days vs daze

days daze


  • 1) Plural form of day.
  • 2) During the day.
  • 3) During the daytime on every day or most days.


  • 1) The state of being dazed;
  • 2) mining A glittering stone.
  • 3) A stunned or bewildered condition.
  • 4) (Mining) A glittering stone.
  • 5) colloq. The state of being dazed.
  • 6) The state of being stunned, stupefied, or confused.
  • 7) In mining, a glittering stone.
  • 8) To stupefy with excess of light; with a blow, with cold, or with fear; to confuse; to benumb.
  • 9) To be blinded or confused, as by excess of light.
  • 10) To stun or stupefy, as with a blow or strong drink; blind, as by excess of light; confuse or bewilder, as by a shock.
  • 11) To wither; become rotten.
  • 12) To be stunned or stupefied; look confused.
  • 13) To spoil, as bread or meat when badly baked or roasted.
  • 14) To dazzle, as with strong light.
  • 15) To stun or bewilder, as with a heavy blow or shock; stupefy.


  • 1) Perfect for rainy summer days in the city.
  • 2) It was the first of what would become six days of recording over three years.
  • 3) He suffered the injury ten days ago.
  • 4) He spent eight days on the run before being captured.
  • 5) I remembered the days I spent with him and started to count the days… when we were in love…
  • 6) Cicero was killed on the seventh of December, about ten days from the settlement of the triumvirate, after he had lived _sixty-three years, eleven months, and five days_.
  • 7) It is perfectly practical for steam, when it shall possess a respectable mechanical adaptation to canal duty; that is, when it shall not be so shamefully profligate in expenditures of power -- _to double the average speed of horses, or lessen the general average of ten days on the canal to five days_, of which the down trips may overrun and the up trips fall short, as with horse average.
  • 8) With music the best time is in the early days, in childhood time -- _in the first days_.
  • 9) When the moon does not shine, they suppose she it dead; and some call the three last days before the new moon, the _naked days_.
  • 10) The sister was dead for five days, and the brother for three days_.
  • 11) The custom of naming the days may then have arisen, he says, (1) by regarding the gods as originally presiding over separate _days_ assigned by the principle of the tetrachord (I.e., skipping two stars in your count each time as you go over the list) so that you get this order: the day of Saturn, of the Sun, of the Moon, of Mars, of Mercury, of Jupiter, of Venus
  • 12) In the first place, it is an established fact that these days of the week of creation were also, according to the meaning of the author, _days of
  • 13) Then, contemplating the pale moon, as she sinks beneath the waves of the rolling sea, the memory of bygone days strikes the mind of the hero, —days when approaching danger invigorated the brave, and the moon shone upon his bark laden with spoils, and returning in triumph.
  • 14) These are dreadful days indeed, my worthy neighbour’ (this epithet indicated a rapid advance in the Baronet’s good graces) —‘days when the bulwarks of society are shaken to their mighty base, and that rank, which forms, as it were, its highest grace and ornament, is mingled and confused with the viler parts of the architecture.


