Common mistake prorata -> pro rata

Common Mistake: prorata

One of the most common mistakes in English spelling is the incorrect usage of "prorata." Many people mistakenly write it as one word, when in fact, it should be written as "pro rata," with each word as a separate entity.

The Correct Spelling: pro rata

In Latin, the word "pro" means "according to" or "for." The phrase "pro rata" is used to indicate an equal or proportionate distribution of something. It is commonly used in business and finance to distribute or allocate costs, benefits, or obligations based on a certain proportion or ratio.

Common Examples:

  • "The project expenses will be divided pro rata among the team members."
  • "The company agreed to distribute the profits pro rata based on each shareholder's ownership percentage."

Why "prorata" is Incorrect:

"Prorata," as a single word, does not exist and is not recognized in the English language. It is an incorrect combination of the Latin term "pro" and the word "rata." Writing "prorata" instead of "pro rata" could lead to confusion and misinterpretation.

Using Linguix Grammar Checker:

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prorata -> pro rata mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The transaction includes a pro-rata portion of the non-deductible contributions.

    The transaction includes a pro rata portion of the non-deductible contributions.

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