Common mistake hyphen in 'same day delivery'

One common mistake that is often made in writing is the omission of a hyphen when using the phrase "same day delivery".

H2: The Importance of Hyphens

Using hyphens correctly is crucial to ensuring clear and concise writing. They are used to join words together to create compound modifiers, which are words that describe another word. In the case of "same day delivery", the words "same" and "day" are describing the word "delivery".

Incorrect Usage

Here is an example of how this phrase is often incorrectly written without the hyphen:

  • Same day delivery

Correct Usage

To fix this mistake, the correct way to write the phrase is:

  • Same-day delivery

The addition of the hyphen clarifies that "same" and "day" are working together to modify the word "delivery".

Linguix grammar checker is a useful tool that can help catch common mistakes like missing hyphens. It can provide suggestions and corrections to improve your writing.

hyphen in 'same day delivery' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Amazon offers same day delivery.

    Amazon offers same-day delivery.

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