Common mistake Wrong collocation: 'worry for' (worry about)

Common Mistake: Using the Wrong Collocation with 'Worry'

When expressing concern or anxiety about something, it's important to use the correct preposition after the verb 'worry.' Unfortunately, many English speakers make the common mistake of using 'worry for' instead of the correct form, 'worry about.'

The Correct Usage: 'Worry About'

The correct collocation is 'worry about,' which is used to express concern, anxiety, or unease about something. Here are a few examples demonstrating the correct usage:

  • I'm worried about my upcoming job interview.
  • John is constantly worried about his health.
  • She is worried about her parents' safety.

The Incorrect Usage: 'Worry For'

Using 'worry for' is not grammatically correct in standard English. The verb 'worry' does not typically take the preposition 'for' when expressing concern. Incorrect examples include:

  • I'm worrying for my friend's exam.
  • Please don't worry for me; I'll be fine.
  • She is constantly worrying for her children's future.

Instead, in these cases, you should use the correct form and say:

  • I'm worrying about my friend's exam.
  • Please don't worry about me; I'll be fine.
  • She is constantly worrying about her children's future.

By using the correct collocation 'worry about,' you'll effectively convey your concerns in a grammatically accurate manner.

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Wrong collocation: 'worry for' (worry about) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Don't worry for.

    Don't worry about.

  • Correct:
    I am worried about her.
  • Correct:
    Facebook has worried for a long time about falling share amongst teenagers.
  • Correct:
    I would not worry for now.
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