woah vs whoa

woah whoa


  • 1) Internet Common misspelling of whoa.


  • 1) Stop!standstill!
  • 2) stop (especially when commanding a horse or imitative thereof); calm down; slow down.
  • 3) An expression of surprise.
  • 4) Used as a command to stop, as to a horse.
  • 5) Used to express surprise, amazement, or great pleasure.
  • 6) Stop; stand; hold. See ho, 2.


  • 1) By the end of the night - woah!
  • 2) woah - that's pretty fresh coming from a total random.
  • 3) We realised that later, and it was like, woah!
  • 4) woah, how cool would that be?
  • 5) I thought 'woah chill out'.
  • 6) woah, was it a latex bodysuit?
  • 7) woah, hold the front page!


  • 1) The Kydd apparently thinks Harry and I need the word whoa translated.
  • 2) I'm more qualified than Palin to run this country, except (whoa is me), I can't see Russia from my house.
  • 3) Write blog posts on topics other than “whoa is me”. k_sra Said,
  • 4) Although, “whoa is me” is perhaps a better suited sentiment to the demanding and fast-paced lives of moms.
  • 5) Also, FYI, “whoa is me” would mean “slow down is me,” as in “whoa” the direction one gives a horse.
  • 6) whoa, whoa, whoa, is that you topless in the second panel?
  • 7) Notellin whoa what a post - and on the ball! on January 6, 2008 at 3: 35 pm | Reply Angry Rozzer
  • 8) And whoa, is Oz simultaneously pretty and very very male in your Xander's perception.
  • 9) ‘Melanie looked faintly surprised, whoa, where did that question come from?’
  • 10) ‘The masquerade goes on seemingly harmlessly until, whoa!’
  • 11) ‘Just a little weird… I saw your nickname and was like, whoa!’
  • 12) ‘I had my hands in the air with these people going whoa, this is intense!’
  • 13) ‘‘The first time I beat Lisa, I was like, whoa,’ says Allen, who as a toddler literally climbed with monkeys in the jungles of Africa as her missionary parents egged her on.’
  • 14) ‘They were having a meal so I sat down for a meal and I just started eating, and I looked across - I said, whoa!’
  • 15) ‘It says here you have McAfee and the virus definition files were last updated in whoa!’
  • 16) ‘So I'm checking my hit counter, seeing if I'd bested yesterday's second-best-ever performance, when - whoa!’
  • 17) ‘I just changed the Skyscraper calendar to March: whoa!’
  • 18) ‘You haven't seen her since last summer, and whoa!’
  • 19) ‘But the Tulane study found that when you mix chlordane, toxaphene and any of the others together - whoa!’
  • 20) ‘I'm on public transit again, this time I standing, my eyes inadvertently just happen to glance down at the person sitting in front of me when whoa!’
  • 21) ‘We are very outgoing and we feel we're just beautiful, and then we look in the mirror and we're like, whoa!’
  • 22) ‘In fact I just read an article online from the New York Times and some of these big labels - whoa!’
  • 23) ‘And past that through a window, what I at first thought was a great, black, star-filled sky coming to get me, then realized before going back under - whoa!’
  • 24) ‘Not that I'm not happy to see you alive but… whoa!’
  • 25) ‘And I kind of thought - whoa - I grew up in that kind of house.’
  • 26) ‘But whoa, check out this Rolling Stone caption.’
  • 27) ‘Your much slimmer than you used to be - I mean you were slim 4 years ago but whoa!’
  • 28) ‘Take it easy Skipper, whoa, slow down there boy!’

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