dove vs dived

dove dived


  • 1) engineering Dove, an engineering reference point in a computer program that will cause some type of default action.
  • 2) A pigeon, especially one smaller in size; a bird (often arbitrarily called either a pigeon or a dove or both) of more than 300 species of the family Columbidae.
  • 3) politics A person favouring conciliation and negotiation rather than conflict (as opposed to hawk).
  • 4) Any of various widely distributed birds of the family Columbidae, which includes the pigeons, having a small head and a characteristic cooing call.
  • 5) A person who advocates peace, conciliation, or negotiation in preference to confrontation or armed conflict.
  • 6) A gentle, innocent person.
  • 7) A word of endearment for one regarded as pure and gentle.
  • 8) (Zoöl.) A pigeon of the genus Columba and various related genera. The species are numerous.
  • 9) [Slang] a prostitute.
  • 10) a person advocating peace, compromise or conciliation rather than war or conflict. Opposite of hawk.
  • 11) (Zoöl.) a mite (Argas reflexus) which infests doves and other birds.
  • 12) a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Puppis and Caelum
  • 13) an emblem of peace
  • 14) any of numerous small pigeons
  • 15) Eccles., a repository or tabernacle for the eucharist, in the form of a dove, formerly used in the East and in France.
  • 16) The word has no more specific meaning than this, being exactly synonymous with pigeon; in popular usage it is applied most frequently to a few kinds of pigeons best known to the public, and as a book-name is commonly attached to the smaller species of pigeons: as, the ring-dove, turtle-dove, stock-dove, ground-dove, quail-dove, etc. The Carolina dove, or mourning dove, is Zenaidura carolinensis. The common doves of the old world are the ring-dove, rock-dove, stock-dove, and turtle-dove. (See these words.) In poetry, and in literature generally, the dove is an emblem of innocence, gentleness, and tender affection. In sacred literature and art it is a symbol of the Holy Ghost.
  • 17) An occasional preterit of dive.
  • 18) Any bird of the family Columbidæ; a pigeon.
  • 19) nonstandard Past participle of dive
  • 20) Strong-declension simple past of dive.
  • 21) To slumber; be in a state between sleeping and waking.


  • 1) Simple past tense and past participle of dive. (scuba diving)
  • 2) Past participle of dive (jump head-first)


  • 1) On one memorable occasion the doves landed on his head.
  • 2) A large group of nesting boxes for doves is set in the walls on either side of the central archway.
  • 3) The parasite is common in pigeons and collared doves and can also affect birds of prey, which feed on sick pigeons and doves.
  • 4) Turtle doves are difficult to survey, for the calling males range about and can easily be double-counted.
  • 5) The image of a dove is also associated with Anne in her poem "Self-Communion" and with Helen Huntingdon, the heroine of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.
  • 6) Do chunks of elemental lead lying around on the ground get absorbed into the bloodstream of common animals in dove fields?
  • 7) Now comes the new prez as a hawk in dove's clothing.
  • 8) Snipe give bonus lessons in dove and waterfowl shooting, too.
  • 9) We invented the omission of punctuation and capital letters, stanzas in the shape of a dove from the libraries of Alexandria.
  • 10) Fitzgerald finished with eight catches for 166 yards and a scintillating 29-yard catch-and-run TD on which he dove from the 3-yard line and stretched the football inside the pylon before falling out of bounds.
  • 11) Then, you can read me in dove words, and spell me to myself.
  • 12) So in both cases, the liberal dove is calling for negotiation.
  • 13) ‘Nestling pigeons and doves grow rapidly because of the crop-milk.’
  • 14) ‘I also see hornbills pass up small-fruited figs that would draw doves and pigeons in by the hundreds.’
  • 15) ‘The Mourning dove is the most slender of Washington's pigeons and doves.’
  • 16) ‘Many birds feed comfortably on a platform, especially the sparrows, juncos, towhees and doves that are referred to as ground feeders.’
  • 17) ‘Since the mid-1800s, the dodo has been classified as part of the family that includes pigeons and doves.’
  • 18) ‘The largest of Washington's pigeons and doves, it is all gray, with a lighter gray, banded tail.’
  • 19) ‘I've seen sparrows, dirty pigeons, doves, screeching seagulls, nasty crows and the occasional hawk.’
  • 20) ‘It would be more symbolic, both dove and pigeon being birds with many associations.’
  • 21) ‘In most areas, doves establish year-round feeding territories that are defended against conspecifics.’
  • 22) ‘If it is dense enough, shrubbery can provide a home to ground-nesting birds such as doves and thrushes as well as small mammals like rabbits.’
  • 23) ‘There are many wild birds that don't use nestboxes, such as doves, cardinals, orioles, hummingbirds, just to name a few.’
  • 24) ‘Most doves prefer feeding on the ground, and the Eurasian collared dove in no exception.’
  • 25) ‘Such species as love birds, parrots and doves are spending more time near the water trough and less on picking for food.’
  • 26) ‘Not all like the wings of a bird, not even a delicate dove, but much more gorgeous.’
  • 27) ‘Chickadees, cardinals, doves, and robins came and went, and a grackle made a racket in the woods.’
  • 28) ‘The director, Whitman, was an experimental geneticist and spent years in the study of hybrid doves and pigeons.’
  • 29) ‘If you want to see a war, come between the hours of 6 and 9 in the morning when the doves and pigeons try to eat the grapes.’
  • 30) ‘Three million migratory bird hunters spent 29 million days hunting for birds such as doves and ducks.’
  • 31) ‘On a less frantic note, while we go to a rooftop in Rome, dozens of doves, pigeons, were released carrying messages of hope and peace.’
  • 32) ‘Of course, the adaptable sparrows, starlings, and doves aren't going anywhere; they never do.’
  • 33) ‘We at Dimpler Towers are thinking that siding with the doves over policy may not be such a bad idea.’
  • 34) ‘As well as claiming a growing international consensus for action, he appears to have silenced - albeit temporarily - the doves in his own Cabinet.’
  • 35) ‘But doubts go all the way up to doves inside his cabinet, prompting fears of the biggest split in the Labour movement since the formation of the SDP.’
  • 36) ‘Many Labour backbenchers regard them as the doves in the Cabinet most capable of leading anti-war dissent.’
  • 37) ‘The doves argue that following the UN track to the letter would help to build international support for war.’
  • 38) ‘A complicating factor is hawks and doves in the cabinet who differ on approach.’
  • 39) ‘The comments of men like them represent a serious rift in the Orange Order, separating the doves from the hawks.’


