Common mistake one pager (one-pager)

Common Mistake: Forgetting the Hyphen in "One-Pager"

When writing the term "one-pager," it is important to remember to include the hyphen between "one" and "pager." Unfortunately, this is a common mistake many people make.

So, what is a one-pager? A one-pager refers to a single-page document that summarizes a topic concisely, providing all the necessary information in a condensed format. It is often used in business or educational settings to present key points or highlights.

Here is an example of how the mistake is commonly made:

  • Incorrect: onepager
  • Correct: one-pager

As you can see, the hyphen is crucial in distinguishing "one-pager" as a noun rather than two separate words. The use of a hyphen helps convey the meaning effectively and avoids confusion.

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one pager (one-pager) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I'm have written a one pager.

    I'm have written a one-pager.

  • Incorrect:
    I'm have written a couple of one pagers.

    I'm have written a couple of one-pagers.

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