few vs a few

few a few


  • 1) An exclusive or limited number.
  • 2) An indefinitely small number of persons or things.
  • 3) a small elite group
  • 4) See II., 3.
  • 5) A small quantity or portion; a little: followed by a (without of) in a construction similar to def. 2 and to that of little, n.
  • 6) Not many; only a small number (of persons or things): in this use properly an adjective, used elliptically as a plural , and not preceded by the article.
  • 7) Adv. phr. Somewhat; to some slight extent: often used ironically for a good deal.
  • 8) A small number; a minority: in this sense preceded by the article a (originally in the plural) or the, with or without a following, the , if used, expressing the whole of which the few are taken, and being in the partitive genitive, with or without the preposition of: as, a few, or a few members, or a few of the members, dissented.
  • 9) Being more than one but indefinitely small in number.
  • 10) Amounting to or consisting of a small number.
  • 11) the minority; -- opposed to the many or the majority.
  • 12) not few; more than a few; many.
  • 13) Not many; small, limited, or confined in number; -- indicating a small portion of units or individuals constituting a whole; often, by ellipsis of a noun, a few people.
  • 14) a small number.
  • 15) in a few words; briefly.
  • 16) a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `a'; a small but indefinite number
  • 17) Not many; a small number; only a small number.
  • 18) Few people, few things.
  • 19) A small number of persons or things.
  • 20) preceded by another An indefinite, but usually small, number of.
  • 21) preceded by another An indefinite, but usually small, number of.
  • 22) meteorology, of rainfall with regard to a location (US?) Having a 10 percent chance of measurable precipitation (0.01 inch); used interchangeably with isolated.
  • 23) meteorology, of clouds (US?) Obscuring one eighth to two eighths of the sky.
  • 24) used alone Not many; a small (in comparison with another number stated or implied) but somewhat indefinite number of.


