of its grandiose ambitions of European political integration.
  • 37) The late-1880s-era house, which Deriugin dreamed of encasing in concrete and using as the core for a 500-foot office and condominium tower, will be torn down within the next couple of months, Deriugin said.
  • 38) I again dreamed of dancing only this time I was Cordelia and was dancing with Angel.
  • 39) Besides, even if my gloomy forebodings are realized and the happiness of which you have dreamed is destined to be of short duration, you will at least have enjoyed it for some little time, you will not die without a taste of it.
  • 40) C'mon, LA -- New York has '' One Police Plaza, '' and even though it sounds like a name dreamed up by a studio production design team, it's a whole lot better than '' police headquarters. ''

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