Common mistake hand full (handful)

Common Grammar Mistake: Hand full (Handful)

Do you often find yourself confused when it comes to using the phrase "hand full" or "handful"? You're not alone! One common grammar mistake people make is using "hand full" instead of the correct term "handful."

The Correct Spelling

The noun handful is spelled as one word: handful. It refers to the amount that can comfortably be held in one hand.

Example Usage:

Incorrect: She collected a hand full of seashells.

Correct: She collected a handful of seashells.

As you can see, the correct usage is "handful" because it denotes the idea of a small quantity that can fit in one hand.

This mistake often occurs because "hand full" may seem logical at first glance. After all, when your hand is full, it means it's holding as much as it can. However, grammar rules sometimes defy logic, and in this case, the correct spelling is "handful."

If you're not sure about your use of "handful" or any other grammar questions, consider using a tool like the Linguix grammar checker, which can help you catch such mistakes and suggest improvements to your writing.

hand full (handful) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    It is only a hand full of people.

    It is only a handful of people.

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