  • 1) Claims that such systems make pets anxious and scared mean few owners use them.
  • 2) Probably for a good few years yet.
  • 3) Home celebrations began with the last few singles still out on the course.
  • 4) You will need to appoint a few people as executors of your will.
  • 5) Get those last few away to the compost heap or tucked up under shrubs.
  • 6) It is set to close a further three acquisitions in the next few months.
  • 7) Demand for this style of investment has grown considerably in the past few years.
  • 8) She would stop for a few seconds and then bite again.
  • 9) The faces grow older, the numbers are fewer and the memories fade.
  • 10) They keep plaque at bay and brighten teeth after a few uses.
  • 11) There are a few good laughs here.
  • 12) They have certainly earned these last few weeks of unbelievable memories.
  • 13) You need to pay fewer people more.
  • 14) They were just a few feet away.
  • 15) But crunch a few numbers and things get more interesting.
  • 16) They are now expected within the next few weeks.
  • 17) The police have suffered a good deal of criticism in the past few years.
  • 18) You could save a few pounds in a few seconds.
  • 19) We captured a few small ones and took samples from them and then put them back.
  • 20) She appears to have had few close friends.
  • 21) The reaction was similar to the one when we found remains a few days ago.
  • 22) Lower heat and simmer for a few minutes.
  • 23) They felt he allowed few opportunities to use their abilities.
  • 24) The arrangement lasted only a few weeks.
  • 25) Very few people are instinctively good at maths.
  • 26) She lives a few hundred yards away from my flat.
  • 27) The show is set to be piloted in the next few weeks.
  • 28) It is understood the five men were all recalled into custody within the past few months.
  • 29) They are then asked questions by people they have only seen before for a few seconds.
  • 30) There may be a few small acne scars from adolescence.
  • 31) Only a few people close to me have had anything happen.
  • 32) Only a few days left of our least favourite month.
  • 33) With few hard numbers to go on, investors have to rely on guesswork and emotion.
  • 34) -- A few, a very _few_ weeks, and I am gone from him forever.
  • 35) +Adversative+, meaning of (note) _A few, a little_, vs. _few_ and _little_
  • 36) And even when these few were gathered together, and under the extraordinary effusion of the Holy Spirit, many were added to them, and "the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and one soul," they were still comparatively but a _few_.
  • 37) I wish I could place every one before my readers to receive the meed of praise she so richly deserves; only a few, _very few_, names now occur to me.
  • 38) It is true, there were a few scraps of putrid fish in the boat, and Tom had found a fishing-line under the bottom-boards forward, so that, having a line and the wherewithal to bait it, they might possibly succeed in catching a _few_ fish.
  • 39) The Saxon _few_ may have caught enough from its French cousin _peu_ to claim the benefit of the same doubt as to sound; and our slang phrase _a few_ (as 'I licked him a few') may well appeal to _un peu_ for sense and authority.
  • 40) In one part of Tartary, there is a chain of mountains, and there are a few towns, and trees, but _very few_.
  • 41) Our sage critics are not aware how many and whom they include in the denunciation of 'a few men who _pretend_ to all the knowledge, all the wisdom of the country; 'if by a _few_ they mean all who have spoken in the most favorable terms of Mr. Schoolcraft's book.
  • 42) A few, _very few_ more opportunities for prayer, and reconciliation with God, and your account is sealed up.
  • 43) Estimated time to implement Power Point in your centre •few weeks to come up with all your templates • few months for all staff members to feel comfortable
  • 44) ‘Now returned to her, we hoped it would help answer a few questions about the old boy.’
  • 45) ‘Well buy a few of them and stick your chocolate in that, it won't get warmer or go dead cold.’
  • 46) ‘Not as simple or elegant as the original, but a few of the additions are pretty good.’
  • 47) ‘These are just a few of the instances that I can remember of being let down by the council.’
  • 48) ‘Many have attended rehearsal classes five nights a week and a few of them seven days a week.’
  • 49) ‘Otherwise, leave a few of the old plants in if there is space and let them set seed.’
  • 50) ‘I will be based near a few of the training camps and hope to see what the England boys are doing.’
  • 51) ‘If we'd beaten them in a few of those finals people would be saying the exact opposite.’
  • 52) ‘As so often with these affairs the pace was furious enough to scare a few of the veterans on show.’
  • 53) ‘So we asked a few of them for half a dozen innovations in retail that are getting them excited.’
  • 54) ‘There are a few of the lads I used to play with who are now in the first team like Bryan Stewart.’
  • 55) ‘I spoke to a few of the lads that I knew at Dewsbury and they encouraged me to come down.’
  • 56) ‘Place the warm fennel on the plate and arrange the fish on top with a few of the cucumber pieces.’
  • 57) ‘We came up with a few of those by copying and exaggerating things that we and our friends got up to!’
  • 58) ‘So, a few of us who would like to keep it going have decided to take it upon ourselves to start it up anew.’
  • 59) ‘These are a few of the facts known at the time, you now have to decide, war or no war.’
  • 60) ‘What happened was I thought that a few of the posts on my blog were in a different font.’
  • 61) ‘The reason for my letter is to ask if I and a few of my fellow fliers are the only ones to object?’
  • 62) ‘After the last day in the office on the Friday a few of us went out for beers in Aoyama.’
  • 63) ‘She also asked him a few more questions until we were certain he was my twin brother.’
  • 64) ‘Sport is full of unusual people of high ability, but very few of them are film stars.’
  • 65) ‘His education, he told me, was unlikely to get him a decent job and he had few friends.’
  • 66) ‘Try to be nice about it though and offer them a can of beer or you will make few friends.’
  • 67) ‘Jeff and I were one of the few friends that were lucky to get lockers next to each other.’
  • 68) ‘It is one of the few abbeys to have survived to the present day as a parish church.’
  • 69) ‘In fact it is a great place to take kids of all ages - relaxing and with few long queues.’
  • 70) ‘If we lose or draw, then I wouldn't see us being able to make up that ground in so few games.’
  • 71) ‘This time there are three too many who do not watch them and three too few who do.’
  • 72) ‘It's a sorry thing to say, but very few objects in my home give me a pure aesthetic thrill.’
  • 73) ‘These parties may win many of their votes on the race issue, but they win very few votes.’
  • 74) ‘The few people who do go shooting on this land only get what is needed for the pot.’
  • 75) ‘There were no airs and very few graces, just a good eye and an uncomplicated swing at the ball.’
  • 76) ‘There are few people in this world who deserve any or all of the adulation they receive.’
  • 77) ‘He also spared few people his assurances that just about no one was as powerful as he was.’
  • 78) ‘It is one of Cumbria's few evergreen flora of the fells and can be seen all year round.’
  • 79) ‘There were so many of them and so few tables that some of them were forced to share.’
  • 80) ‘It needs to have a mass appeal so it stays firmly in the mainstream and takes few risks.’
  • 81) ‘The Thals are one of the very few powers in this world able to make me root for the Daleks.’
  • 82) ‘Hall is one of those who left the pit, with few regrets, as soon as he was paid to do so.’
  • 83) ‘There are very few close ups and at times its hard to tell whose doing what to whom and why.’
  • 84) ‘We should concentrate on peace and health for all before we embark on glory for the few.’
  • 85) ‘Emancipation is not a right that can be curtailed in favour of the interests of the few.’
  • 86) ‘The world belongs to the few, not to the many, and least of all to all.’
  • 87) ‘Richard Douthwaite is the author of The Growth Illusion: How Economic Growth Enriched the few, Impoverished the Many and Endangered the Planet.’
  • 88) ‘They believe they are, as stressed by a famous advertisement recruiting campaign, ‘The few, The Proud’.’
  • 89) ‘This little gem is entitled The Many Not The few, and is a paen to socialist ideals.’
  • 90) ‘He has written 17 books, including: Democracy for the few, Dirty Truths, Against Empire, and The Terrorism Trap.’
  • 91) ‘The few, The Proud - a Norfolk Marine tells the story of a rooftop fight in Iraq.’
  • 92) ‘What it did do, spectacularly, was showcase how the loudest and best-connected few can dictate customs to the Many.’
  • 93) ‘Do you believe in the Welfare of the Community or the Welfare of the few.’
  • 94) ‘We all know that the Royal Air Force, the few, won the Battle of Britain in 1940 to prevent a Nazi invasion.’
  • 95) ‘Yes, and I'm sure the few fought the Battle of Britain so that chinless little Nazis could fight elections in this country.’
  • 96) ‘He read The few: Summer 1940, the Battle of Britain by Philip Kaplan and Richard Collier.’
  • 97) ‘The only sad part is that The few are becoming fewer every year, and it won't be the same when they're gone.’
  • 98) ‘More than 20,000 Spitfires were built but the aircraft that carried The few are now sadly few themselves.’
  • 99) ‘The few, as Churchill dubbed the Fighter Command aircrew, were not the free-spirited, knights of the air, officer types immortalised by the media.’
  • 100) ‘It was great to see the unveiling of the Battle Of Britain memorial in London as a tribute to The few, to whom we undoubtedly owe a profound debt for their sacrifice and bravery 65 years ago.’
  • 101) ‘He was well known for his part in Gone with the Wind and had just starred with David Niven in The First of the few, the story of the Spitfire.’
  • 102) ‘The 60th anniversary of the defining air battle of the Second World War will see people gathering across North and East Yorkshire to remember the few.’
  • 103) ‘In common with ceremonies across the land, the Last Post and Reveille rang out as the few were remembered and honoured.’
  • 104) ‘It's called The few and it takes place in The Battle of Britain.’

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