  • 1) He was dazed but still insisting that he was innocent.
  • 2) The pilot clambered out of the plane and was walking around a bit dazed.
  • 3) There was a shocked and dazed atmosphere to conference.
  • 4) The dazed animal hopped around frantically on empty seats as it looked for an exit.
  • 5) The first few days were spent in dazed shock.
  • 6) Maybe because he was still dazed or maybe because he had been through enough and just wanted it to end.
  • 7) The guards were dazzled and dazed.
  • 8) It was because half of its competitors have blown themselves up and many of the others are wandering around in a daze.
  • 9) She seemed dazed, passive and vacant.
  • 10) Clearly dazed, he was taken off to bed.
  • 11) Instead, they emerged dazed and confused.
  • 12) It's like the town has woken from a nightmare but is still daze.
  • 13) In those that are still standing, dazed families pick through rooms littered with glass.
  • 14) The Italians are walking around in a daze.
  • 15) I fi nd myself slightly dazed by how disarmingly natural she seems.
  • 16) I was a bit dazed and confused with the pain by then.
  • 17) The aftermath looked like a battlefield, as the injured lay on the ground and others wandered around dazed and shocked.
  • 18) Both appeared dazed and bewildered.
  • 19) He's just dazed and shocked.
  • 20) People were staggering around, dazed.
  • 21) So strange was she, so in daze and amaze and far-seeing were her eyes, that I was reminded of the lepers I had seen healed in Samaria.
  • 22) Fifteen minutes in daze looking at tickets, five minutes to get taxi, fifteen minutes to pack and be ready for taxi, five minutes to check out, twenty minute drive, etc.
  • 23) "Binbin-daze" is an affectionate name meaning "Mr. Boing Boing" in reference to a young man's penis that is always on the verge of erection.
  • 24) Back in our hippie days -- I always feel as if maybe I should spell that latter word "daze" -- one of our touchstone books was Be Here Now, by Ram Dass aka Richard Alpert.
  • 25) I've stopped crying all the time about it and walking round in a depressed daze, which is a blessing.
  • 26) What she could still hold whole in her daze were the small hopes.
  • 27) I've been in a weird kind of daze ... the other day I wrote about 4,000 words (some of them transcribed from an earlier draft of RESURRECTION CODE, mind you,) which is still absolutely insane for me.
  • 28) Denver Art Museum and The Anschutz Collection 'Long Jakes, "The Rocky Mountain Man"'(1844) Born in Philadelphia, and related through his mother to distinguished families in North Carolina and New York, Deas (pronounced "daze") was initially raised in privileged surroundings.
  • 29) ‘I was completely dazed and shocked and felt that I had been hit on the head.’
  • 30) ‘I was dazed and amazed by all the wonderful things the Internet could do.’
  • 31) ‘I was dazed, I was confused, even more so than I had been in this whole nightmarish chase.’
  • 32) ‘This dazes him long enough for his attention to flick to something else.’
  • 33) ‘He was dazed and dreamlike, seemingly unaware of the previous day's events.’
  • 34) ‘She says he was dazed and barely recognised his family when they visited him in hospital.’
  • 35) ‘We were still dazed from a horribly early start, in spite of the breezy boat ride.’
  • 36) ‘A ball of hail the size of her fist slammed into her back, driving the air from her lungs and knocking her to the ground, the impact dazing her.’
  • 37) ‘Joe head-butted Eddie, dazing him.’
  • 38) ‘It hit her on the forehead, dazing her, but luckily it didn't break.’
  • 39) ‘The next shot missed as well, but the explosion hurled him to the ground, dazing him.’
  • 40) ‘The gun's explosion hit James as if it were the bulldozer itself, hammering his ears and dazing him.’
  • 41) ‘He was dazed and disoriented so Marian got him to the hospital where he had a major stroke.’
  • 42) ‘He was often dazed and drifted out of his senses while staring emptily into nothingness.’
  • 43) ‘The victim was so dazed from his injuries he was unable to tell police what happened.’
  • 44) ‘She found the pensioner wandering shocked and dazed surrounded by the rubble from her devastated home.’
  • 45) ‘Slightly dazed by the encounter I step out into the brightness of the street.’
  • 46) ‘Suddenly, both boxers were on him, landing well-placed punches and dazing him for a moment.’
  • 47) ‘Kassi is so dazed by it all that she drops pizza onto her brand new and very expensive evening dress.’
  • 48) ‘Slightly dazed and confused from his fall, Levi recovered his state of mind.’
  • 49) ‘I'm getting home in the evening feeling stunned, and sit there in a daze for the rest of the night.’
  • 50) ‘He finished the season in a daze and spent the winter wondering what would happen next.’
  • 51) ‘I walk out of the lapping, transparent water in a daze made up of disbelief as much as exhaustion.’
  • 52) ‘We were in a daze, caught in a trance and she was sure the coffee was drugged.’
  • 53) ‘I went around in a daze, completely empty inside, for years, really.’
  • 54) ‘I feel like I am in a daze, not knowing whether I am coming or going.’
  • 55) ‘In a daze, we make it back to the hotel and collapse before our 5.00 am start for home.’
  • 56) ‘A couple of days after the game, the man was found wandering in a daze around Lisbon airport.’
  • 57) ‘When Pari got out of the car she stood in a daze, unaware of her fate.’
  • 58) ‘I've been in a daze for the rest of the day - I went back to work for five hours and don't remember any of it.’
  • 59) ‘They have been crying and just walking around in a daze since they found out he has gone.’
  • 60) ‘Anastasia sat still and looked out of the window in a daze.’
  • 61) ‘She wasn't eating and wasn't going to classes, just lying in her bed as if in a daze.’
  • 62) ‘I sighed heavily, turning my gaze back in front of me, and looking off into the distance in a daze.’
  • 63) ‘Startled, and not having any idea who would call me, I went back to my room in a daze and picked up the phone.’
  • 64) ‘I've been sitting at my bed for a long time now, in a daze after Emily's phone call.’
  • 65) ‘René was too much in a daze from the kiss to notice the hand coming toward him.’
  • 66) ‘Ivan was still in a daze from his sleep, and didn't notice that Joan was sitting in one of the chairs.’
  • 67) ‘Again I was lost in a daze, staring at the boy who had caught my attention earlier.’
  • 68) ‘I was in a daze, either from the alcohol or my disbelief about what really happened.’

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