  • 1) Rhead went close with a diving header.
  • 2) This appears to be a tragic scuba diving accident.
  • 3) This also coincided with an increase in scuba diving.
  • 4) He skis in winter and scuba dives in summer.
  • 5) No one dived in to save the man as he was caught by a current and pulled under for the last time.
  • 6) There are some fantastic scuba diving sites in Cayman.
  • 7) Next up is scuba diving.
  • 8) There are three restaurants, and activities on offer include scuba diving, yoga classes and kayaking.
  • 9) They cannot fly or dive yet and they spend the next few weeks just floating about.
  • 10) We sip fresh lime juice and a little dove lands on the table.
  • 11) You would normally expect to see him diving around the stadium next door.
  • 12) She walked out of her diving club because she felt that she was not getting enough recognition.
  • 13) It was too dangerous for aspirant pilots to practise a steep dive onto their targets.
  • 14) She quickly dived in a shop and fixed her skirt without needing any sticky back plastic.
  • 15) They can also dive down in spirals.
  • 16) Where he really made ground was with his fourth dive.
  • 17) If they want dives they should go to the swimming pool.
  • 18) This is a great spot for scuba diving.
  • 19) Perhaps he should dive in a little deeper.
  • 20) We saw at least ten playful dolphins ducking and diving around our boat.
  • 21) From then on divers from the local club dived to it just as a curiosity.
  • 22) Everybody knew the bubble would come to an end but nobody dived off quickly enough.
  • 23) They were leading until a blunder on their fourth dive sends the pair out of the medals.
  • 24) He has paid for the bite and he is not the only one who has dived.
  • 25) This showed the passengers laughing and shouting as the helicopter performed steep climbs and dives and swooped low over trees.
  • 26) Stick His headlong celebration dive showed his delight.
  • 27) Watch the dove fly off on its way to fulfil their heart's desire.
  • 28) Yesterday's dive also inspired a range of reactions on social media.
  • 29) You visualise your dive before you go, staying in your own little bubble.
  • 30) I dived from the hummock where the cut-bank crumbled.
  • 31) The ‘girl’ dived from the water and back … but what shocked us most is that instead of human feet, she had scales. .like those of a fish.
  • 32) Jean-Sebastien Aubin dived left to cover but missed the puck and got tangled with teammate Milan Kraft, leaving the net open for Antropov.
  • 33) Being gratified, he spread himself upon the couch, crossed his legs in the air, and without another word dived Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, where he remained for two mortal hours, to the general satisfaction of his relatives.
  • 34) Being gratified, he spread himself upon the couch, crossed his legs in the air, and without another word dived Twenty Thousand Leagues
  • 35) His hand was burned with the fire, but his sword dived deep into the monster's body and from that moment the flames began to abate.
  • 36) That warrior in war-gear, whereby the sword dived,
  • 37) A pain like a sharp sword dived deep down into me and twisted horribly through my heart, for as I saw them coming I realized in one swift moment of terrible intuition that they had their life in me, that they were born of my own being, and were indeed _projections of myself_.
  • 38) "I knew it would be trial and error, but I was so excited about having these opportunities, I kind of dived in."

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