Common mistake Wrong preposition: 'obvious for' (obvious to)

Common Mistake: Wrong Preposition

One common mistake in English grammar is using the wrong preposition. Specifically, the preposition "for" is often incorrectly used instead of "to" in certain phrases.

Mistake: "Obvious for" instead of "Obvious to"

One example of this mistake is using the phrase "obvious for" when it should be "obvious to." The adjective '\1' is normally used with the preposition "to" to indicate that something is clear or apparent to someone.

Correct Example:

Incorrect: It is obvious for me that she is lying.

Correct: It is obvious to me that she is lying.

Using the correct preposition "to" in this case shows that the speaker or observer understands or perceives the situation clearly.

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Wrong preposition: 'obvious for' (obvious to) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    It's obvious for me.

    It's obvious to me.

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