Common mistake some times (sometimes)

The Most Common Grammar Mistake: Sometimes vs. Some times

Grammar is a crucial aspect of any language, and English is no exception. However, even the most fluent English speakers and writers make some common mistakes. One of these frequent errors involves the confusion between "sometimes" and "some times".

Sometimes - The Correct Usage

The word "sometimes" is an adverb that indicates frequency or occurrence at unspecified intervals. It means "occasionally" or "now and then." Here are a few examples:

  • Correct: Sometimes, I enjoy going for a walk in the morning.
  • Correct: She sometimes forgets to turn off the lights.
  • Correct: We sometimes meet up for brunch on Sundays.

Some times - The Incorrect Usage

On the other hand, "some times" is an incorrect form that results from the separation of the word "sometimes" into two separate words. For example:

  • Incorrect: Some times, I enjoy going for a walk in the morning.
  • Incorrect: She some times forgets to turn off the lights.
  • Incorrect: We some times meet up for brunch on Sundays.

As you can see, these incorrect examples do not convey the same meaning as the correct usage of the word "sometimes". Instead, they create confusion and may lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, it is crucial to use "sometimes" as one word, as it is the correct and widely accepted spelling in English.

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some times (sometimes) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Some times I have to check it twice just to be sure.

    Sometimes I have to check it twice just to be sure.

  • Correct:
    Still not amazing, but he'll be useful for some players at some times.
  • Correct:
    I feel great with Stronglifts, I will study new programs but it will take some times.
  • Correct:
    It all happened some times ago.
  • Correct:
    Please let me know some times that would be convenient for you.
  • Correct:
    There have been some times where I've thrown even more resources than you at a new Mythic and gotten nothing for my investment.
  • Correct:
    You will notice that I have blocked some times on my calendar to get reviews written and delivered.
  • Correct:
    I selected some times for tomorrow.
  • Correct:
    Please send me some times you are available to chat.
  • Correct:
    Sami and Layla spoke some times but they never dated.
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